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[Garden monument when heated by the sun brings water to a boil generating steam which causes sound to issue from pipes like an organ; shows statue, possibly of Hero of Alexandria]

A monument dedicated to posterity in commemoration of ye incredible folly transacted in the year 1720

The vanity of human glory. A design for the monument of General Wolfe

The monument of Major André

Philosophy run mad or A stupendous monument of human wisdom / GLS.

A description of a monument designed to perpetuate the memory of American liberty [Feb. 14, 1795].

Architectural drawing for a monument. Front elevation

Monument on Beacon Hill, Boston / Sully, del. ; K. Turner, sc.

[Cadets' monument at West Point]

Battle Monument as seen from the west door of City Hotel, Baltimore

[Washington Monument looking north on Washington Place in Baltimore, Maryland]

[Southwest view of the U.S. Capitol building with the Tripoli Monument at the west front. Preliminary drawing]

Washington monument [Baltimore] Printed by James Young, 114 West Baltimore Street [183-?].

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

The board of managers of the Washington national monument society to the American people ... New York. Oliver & Brother, Printers 89 Nassau Street [1835?].

Centre monument in the Dade Institute of Florida

Battle monument, Baltimore / W.H. Bartlett ; H. Griffiths.

Corinthian column and capital From the monument of Lysicrates : Fig. 1, column, base, and capital.

The rising monument. Hannah F. Gould. Newburyport, September, 1840.

Bunker Hill monument. [Cut of monument] Commenced June 17, 1825. Completed June 17, 1843 Battle June 17, 1775.

Programme of the procession at the celebration of the completion of Bunker Hill monument. June 17, 1843.

Enclosure with Robert Howard to Andrew Jackson March 26, 1844. Record of land donations from Robert Howard and others to the city of Baltimore, MD for the purpose of erecting a monument to Andrew Jackson. February 26, 1844

[Scene of ancient Mayan Indian monument in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico]

[Scene of ancient Mayan Indian monument in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico]

[Scene of ancient Mayan Indian monument in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico]

[Scene of ancient Mayan Indian monument in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico]

[Scene of ancient Mayan Indian monument in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico]

Design of the Wasihngton [i.e. Washington] national monument to be erected in the city of Washington / design by Robt. Mills archt. ; lithd. by Chas. Fenderich, Wash.

From the Cambria steamer, starting from Boston, U.S. Bunker's Hill Monument

Design of the original Washington Monument

To all who shall see these presents, greeting Know ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity, diligence, and discretion of the Board of Managers and General agent of the Washington National Monument society, do authorize an

It has been the intention of the American people from the close of the war of the revolution, to rear some monument to the memory of Washington. This was expressed first, by their representatives in Congress on the 7th day of August 1783, by the

Monument of the New York Fire Department

Description of the design of the Washington National Monument, to be erected at the seat of the General Government of the United States of America, in honor of "the Father of his Country," and the worthy compatriots of the Revolution. Washington

Monument to the memory of the "Herveor of Tripoli." The birth of the American Navy, now at Naval Academy school, Annapolis, Md.

Monument of Pisistratus. Museon Hill

[Certificate of membership for the Washington National Monument Society] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co.

The Pnyx and Bema. Monument of Philopappus, A.D. 110

Choragic monument of Lycicratus

Deîr - vue générale du monument taillé dans le roc / Félix Teynard.

[Six figures: 1. View of ancient Athens; 2. Western front of the Parthenon; 3. The temple of Theseus; 4. The Tower of the Winds; 5. The Choragian monument of Lysicrates; 6. Temple of Segesta in Sicily] / G. Heck, dirt. ; Henry Winkles sculp.

Deîr - monument taillé dans le roc - piliers et sculptures de gauche / Félix Teynard.

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing the George Washington equestrian monument on the Virginia state capitol grounds by Thomas Crawford surrounded by seraphs, eagles and Union shields; back is design of seraphs, eagles, and shields only]

Vicinity of Boston, from Bunker Hill monument, 1853 / engraved by James Smillie.

Monument to Daguerre, at Bry San Marne, France

Appeal in behalf of the Washington national monument. The voters of Washington are informed that the monument now being erected in this City, to the memory of the "Father of his Country", has reached the height of 154 feet, and has cost about {d

The Fourth of July and the Washington national monument ... Washington, June 17, 1854.

