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[Cut-away view of water-powered mill showing horizontal wheel with paddles, cog and shafts, and housing]

[Cutaway view of water-powered saw mill]

[Black slaves working in sugar mill. Hispaniola. Part 5, plate 2]

[Water-powered saw mill]

Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

In Congress, June 29, 1779. As Congress are bound by every motive of policy and of public & private justice to maintain the credit of the paper money emitted by their authority on the faith of the United States [Resolutions to borrow twenty mill

A view of a saw mill and block house upon Fort Anne Creek ...which on Gen. Burgoyne's army advancing was set fire to by the Americans

To the right hon'ble Lord Bangor, this plate representing a complete perspective view of all the machinery of a bleach mill, upon the newest and most approved constructions, consisting of the wash mill, rubbing boards moved by a crank, and beetling engine for glazing the cloth, with a view of the boiling house; is most respectfully inscribed by ... Wm. Hincks / Wm. Hincks, delin. et sculp.

Thomas Jefferson, June 18, 1793, Mill Seat Rental Advertisement

[Automated mill, designed by Oliver Evans, for processing grain] / James Poupard, scult.

Map of that part of the city of Washington on which Mr. Young's mill stands.

Ellerson's Mill. Battle-field of Mechanicsville, Va.

The society called Shakers, in Logan County, Ky. continue their fulling mill in operation ... John McComb, Saml. G. Whyte, Agents. South Union Jasper Springs. Sept. 12th, 1815. Russellville. Printed at the office of the ‘Weekly Messenger' [1815]

A Sugar mill

Paper mill at Hodgskintown near New Haven

Young's Mill on the Brandywine Creek / J.R. Smith.

Hickok's patent cider mill

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Statement of the mill powers and shares in the proprietors of locks and canals, to which the several manufacturing companies at Lowell, are entitled ... Lowell, December 17th, 1853.

Hominy by a new process! Hughes hominy and samp mill! Patented Oct. 12, 1852 ... William Reading, sole agent. No. 226, Seventh street, Washington, D. C. March 1, 1855. Washington. Polkinhorn, printer, corner of 7th and D streets.

Bridgeport Conn. and environs, from Old Mill Hill / WS ; drawn from nature & on stone by W. Stængel, 66 Cannon St. ; print of A. Weingartner's Lithy, 87 Fulton St. N.Y.

Garside's Mill, Wissahickon

Thos. Livezey's mill, Wissahickon

Falls on the Colville (Mill River), 1860

[How we get gold in California: "Fremont Mill and vein, Mariposa", "Ground sluicing, at Gold Hill", "winnowing gold, near Chinese camp," and "ocean beach mining, at gold bluff]

[Views of ships and a mill]

Falls on the Colville (Mill) River with the H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] mill, October 1860

Welford's Mill on Hazel Run and the Telegraph Road (from a war time photograph)

Johnson's mill, Appomattox River, near Petersburg, Va.

The Union assault on the Rebel works Lee's Mill Va.

[Prof. Thaddeus Lowe's "Balloon Camp" at Gaines Mill, Va., May 1862: Lowe prepares to ascend; soldiers crowded around car of balloon]

The Union assault on the Rebel works at Lee's Mill, Yorktown, Va.

Plan of the Battle of Gaines' Mill, Virginia, fought June 26th 1862.

Map of the battle-field of Gaines's Mill, showing approximately the positions of infantry and artillery engaged. (The topography from the official map.) [June 27, 1862].

Plan of the battle of Mill Spring or Logan's Cross Roads : fought January 19th, 1862.

Plan of the battle of Gaine's Mill, Virginia fought June 27th, 1862.

[Prof. Thaddeus Lowe's "Balloon Camp" at Gaines Mill, Va., May 1862: balloon in backgrd. across field; horsemen in foregrd.]

Old mill near Warrenton, Aug. 2, 1863

Cleburne at Picketts Mill. Ga. May 1st 64

North Anna River, Virginia. Quarles mill, looking up stream

Jericho Mill, North Anna River, Va.

