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[St. Louis] Court House, St. Louis, Mo.

Bland, Hon. Richard Parks of MO.

Cockrell, Hon. F.M. of MO.

Cockrell, Hon. Francis Marion of Mo. Brig. General in Confederate Army

City of St. Louis /

Clark, Hon. John Bullock of Mo. (Brig. Gen. in Confederate Army)

Franklin, Hon. Benj J. of MO

Hatcher, Hon. R.A. of MO

Vest, Hon. of MO. (Senator)

Bogy, Hon. Lewis V of Mo.

Hon. F.M. Cockrell of Mo.

Battle field of Lexington, Mo., showing plan of earthwork defended by Federal and State troops under command of Col. James A. Mulligan, U.S.A. during the 18th, 19th and 20th Sept. 1861. Surrendered to Genl. Sterling Price, C.S.A., Sept. 20th 1861

Map of Saline County, Missouri /

On the Mississippi - St. Louis - a general view of the city from east St. Louis

Railroad map of Pennsylvania Company showing the Pennsylvania Railroad, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway, and their connecting eastern and western lines.

Magann's birds eye view map of Pettis County, Missouri : showing plats of the rail road town & sectional county map, 1872 /

What I know about raising the devil

Map showing the railroad and highway bridge over the Missouri River at St. Joseph, Mo. and the railroads connecting therewith.

[New commercial and topographical rail road map & guide of Missouri].

Magann's bird's eye view map of Pettis County, Missouri : showing plats of the railroad towns and sectional county map, 1872 /

Millions of acres. Iowa and Nebraska. Land for sale on 10 years credit by the Burlington & Missouri River R. R. Co. at 6 per ct interest and low prices ... Buffalo. N. Y. Commercial advertiser printing house [1872].

Map showing the line of the Louisville, New Albany, and St. Louis Air Line Railroad and its connections.

Views of the great ice gorge of February 1872, in the Mississippi river between Cairo, Ills., and Columbus, Ky., in which were caught the steamers Great Republic, St. Louis, Charles Bodmann, Illinois, and Nick Longworth / by J.J. Thomas, Photographic artist, cor. 8th St. and Com. Av., Cairo, Ills.

Map of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and its connections.

Juliet, fine cut, chewing tobacco - James Moran & Co., St. Louis / Averell & Peckett, lith., N. Y.

Maps showing the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad and leased lines.

Map showing the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, and principal connections

St. Louis fair grounds / St. Louis Democrat Litho. & Print. Co. ; drawn by C.N. Dry.

Sedalia, Mo., July 1st, 1874. Dear Sir: Having been appointed to read an Essay on Anaesthesia and anaesthetics at the next session of the Mo. Med. Ass'n--- meeting in April, 1875--- And having a desire to make said essay as complete as possible

"View of Kansas Stock Yards, Kansas City, Mo."

"Great Bend of the Missouri River -- showing packing-houses"

King's land owners map of Gasconade County, Missouri : carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys /

Missouri--The great Whisky Ring trial--Scene in the United States District Court, St. Louis, Monday, February 7th, at the opening of the case of the United States vs. O.E. Babcock, President Grant's private secretary. Mr. E.A. Storrs, one of General Babcock's counsel, asking that the trial be deferred until Tuesday, February 8th / from sketches by E. Jump and Harry Ogden.

Map of the battlefield near Belmont, Missouri

Map of the battlefield near Belmont, Missouri /

Our family / St. Joe Steam Print'g Co., St. Joseph, Mo.

Map of the state of Nebraska showing the lands of the Burlington & Missouri Riv. R.R. Co. in Nebraska.

Birds eye view of St. Louis : showing the new line of the St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Ry. running into the Union Depot.

Map of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers and their tributaries explored by Capt. W. F. Raynolds, Topl. Engrs., and 1st Lieut. H. E. Maynadier, 10th Infy. Assistant, 1859-60 /

Strickland's sectional map of Webster Co., Missouri.

T.C. Strickland's new sectional map of Webster Co., Missouri.

Map of Cedar Co. Missouri /

Washington township.

