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A view of the country towards Dorchester, taken from the advanced works on Boston Neck

A view of the harbour of Boston taken from Fort Hill

A front view of the lines taken from the advanced post near Browns house

General Garrett's quarters & tents of the 4th Division

A quiet day in the diamond battery - portrait of a Lancaster 68 pounder, 15th Decr. 1854 / W. Simpson del.

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south / / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

The field of Inkermann / W. Simpson delt. ; T. Picken lith.

French left attack, Kamiesch in the distance - tents of Sir John Campbell in the foreground

Russian rifle pit - now part of the British advanced trenches, on the left of the right attack, or Gordon's battery / W. Simpson delt. ; C. Haghe lith.

Camp of the 5th Dragoons Guards

Looking towards Mackenzie's Heights, tents of the 33rd Regiment in the foreground

Looking towards St. George's Monastery, tents of the 4th Division in the foreground

Sentinel of the Zouaves, before Sevastopol / W. Simpson del.

A quiet night in the batteries - a sketch in the Greenhill battery (Major Chapman's), 29th Jany. 1855 / W. Simpson delt.

A hot day in the batteries / W. Simpson delt. ; E. Walker lith.

[Military camp]

Huts and warm clothing for the army / W. Simpson del. ; E. Morin lith.

Cavalry camp, looking towards Kadikoi

A hot night in the batteries / W. Simpson delt. ; E. Walker lith.

Distant view of Lord Raglan's head quarters before Sebastopol / W. Simpson delt. ; T. Picken lith.

Malakoff or round tower / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith.

Lord Raglan's head quarters at Khutor-Karagatch / W. Simpson delt. ; C. Haghe lith.

Camp of the naval brigade, before Sebastopol / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith.

Camp of the 3rd Division, French tents in the distance

Camp of the 4th Dragoon Guards near Karyni

Highland Brigade camp, looking south / W. Simpson del. ; T. Picken lith.

Captain Webb's hut, 4th Dragoon Guards

The camp of the 1st Division, looking north towards the camp of the 2nd Division - the heights of Inkermann in the distance / W. Simpson del. ; M. Morin lith.

The new works at the siege of Sebastopol on the right attack - from the mortar battery on the right of Gordon's battery / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham lith.

The camp of the second division, looking east January 1855 / W. Simpson delt.

Ditch of the Malakoff, battery gervais and rear of the redan / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Bastion du Mat, from the central bastion / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Ditch of the Bastion du Mât / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Quarantine cemetery and church, with French battery no. 50 / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Washington's head quarters near Newburgh

Charlestown Navy Yard

United States military post, Fort Vancouver, Columbia River - General Harney's house beside flagstaff, May 1859 [sic]

Ft. Brady

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

Ft. Runyon

Rhode Island camp ground

[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

Chimney, guns stacked against and fort commanding R.R., Manassas

Rebel works on the heights of Centerville [sic]

[Army camp]

Key West, Fla. Jan 14 60, garrisoned by U.S. troops. Fort Taylor

4 mile run valley

Ft. Monroe [Gunnery?]

Ft. Scott [and] Towards Alexandria

Bull Pen - Hd. qtrs A of P.

Camp of R.I. Regiment

U.S. military post at the Cascades, May 1860

U.S. military post, lower Cascades, Columbia River, May 1860

Howlett house battery

Castle Pinkney [sic]

[Two sketches of tent interior]

Moving headquarters

View of Charleston Harbor and its Defences

Sumter, 61

Fort Johnson and Battery Gregg

Headquarters Chief of Artillery Department of the Cumberland

Exterior view of the gorge of Fort Sumter on the 14th April 1861 after its evacuation by Maj. Robert Anderson 1st Arty. U.S.A. Commdg showing that portion towards Cummings' Point, Morris' [i.e. Morris] Island

General Birney's Head Quarters, 2d Division, 10th Corps

Earthwork fort at Alexandria protecting the left of the line of the grand army, showing its commanding position

Hancock's headquarters 1861

[Military camp with Union soldiers, horses, and tents, probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

[Camp of 4th Vermont Infantry Regiment at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia, with troops in formation]

Castle Pinckney

Quartermaster's store [rooms?], the point ...

General Weitzel's Head Quarters, 18th Corps

Arsenal, Washington, D.C., north front. Interior court -- group of officers in foreground

[U.S. Quartermaster's office, Charleston, South Carolina]

Office of Judge Advocate Department of the Cumberland

Arsenal yard, Washington, D.C., from roof of model arsenal

View at City Point headquarters, hospital, with old school houses, barns &c

General R.S. Foster's headquarters

The twelfth regiment "laying off" in the Navy Yard barracks at Washington

The great 10,000 mile wall China

Bombardment of Ft. Sumter

Departure of volunteers from Duqubue, Iowa, April 22, 1861 / Hy. The Eighth Massachusetts Regiment in the rotunda of the Capitol, Washington.

Battery on Morris Island, gun that fired over 1200 shots into Fort Sumter

Camp Second Vt. Camp Griffin 1861

300 pdr. [i.e. pounder] Parrot Rifle, Fort Chatfield, Morris Isand

Springfield block, passenger depot, sheds and yard for Army horses, I.C.R.R., levee of Ohio River, Kentucky

Sleeping-bunks of the First Rhode Island Regiment, at the Patent Office, Washington / Sketched by our special artist.

Exterior view of the gorge of Fort Sumter on the 14th, April 1861 after its evacuation by Maj. Robert Anderson, 1st Arty. U.S.A. Comdg showing that portion towards Fort Johnson, James Island

Jefferson Ave., Brigade hospital, horse sheds for Army horses, old P.O.

Company Street, Battery D, 1st U.S. Arty., Camp Seymour, Beaufort, S. C.

Camp of 27th U.S. Colored Infantry

[Two sketches: fort opposite Alexandria, 1861; opposite Ft. Scott on Potomac]

South-Western angle and face of Fort Moultrie, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 16th, 1861

Confederate flag flying. Ft. Sumter after the evacuation of Maj. Anderson - interior view

Camps of U.S. troops around Washington City, from S. to W. / Lith. by E. Sachse & Co., Balto. Md.

Second Vt. Camp Griffin 1861

Views of Fort Sumter from drawings

Fort Brady [i.e. Fort Carroll]

Fort Johnson, Charleston Harbor, S.C. Fort Sumter in distance

General Terry's Head Quarters, Hatcher's farm

Office of Provost Marshall Department of the Cumberland

Fort Putnam, previously Confederate Battery Gregg, Morris Island, S.C.