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Head quarters of Washington at Newburgh N.Y.

Lord Raglan's head quarters at Khutor-Karagatch / W. Simpson delt. ; C. Haghe lith.

Distant view of Lord Raglan's head quarters before Sebastopol / W. Simpson delt. ; T. Picken lith.

Washingtons Head Quarters - Brandywine / / Fr'ric Stevenson '56

Washington's head quarters near Newburgh

[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

Rhode Island camp ground

Bull Pen - Hd. qtrs A of P.

Camp of R.I. Regiment

Moving headquarters

[Two sketches of tent interior]

General Birney's Head Quarters, 2d Division, 10th Corps

View at City Point headquarters, hospital, with old school houses, barns &c

Hancock's headquarters 1861

General Weitzel's Head Quarters, 18th Corps

General Terry's Head Quarters, Hatcher's farm

Col. Oglesby's Headquarters and barracks

Headquarters and barracks of Col. Morgan's Regt.

Gen. Butler's headquarters, Fraser's farm, north side of James River

Gen. G.G. Meade's headquarters, Gettysburg

Roachs Mills. 4 mile run Va.

General Butler's Head Quarters, Chapin's farm

General Ame's Head Quarters

[General Robert E. Lee's headquarters, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]

Rowlands House N. Jersey

Gloucester from the river

Head Quarters of 1st Mass Cavalry, Edisto Island, S.C.

Headquarters on Orange & Alexandria R.R. -- in Brandy Station Headquarters

On 7th St. Washington, Blenkers headquarters

Headquarters of Gen. Smith near Manassas

Gen McClellan's HQ Army of the Potomac, Pleasant Valley, Md.

Fitz-John Porter's Hdquarters

Lacy House, Fredericksburg

Gen. Lee's headquarters

Adjutant Generals office head quarters, Army of the Potomac

Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, near Fairfax Court House, Va., June, 1863

Winter quarters headquarters Meades Station nr. Petersburg--1864

Head Quarters of Gen. J.H.H. Ward, February 17, 1864

Head quarters near Jerusalem "pike", A. of P.

The war in upper Virginia - Gen. Sheridan's headquarters at Harper's Ferry / from a sketch by J.E. Taylor.

Headquarters of Genl Meade of Jerusalem Plank road

Head Quarters of Gen. John P. Hatch, South Battery, Charleston, S.C.

Sutler's headquarters near Petersburg, Va., 1865

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Dom byvshago nachal'nika syr dar'inskoi linii v ukr. Perovskie

City Point Genl. Hd.qts-- 1864-5

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Dom v kotorom zhil General Maior M. G. Cherniaev po zaniatii g. Tashkenda

Military prisons at Charleston, South Carolina / sketched by Lieutenant F. Millward. Eastport, Mississippi, General Thomas's head-quarters, January, 1865 / sketched by Adam Rohe.

Pemberton's Headquarters, Vicksburg, Miss.

[Chickamauga, Ga., Snodgrass House, Thomas' headquarters]

Bonzano house, Jackson's headquarters, Chalmette

Grant's headquarters, Vicksburg, Miss.

The war council at General Shafter's headquarters, which planned the battles of El Caney and San Juan

Gen. Young's headquarters at Montauk Point

[New York, N.Y., Washington's bedroom, Washington headquarters (Morris-Jumel Mansion)]

The Council chamber, Washington's headquarters, Morris-Jumel Mansion

Guard room showing original wallpaper, Washington's headquarters, Morris Jumel Mansion

Washington's headquarters, Richmond, Va.

[Pringle mansion, British headquarters, Charleston, S.C.]

Wadsworth House, Cambridge, Washington's headquarters

Main hall looking north, Washington's headquarters, Morris Jumel Mansion

The Tea room, Washington's headquarters, Morris-Jumel Mansion

Lafayette room, where Lafayette slept, Washington's headquarters, Morris-Jumel Mansion

Sherman's old headquarters, Savannah, Ga.

Washington's headquarters [i.e. Morris-Jumel mansion], 160th St., New York, N.Y.

Council chamber, Washington's headquarters, Morris-Jumel Mansion

Washington's headquarters, Newburgh, N.Y.

Sherman's old headquarters, [Savannah, Ga.]

Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

[A Room, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.]

Washington's room, Washington's headquarters [Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

Pringle House, Charleston, S.C.

The Office, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

Martha Washington's room, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

The Kitchen, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

Washington's headquarters [i.e. Ford Mansion], Morristown, N.J.

Court yard of home of Mrs. M.E.M. [Mary Evelyn Moore] Davis, New Orleans, La., Jackson's old headquarters

The Craven House and Point Lookout, Lookout Mountain

Bragg's Headquarters, Missionary Ridge, Tenn.

The Snodgrass House, Thomas's headquarters at Chickamauga

[The Snodgrass House, Thomas' Headquarters, Chickamauga, Tenn. [i.e. Ga.]]

Orchard Knob, Grant's headquarters at battle of Missionary Ridge

Headquarters of Gen. Geo. G. Meade, Gettysburg

General Meade's headquarters, Gettysburg

Headquarters of Gen. Robt. E. Lee, Gettysburg, Pa.

[The Quilting room, Washington's headquarters (i.e. Morris-Jumel mansion), New York, N.Y.]

At Gen. Nogi's headquarters before Port Arthur - in bomb-proof dug-out well within Russian fire-zone

Washington's old headquarters, Richmond, Va.

[The Candle room, Washington's headquarters (i.e. Morris-Jumel mansion), New York, N.Y.]

[The Council chamber, Washington's headquarters [i.e. Morris-Jumel mansion], New York. N.Y.]

Kitchen of Washington's headquarters, Morristown, New Jersey

[The Spinning room, Washington's headquarters (i.e. Morris-Jumel mansion), New York, N.Y.]

Grant's old headquarters, Cherry Street, Vicksburg, Miss.

Illinois State Memorial and Shirley House, Vicksburg, Miss.

Shirley House, Vicksburg, Miss.

Illinois [State] Memorial and Shirley House, Vicksburg, Miss.

Headquarters of Genr. Scott [... 616 Seventeenth Street, Washington, D.C.]

Grant's headquarters, 17 & F, [Washington, D.C.]

McClellan's Headquarters (1861-62), 17th & I St., S.W., Washington, D.C.

[Headquarters, Camp Sheridan]

U.S. Military Headquarters in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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