Map of Morgan Co. MO. /

[St. Louis Co., Mo.].

Map of Hickory Co., Mo. /

The Jackson Monument and [St. Louis] Cathedral

F. Heim & Bro. brewing company, lager beer, East St. Louis

Dr. Price's cream baking powder Steele & Price, manufacturers, Chicago & St. Louis / / Hughes & Johnson, lith., Chicago.

Carthage. La Cathédrale / ND Phot.

Maps showing the Toledo, Cincinnati, & St. Louis Railroad and its connections, 1881.

[The St. Louis bridge.] The erection -- the ribs completed and the roadways begun

Map of the Chester, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad and its connections.

Map showing the Kansas & Gulf Short Line R.R. and the Texas & St. Louis R'y with its branches, extensions and connections.

Carthage. L'intérieur de la Cathédrale / ND Phot.

The home of Frank & Jesse James

Map of Madison County, Missouri, showing the lands of B.B. Cahoon, of Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri.

"Esmeralda" waltz-lanciers. Arranged for the Esmeralda Club, of St. Louis, Mo.

Correct map of the Burlington and Missouri River R.R., the Burlington Route and its connections.

Map of the Rio Grande and Pecos Railway showing its connections with the Texas Mexican, Texas Mexican Short Line, Mexican National, Texas & St. Louis, and Denver & Rio Grande Narrow Gauge systems and also the International & Great Northern, Mexican Oriental Interoceanic & International, New York, Texas & Mexican and International & Mex. Standard Gauge roads.

Theatre in central Kentucky and middle and eastern Tennessee, also in Missouri and Arkansas. [1861-65]

Map of Wayne County, Missouri, showing lands therein owned by B.B. Cahoon, of Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri.

Jay Gould's private bowling alley / F. Opper.

Map showing the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé Railroad system, with its connections.

The jury that cleared Frank James, at Gallatin, Mo., September 1883: J. Snyder, B.F. Feurt, C.R. Nance, Jos. B. Smith, B.H. Shellman, William R. Merritt, Jason Winburn, Oscar Chamberlain, W.F. Richardson, L.W. Gilreath, R.E. Hale and J.W. Boggs posed

The great floods of 1883 - Germany's need and America's aid / J. Keppler.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri.

Declaration of independence. The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America, in Congress assembled, July 4, 1776. St. Louis. Great Western printing co. [1884].

Exposition Building, St. Louis, Mo.

The road to Washington

Bird's-eye view of the Mississippi River : from the mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, 1884 /

Pen picture of the progress of the city of St. Louis, Mo.

Map of McDonald County, Missouri: /

The Santa Fé route Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R.R. 3 lines between the Missouri River and the Pacific coast to the city of Mexico via the A.T.&S. and Mexican Central R.R.

U.S. gunboat ST. LOUIS

[Dodge City Cow-Boy Band with their instruments] / Studio Genelli, Hulbert Bros., St. Louis, Mo.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Tipton, Moniteau County, Missouri.

Map of Vernon Co. Missouri /

Doaks (Butcher's Camp) for the Burlington and Missouri Railroad graders, west of Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska.

Martin Irons, of St. Louis, Chairman Executive Committee of the Knights of Labor, District No. 101 / photographed by R.G. Gardner, Kansas City, Missouri.

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad graders at West Union, Custer County, Nebraska.

The great railway strike--attempt to start a freight train, under a guard of United States marshals, at East St. Louis, Illinois / from a sketch by G. J. Nebinger.

Map of Clay County, Missouri /

[O'Neill, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[C. Alcott, St. Louis Whites, baseball card portrait]

[Thos. Dolan, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Silver King, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Shorty Fuller, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

Edwards' map of Jackson Co., Missouri /

[Duffee, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[C. Alcott, St. Louis Whites, baseball card portrait]

[Icebox Chamberlain, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Chas. Comiskey, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[H. Hines, St. Louis Whites, baseball card portrait]

[J. Milligan, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[J. Milligan, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Icebox Chamberlain, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Arlie Latham, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Silver King, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[Chris Von Der Ahe, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

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