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[Plate from De re metallica showing three methods of ventilating mines]

[The miner's friend, a pump using steam to create a vacuum to draw water from flooded mines; known as "Mr. Savery's engine for raising water by the help of fire"]

[Safety lamps designed by Humphry Davy for use by miners] / J. Basire sculpt.

[Composite of European mining scenes and equipment] / A. Krausse sen. sculp.

[Composite of European mining scenes and equipment] / A. Krausse sculp.

Reduction Mill, Bullionville, Nevada / Timothy H. O'Sullivan, photographer.

General John F. Hartranft / / from a photograph by F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia. Mining in Colorado--a played out gulch / drawn by Frenzeny and Tavernier

South Park, & Mt. Lincoln / photographed and published by W.G. Chamberlain, Denver, Colorado.

Gray's Peak / photographed and published by W.G. Chamberlain, Denver, Colorado.

Antimony mines and buildings, Kern County, Calif., about forty miles from Bakersfield

An exterior view

M.C. Ry. between Zacetecas [i.e. Zacatecas] and Guadeloupe [i.e. Guadalupe]

[Mining view]

[Mining view]

[Mining view]

Mines in Eagle River Canon [Cañon]

Colorado. "American-Nettie" mine, Ouray

Pioneer Mine

Homestake Mine, South Dakota

Mining nitrate, Chile

A sumptuous revival of Bret Harte's beautiful story, M'liss

Mining on beach

Lindeberg panning gold in a shovel at Pioneer Mine

Braden copper mines, Sewell, Chile

The presidential party descending the 3,000 ft. shaft into the Congress Gold Mine, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Biwabik Mine

Mountain Iron Mine

The Mahoning Mine, Hibbing, Minn.

The Mahoning Iron Mine, Hibbing, Minn.

Smelters at base of Anaconda Hill, Butte Mont., richest mining city in the U.S.A.

Pack train leaving Ouray with supplies for the mines, Colorado, U.S.A.

[Panoramic view of Bullfrog, Nevada]

City of Butte, Montana enriched by the copper industry, from the mines on the hill

Iron miners before shaft house, ready for work in underground shafts, Hibbing, Minn.

Miners far down underground in, Sellers' Mine, Hibbing, Minn.

Miners pose in coal mine

Iron miners at work in an underground "drift", Sellers' Mine, Hibbing, Minn.

Montgomery Shoshone Mill, Rhyolite, Nev.

[Panorama of Tonopah, Nevada]

Panorama of Montgomery Shoshone Mine

Ray Mining District, Arizona

Homestake Goldbar Mine

[Ronnie [sic] Clare Mill]

Panorama of Gleeson, Arizona

632 Chance Mine

Miami District, Globe, Arizona

Miami shafts, Globe, Arizona

Heffern claims

The Superior & Boston Co.

Arizona mining property

Property, North Bisbee Development Co.

Old Dominion Copper Co.

Jerome United Verdee [sic] Mine

Sulphite Mining Co.

Miami Copper Co., Globe, Arizona

Panoramic view of lead and zinc mining and concentrating plants near Miami, Oklahoma

Tonopah, Nevada

Birds eye view, Courtland, Arizona

Sun Basin, Arizona

Lowell, Arizona

Miami Mines, Globe, Arizona

Panorama of Bisbee, Ariz.

Lead, So. Dak.

Panorama of Lowell, Ariz.

Arizona Hercules Mine

Rabota na Bakalʹskom rudniki︠e︡

Rabota na Bakalʹskom rudniki︠e︡

Bokovoĭ vid vyrabotki u Satkinskago zavoda

Na Demidovskom rudniki︠e︡ do vzryva. [Nizhniĭ Tagil]


Na Demidovskom rudniki︠e︡ posli︠e︡ vzryva. [Nizhniĭ Tagil]

Razrabotka rudy na gori︠e︡ Blagodatʹ

Razrabotka rudy na gori︠e︡ Blagodatʹ

Chastʹ razrabotki s li︠e︡snoĭ dacheĭ. Vdali vidna r. Tura

In the turquoise mines at Maghara - Mt. Sinai region

Treadwell Mines, Alaska

Vetren [sic], Nevada

[View of Tonopah, Nevada]

Butte, Montana

Biddick Mine, Livingston, Wis.

Penna Benton Mine, New Diggings, Wis., operated by Mineral Point Zinc Co.

[Loading a mine car]

[Loading a mine car]

Coker Mine, no. 2, Livingston, Wis.

[Drilling underground]

Coker Mine, no. 1, Livingston, Wis.

[Men at work with picks]

Kennedy Mine, Hazel Grenn [sic], Wis.

[Electric mule]

Oatman, Ariz.

Hard rock miners

L to R: A.W. Calloway, Thos. F. Brewster, A.R. Hamilton, O.H. Robbins

West Virginia trip. Mining buildings

Miners cabins on the Elk River at Bream, W. Va. near Charleston. Others on slope beyond. A typical mining community here. Children go to Big Chimney school. Oct. 10, 1921. Location: Bream, West Virginia / Photo by Lewis W. Hine.

His father was the best and bravest man in the world

Skip Imperial mine, Michigamme, Mich.

[Electric cutting machine]

Mahoning Hull Rust Mine, 1929

Mining. Men and machinery in mine

Mining. Mine above ground showing mining facilities, rail cars and river