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Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

The encampment on the Black-Heath MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

The encampment in Hyde Park MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

The encampment in St. James's Park MDCCLXXX

Encampment at West Point

Camp Wayne. Pennsylvania volunteer encampment on the Paoli battle ground Sept. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd 1840 taken from nature on the spot by J. Queen ; P.S. Duval Lith. Philada

The town of Roree and the fortress of Bukker, on the Indus

The encampment at Dadur with the entrance to the Bolan Pass

General Garrett's quarters & tents of the 4th Division

View of Balaklava from the top of Guard's Hill

[Kamara Heights in the distance, artillery waggons in the foreground]

French left attack, Kamiesch in the distance - tents of Sir John Campbell in the foreground

Major Burton & officers of the 5th Dragoon Guards

Camp of the 5th Dragoons Guards

Looking towards Mackenzie's Heights, tents of the 33rd Regiment in the foreground

Looking towards St. George's Monastery, tents of the 4th Division in the foreground

[Military camp]

Cavalry camp, looking towards Kadikoi

Distant view of Lord Raglan's head quarters before Sebastopol / W. Simpson delt. ; T. Picken lith.

Charge of the heavy cavalry brigade, 25th Octr. 1854 / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith.

Camp of the naval brigade, before Sebastopol / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith.

Camp of the 3rd Division, French tents in the distance

Camp of the 4th Dragoon Guards near Karyni

The old Genoese Castle at Balaklava, from above the castle pier

Captain Webb's hut, 4th Dragoon Guards

The camp of the 1st Division, looking north towards the camp of the 2nd Division - the heights of Inkermann in the distance / W. Simpson del. ; M. Morin lith.

The camp of the second division, looking east January 1855 / W. Simpson delt.

Quarantine cemetery and church, with French battery no. 50 / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

Rhode Island camp ground

[An officer and a woman sitting in a tent]

[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

[Army camp]

Soldiers in their tents in army camp

Signal station

Bull Pen - Hd. qtrs A of P.

[Soldiers preparing for battle]

Camp of R.I. Regiment

Our Tent

[Two sketches of tent interior]

[Officers on horseback watching infantry drills in distance]

Moving headquarters

Hancock's headquarters 1861

[Military camp with Union soldiers, horses, and tents, probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

[Encampment of 8th New York Volunteers]

[Camp of 4th Vermont Infantry Regiment at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia, with troops in formation]

[Unidentified soldier in Union cavalry uniform, on horse, with cavalry saber, in front of encampment with winter chimneys]

Annapolis Junction, on the Washington branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, in possession of the troops of the United States government

Camp Meigs

Camp Second Vt. Camp Griffin 1861

Reception of Col Wood--by the 14th Brooklyn Regt.--(after his return from Richmond) at Uptons Hill, Va.--Tuesday, p.m.

[Union soldiers in front of tents, probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

Company Street, Battery D, 1st U.S. Arty., Camp Seymour, Beaufort, S. C.

Camp of the 7 Me. V. Rgt., Patterson Park, Baltimore, Md. Col. Marshall. Looking S.S.W

Camps of U.S. troops around Washington City, from S. to W. / Lith. by E. Sachse & Co., Balto. Md.

Second Vt. Camp Griffin 1861

A Rebel general startled in his camp by the beautiful and unexpected display of northern light ; What they say of us & what we are / / N.

Brady's incidents of the war. (Fort Richardson Va.) Camp 1st. Conn Artilery [sic], Col. R.O. Tyler

In front of the princes tent, C. de Paris and Col. Astor

[Fort Burnham, formerly Confederate Fort Harrison, James River, Virginia, with man on horseback and tents in background]

Headquarters and barracks of Col. Morgan's Regt.

Letter from Tilton C. Reynolds to Juliana Smith Reynolds, September 1861

General Bragg's camp, as seen from Fort Pickens / / drawn by an officer of the fort. Interior of a sand-bag battery at Pensacolo bearing on Fort Pickens / sketched by our artist, who has been traveling with W.H. Russell, LL.D., Barrister at Law

General August Willich's headquarters, Camp Nevin, Kentucky

[Second Vermont Camp Griffin 1861]

[Fort Burnham, formerly Confederate Fort Harrison, James River, Virginia, with bombproof quarters(?) in foreground, soldiers, log buildings in background]

Camp of the Massachusetts second compy., light artillery at Stewart's Place, Baltimore, Md

Letter from Tilton C. Reynolds to Juliana Smith Reynolds, September 9, 1861

General Fremont's camp near Jefferson City, Missouri / Sketched by Alexander Simplot.

Swearing in of Capt. Smith's artillery boys at Camp Smith

Camp Cameron, Georgetown, D.C., the encampment of the Seventh Regiment New York State Militia ; Service by Rev. Dr. Weston, chaplain of the Seventh Regiment, at Camp Cameron, on Sunday, May 5th, 1861 /

First Bivouac [...] ford? of 7th regiment at Columbia Springs on Genl Lees property [...]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform standing with Napoleon cannon in front of encampment]

Headquarters Army of Potomac - Brandy Station, April 1864--Camp of Telegraph Corps

[Civil War envelope showing soldier standing at attention in camp with message "Our Union defenders"]

Drummer boys off duty, playing cards in camp, winter of 1862

Harrisons landing

Manassas gap

Back view of Romney Hamilton Co. NC

Rowlands House N. Jersey

Catletts Station where Stuart made a raid and captured Popes baggage

Camp Carroll, Baltimore, Md / Lith. & print by E. Sachse & Co., 104 S. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.

Harrisons landing-line

Camp in Ky i.e. Kentucky

Camp at Hagerstown 1862 Sketches with the army, first exchange of shot, near the Potomac 1862 ; Gen. Reynolds headquarters

Camp of Reynolds' Battery Stewarts Place, Baltimore, Md

Quarters of Emmons & Handerson, Hilton Head, S.C.

The three princes, camp at Yorktown

Sketches with the army - our camp at Harrisburg, Pa

Camp Millington, Baltimore, Md. 128th Regt. N.Y.V., from Columbia & Dutchess Counties / / Lith. & print by E. Sachse & Co., 104 S. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.

What do I want, John Henry? Warrenton, Va., November 1862 / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

View of Cumberland Gap, from the south / Middleton, Strobridge & Co., Lith. Cin.

View of the camps of the Army of the Potomac, on Bolivar Heights, near Harper's Ferry, after the battle of Antietam

Camp Patterson Park, Baltimore, Md, 110th Regt. New York Volunteers Col. D.C. Littlejohn

Headquarters on Orange & Alexandria R.R. -- in Brandy Station Headquarters

Camp of Signal corps nr. Yorktown

Review, 2nd Corps, Falmouth

Gen McClellan's HQ Army of the Potomac, Pleasant Valley, Md.

[Camp of 2nd Vermont Volunteers at Camp Griffin, Virginia]