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George Washington commandant en chef des armées des Etats-unis de l'Amerique / N. Pruneau del. et sculp.

Charles Lee, Esq'r. - major general of the Continental Army in America / Thomlinson pinxt.

Israel Putnam, Esq'r. - major general of the Connecticut forces, and commander in chief at the engagement on Bunckers-Hill near Boston, 17 June 1775 / J. Wilkinson pinxt.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

David Wooster, Esq'r. - commander in chief of the Provincial Army against Quebec

George Montgomery, Esq'r. major general of the American armies - kill'd at Quebec Decr. 31st. 1775

George Washington, Esq'r. - Americanischer generalissimus

The glorious Washington and Gates

Robert Rogers - commandeur der Americaner

Gen'l. George Washington

The Hon[ora]ble S[i]r Wm. Howe, Knight of the Bath and commander in chief of his magesty's forces in America / Corbutt, delin; se bend chez J.M. Will, à Augsbourg.

Charles Lee Esq'r. - Americanischer general-major

Major general John Sullivan

David Wooster, Esqr. - commandr beÿ der provincal armee in America

Gen'l. George Washington

Israel Putnam, Esq'r. - general-major der Americaners

S.E. George Washington - général en chef de armées des etats unis de l'Amérique / Le B. pinx ; J.L. sculp.

General Washington

Charles Lee Esq'r. - major general of the American forces

His excellency George Washington Esq'r. captain general of all the American forces

General Lee / R.P. sc.

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

Admiral Keppel

General Putnam

Major General David Wooster

Major gen'l. Joseph Warren - slain at the battle of Bunker's Hill June 17th 1775 / J. Norman sc.

Major Gen'l. Rich'd. Montgomery slain in storming Quebec Dec'b'r. 31st, 1775 / J. Norman sc.

His excy. George Washington Esqr. captain general of all the American forces / J. Norman.

General Montgomery

G. Washington / J. Trumbull pinx. ; Ta. le Roy sculp.

General Putnam

The hon'le. Anthony Wayne, Esqr., major general in the American Army / J. Nor sc.

The amiable Miss W-bb [and] the intrepid partizan

Lt. Col. Tarleton

The honle. Henry Knox, Esqr., major general of the artillery in the American Army / J. Norman sc.

The hon'le. B. Lincoln, Esq., major general in the American Army / J. Norman sc.

The American general Lee taken prisoner by lieutenant colonel Harcourt of the English army, in Morris Country, New Jersey, 1776 / Hamilton delin. ; Hawkins sculp.

His excellency General Washington commander in chief of the united States of North America &c. / B.B.E.

George Washington commander in chief of ye armies of ye United States of America / engraved by W. Sharp, from an original picture.

Veluti in speculum

Major general Baron Steuben / B.B.E.

1. General Washington 2. General Gates 3. Dr. Franklin 4. Präsid Laurens 5. Paul Jones / D. Berger sculp. 1784.

Major general Warren / J. Norman sc.

[George Washington] / J. Norman sc.

Suffrein / Walker sculpt.

Gen. Washington / Wm. Angus sc.

Lord Keppel / Golder sculp.

General Washington / J. Trenchard scpt.

Geo: Washington

George Washington, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing uniform, facing left, in medallion cut from larger print

General Washington engrav'd by J. Heath from an original picture by Stewart

Philip Schuyler Esq'r. maj'r. gen'l. in the American service / Leney sct.

James Lawrence Esqr. late of the United States Navy / Stuart pinxt ; Rollinson sct.

Genl. H. Dearborn / C.W. Peale pinx. ; Edwin sc.

This portrait of Captn. Isaac Hull, of the United States Navy: ... / Gilbert Stuart Esqr. pinxt. ; the vignette from an original drawing under the direction of Captn. Hull ; Freeman excudit.

Commodore McDonnaugh heroe of Lake Champlain designd & acquatinted by W. Strickland

O.H. Perry Esqr. hero of the Lake designd & acquatinted by W. Strickland

Major general Philip Schuyler / painted by J. Trumbull ; engraved by T. Kelly.

William Bainbridge, U.S.N. / painted by J.W. Jarvis ; engd by G. Parker.

B.H.L. Klimkiewicz as a prisoner of state. Dungeon of Kamienice Podolski (Russia) 15th Jany. 1826 from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich Washn. City

[Officer from the First Troop, Philadelphia, facing forward, head turned toward right standing before soldier holding horse and another on horseback] / J.R. Smith, Phila., Pa., 1839.

[Officer from the First Troop, Philadelphia, seated by a tent in which a writing desk is visible. A soldier marches with a rifle nearby] / J.R. Smith, 1839, Phila.

[Calvary officer from rear, mounted cavalry officer receiving message]

General Wm. H. Harrison of Tippecanoe, Fort Meigs and the Thames / on stone by James Queen, P.S. Duval, lith., Phila.

[Unidentified military officer, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, standing, in uniform, with sword]

[Unidentified U.S. Army officer, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to the right, in military uniform]

[Military officer and a woman, the officer in uniform, standing, facing front, the woman seated, on the left, nearly full face]

The brilliant charge of Capt. May--At the Battle of Resaca de la Palma (Palm Ravine) 9th of May 1846 [...]

Naval heroes of the United States / Kelloggs & Thayer, 144 Fulton Street, New York.

[David Emanuel Twiggs, half-length portrait, facing right]

Kōmōjin no zu: Kurobō

[Lieutenant Colonel Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, half-length portrait, facing front] / Abtheilung für Portraits, Wilhelm Grundner.

Orenburgskii general gubernator i komanduiushchii voiskami orenbur. korpusa. General ad'iutant graf A. Perovskii

Major Pipon, Royal Artillery

Captain Croker, 17th Regiment

Captain Bathurst, Grenadier Guards

Colonel Adye & Captain Whitmore

Lieutenant-colonel Shadforth at his hut & officers of the 57th Regiment

Captain Wilkinson, 9th Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel Munro & officers of the 39th Regiment

Captain George, 4th Light Dragoons & servant

Sergeant of British Light Infantry

Captain Heneage, Coldstream Guards

Major Tinley, & officers of the 39th regiment

Colonel Wilbraham

Colonel Clarke, Scots' Greys, with the horse wounded at Balaklava

Captain King, horse artillery

Lieutenant Gayner [i.e., Gaynor], 47th Regiment

Major Burton, 5th Dragoon Guards

James J.M. Wardrop, Esqr. Grenadier Guards

Major Daniels & officers

The honourable Major Cathcart, Dep. As. Adj. Gen. to the Light Division

Colonel Airey & Major Hallewell

Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers

Field Marshall Lord Raglan

Brigadier McPherson & officers of the 4th Division Captain Higham [i.e., Heigham], 17th Regiment; Captain Earle, Major of Brigade; Captain Croker, 17th Regiment; Captain Swire; Captain McPherson.

General Bosquet

Captain Holder, Fusilier Guards

Chasseur d'Afrique - officer