North Anna River, Virginia. View of log bridge at Quarles mill from south side. Camp of general headquarters in the distance

Old mill on Mountain Run near Culpepper [sic] Court House, Va. Apr. 21, 1864

Jerico Mill, pontoons, etc

View on canal, near Crenshaw's Mill, Richmond, Virginia / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

North Anna River, Virginia. Quarles' mill from the south side. General headquarters, Army of the Potomac in the distance

North Anna River, Virginia. View of log bridge at Quarles' mill. Where a portion of the 5th Corps under Gen. Warren had to cross and carry the enemy's line of works on the crest of the hill

Quarles Mill, North Anna River, Va.

Quarles' Mill, North Anna, Virginia / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

Topographical map of the cultivated land at Shenandoah Iron Works, Page County, Va. : showing the location of the furnace, forge, mill, mansion house &c. &c. belonging to the same : the property of Messrs. Dan'l & Henry Forrer /

Petersburg, Virginia. Planning mill

Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Virginia / negative by J. Reekie, positive by A. Gardner.

View from Pioneer Mill, looking up the wharf

Richmond, Virginia. Haxall & Crenshaw flour mill. (Arch Street)

Richmond, Virginia. Ruins of State Arsenal and paper mill

Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Va.

[Ruins of paper mill, near Richmond & Petersburg RR Depot, Richmond, Va. 1865]

Johnson's Mill, Petersburg, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Petersburg, Virginia. Ruins of woolen mill

Richmond, Virginia. Haxal & Crenshaw's mill

Saw Mill near Sportsman's Hall, El Dorado County

The Saw Mill. Scene in the Valley of Lake Tahoe

Ophir Quartz Mill, Grass Valley, Nevada County

Stanislaus Flour Mill and bridge at Knight's Ferry, Stanislaus County, Calif.

[Lumber(?) mill with "Barton" sign on top]

[Peru, Illinois; view of James Barton's polygon mill, patented Aug. 2, 1864]

Grass Valley, Nevada Co. - Mill St.

Interior of Buckeye Quartz Mill, Washoe City

Interior view of Summit Mill, Virginia City

Quartz Mill, Silver Mountain, Alpine County

Rocky Bar Quartz Mill, Grass Valley, Nevada County

Saw Mill on Bear River, near Colfax - Placer County

Ione Quartz Mill, two miles from Grass Valley, Nevada County

The San Lorenzo Paper Mill, Santa Cruz

Sacking the Tailings--Gould & Curry Mill

The Patio Process--Gould & Curry Mill

The Gould & Curry Quartz Mill, from the West

Creed crusher, or, spiritual mill for pulverizing creed &c., : God dwelleth not in temples made with hands, Acts 17 c. 24 v. /

Map of Dr. Dellinger's mill property with 153 acres of land showing proposed changes of public roads, bridge site &c. /

Paper Mill tract : [on Rock Creek, N.W. Washington D.C.] /

[Unidentified building, possibly a mill]

Reduction Mill, Bullionville, Nevada / Timothy H. O'Sullivan, photographer.

Puzzle picture. old Swiss mill

Mill in Washington

Old mill at Chesterton, England. Erected 1632. Resembling in structure the old mill at Newport, R.I.

The political mill - putting them into the hopper / A.B.F.

Plat of the survey of the Paper Mill tract : as conveyed by Edgar Patterson to Eli Williams, Chas. & Daniel Carroll, by deed, July 26th 1811 : recorded liber A.C. folio 93 /

Sketch of the battlefield of Logan's Cross Roads and of the enemys fortified position at and opposite Mill Spring, Ky. to which he retreated after his defeat, Major General George H. Thomas comdg. the U.S. forces, General G. B. Crittenden comdg. the Confed. Forces, Jan. 19th 1862.

Sketch of the battlefield of Logan's Cross Roads and of the enemys fortified position at and opposite Mill Spring, Ky. to which he retreated after his defeat, Major General George H. Thomas comdg. the U.S. forces, General G. B. Crittenden comdg. the Confed. Forces, Jan. 19th 1862.

The great mill disaster!

Fanning mill

Old mill on Beaver Creek

Old mill on the Danube

Old mill at Dingman's, Pa.

The Hercules Cotton Mill, Queretaro, Mexico

[Foundry and mill]

[The dockside mill] / Abdullah Frères, Constantinople.

Sugar mill, Cuautla

Grotto, Mill Creek Park, near Batavia, The

Minnesota City, evening on the mill pond

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