View of a monument erected in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, A.D. 18...

[Monument à la trinité (project). Perspective elevation. Rendering]

New York firemen's monument: Greenwood Cemetery I.L.

New York pilot's monument: in Greenwood Cemetery, L.I.

The Washington National Monument / [drawn by] H. Warren ; [engraved by] J. C. Armytage.

Appeal to the country in behalf of the Washington national monument. Washington City. H. Polkinhorn, printer [1856].

Monument of Andrew Jackson in LaFayette Square (Dr. Pyne's church in the background).

Monument to President Madison erected at Montpelier, Va. The appearance of the vault and remains of President Madison, exposed in digging the foundation of the monument.

Washington National Monument proposed height in dotted lines, 485 ft. Completed, shown by dark lines, 174 ft. Stone terrace, 25 ft. high, diameter 200 ft.

Washington National Monument / drawn by Fred D. Stuart.

The construction of the Washington national monument, after a suspension of several years, is about to be resumed ... [Washington, D. C. 1859].

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

Geneva. Monument Jean Jacques Rousseau

Geneva. National monument

The monument on Custer's hill, containing all the bones found on the field

[Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, Mass.]

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

To President Andrew Johnson. Whereas, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States ... have recently left Washington for the City of Chicago, to participate in the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the monument to America's favorite son

Frankfort. Monument Guttenberg, Faust & Schöfer

Winkelrieds monument. Stanz

Memorial. To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the State of [blank] Your memorialists, members of the National Lincoln Monument Association would most respectfully solicit your attention to the accompanying articles of ass

[Group of civilians near monument]

Frankfort. Schillers monument

Indian mound in Monument Garden

[Boundary monument at Point Roberts - Archibald Campbell, U.S. Comm.]

Plymouth Massachusetts Monument Society to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, April 15, 1861 (Receipt for Contribution to Fund)

Dedication of monument at Gettysburg cemetery

6th Massachusetts bivouacked in Monument Sq., Baltimore

[Boundary monument at Point Roberts - Treaty of Washington June 15th 1846]

[Boundary monument at Point Roberts - Lat. 49 0 0, Long., erected 1861]

Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland. Columbiad [cannon] pointing to city of Baltimore. Columbiad covering Washington Monument

Naval monument at Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

[Boundary monument at Point Roberts - Capt. J.C. Prevost, R.N., Capt. G.H. Richards, R.N., Lt. Col. J.S. Hawkins, R.E., H.B.M. Commssrs.]

Naval monument at Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

Indian Mound in Monument Gardens, Chattanooga

Beef Depot Monument

Groveton, Virginia. Monument on battlefield of Groveton

U. S. Military Academy Battle Monument Committee, October-November 1863 (Printed extract)

Battle Monument Committee, West Point, New York, Tuesday, December 01, 1863 (Printed circular)

[Pierrepont family monument, Green-Wood Cemetery, New York City. Elevations, plans, and section]

John H. Bryant to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, May 14, 1864 (Invitation to dedication of Owen Lovejoy monument)

Richmond, Virginia. Washington monument

Gratitude! The citizens of Reading are hereby invited to meet in Lyceum Hall, on Tuesday evening, the 12th inst. at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of making arrangements to dedicate the monument to deceased soldiers ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading

[Statue of George Washington on horseback on top of a monument in the Capitol Square area of Richmond, Virginia]

Washington monument, in the Capitol grounds, Richmond, Va. The statues around the centre base are those of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson & Mason

[Fundraising letter from the Office of the Lincoln National Monument Association].

Dedication of monument at Bull Run, Va.

Monument on battle-field of Groveton, Va.

Bull Run, Virginia. Dedication of the battle monument

Laying the corner-stone of the Soldiers' Monument at Gettysburg, July 4, 1865

Bull Run, Virginia. Dedication of the battle monument

Savannah, Georgia. Pulaski monument

Soldiers' monument. The returned soldiers are invited to meet at the ante-room, Lyceum Hall, Monday evening, the 25th inst., at seven o'clock, to make the necessary arrangements to assist in dedicating the monument ... Reading, Sept. 23, 1865.