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[Design for a memorial with tempietto. Elevation]

In Assembly, Tues., December 2nd, 1783

Architectural drawing for a monument. Front elevation

Monument on Beacon Hill, Boston / Sully, del. ; K. Turner, sc.

Mount Auburn Cemetery--Monument to Judge Story [and map of the cemetery, Boston, Mass.]

Battle Monument as seen from the west door of City Hotel, Baltimore

[Washington Monument looking north on Washington Place in Baltimore, Maryland]

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

Battle monument, Baltimore / W.H. Bartlett ; H. Griffiths.

Vue prise du Pont Neuf à Paris / daguérreotype, Lerebours ; Martens, sc.

Design of the Wasihngton [i.e. Washington] national monument to be erected in the city of Washington / design by Robt. Mills archt. ; lithd. by Chas. Fenderich, Wash.

Monument to the memory of the "Herveor of Tripoli." The birth of the American Navy, now at Naval Academy school, Annapolis, Md.

Choragic monument of Lycicratus

Deîr - vue générale du monument taillé dans le roc / Félix Teynard.

[Fountain de Saint Michael] / E. Baldus.

Paris. Colonne de Juillet / E. Baldus.

[Tour St. Jacques] / E. Baldus.

Deîr - monument taillé dans le roc - piliers et sculptures de gauche / Félix Teynard.

[Monument à la trinité (project). Perspective elevation. Rendering]

The Washington National Monument / [drawn by] H. Warren ; [engraved by] J. C. Armytage.

Monument of Andrew Jackson in LaFayette Square (Dr. Pyne's church in the background).

Monument to President Madison erected at Montpelier, Va. The appearance of the vault and remains of President Madison, exposed in digging the foundation of the monument.

Washington National Monument proposed height in dotted lines, 485 ft. Completed, shown by dark lines, 174 ft. Stone terrace, 25 ft. high, diameter 200 ft.

Washington National Monument / drawn by Fred D. Stuart.

Memorial to commemorate the 1000 anniversary of Novgorod

Constantinople. Column of Theodore

The monument on Custer's hill, containing all the bones found on the field

[Innsbruck. View of the Maria-Theresienstrasse with the Annasäule in center of street]

Munich. Statue of Bavaria

Constantinople. Obelisk of Constantine

Lucerne. Thorwaldsen's Lion

Frankfort. Monument Guttenberg, Faust & Schöfer

Winkelrieds monument. Stanz

[Group of civilians near monument]

6th Massachusetts bivouacked in Monument Sq., Baltimore

Near Charleston, S.C., 1861

[Pierrepont family monument, Green-Wood Cemetery, New York City. Elevations, plans, and section]

[Statue of George Washington on horseback on top of a monument in the Capitol Square area of Richmond, Virginia]

Washington monument, in the Capitol grounds, Richmond, Va. The statues around the centre base are those of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson & Mason

Laying the corner-stone of the Soldiers' Monument at Gettysburg, July 4, 1865

Bronze statue of Jackson (Lafayette Square, opposite the President's house)

Bronze statue of Washington (near Georgetown)

Greenough's Washington (in east Capitol grounds)

The heroes' memorial. A memorial to perpetuate the remembrance of the heroes of the Empire State, who fell fighting for the Union, or died in rebel prisons, in military hospitals or at their homes in the years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 / Clay, Cosack & Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Tombeau des Juges Tomb of the Judges / / Bonfils.

Statue de Méhémet Ali à Alexandrie / Bonfils.

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Pamiatnik nad russkimi ubitymi pri osadie Ak Mecheti

Colonne Pompée Alexandrie / Bonfils.

Lima. Statue of Columbus

Lima. Statue of Bolivar

[Pompey's Pillar] / A. Beato.

[Tall monument on hill]

Statue of Morse, Central Park

In memoriam. Robert E. Lee Born Jan. 6th, 1808. Died Oct. 12th, 1870.

"Any thing for revenge!" - a la commune / Th. Nast.

Monument over the remains of 750 U.S. soldiers, who fell in the valley of Mexico during the Mexican War

Scene of the story of Robinson Crusoe. Tablet erected by the English Navy in memory of Alexander Selkirk

[Seventh Regiment Memorial, New York City. Rendering]

Russell House, Detroit

[Queen Victoria monument]

The Jackson Monument

New Ulm, Minn., Herrman Monument

The Clay Monument, [Canal Street], New Orleans

[Marker by fence reading "Here fell Henry C. Merwin, Lt. Col., 27th Conn. vols.," Gettysburg, Pa.]

Laureles, Cabanas Castle, Havana, Los

Soldiers' [and Sailors'] Monument, Detroit

Naval monument, Washington, D.C.

[Drawing of Schiller monument in Marbach am Neckar, Germany] / R. Wetzig, Ludwigsburg.

Perry's Monument, Put-in-Bay, Ohio

[Bird's-eye view of the cemetery outside the city wall, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Queretaro, Maximilian's monument

New York Bay, Castle Garden [Castle Clinton], and Statue of Liberty

The whitwash is too thin / Gillam.

[Yorktown Monument (Alliance and Victory Monument), Yorktown, Virginia. Rendering] / RMH 1884.

No more of those hideous monuments! / Gillam.

Top of the Washington Monument. Setting the capstone / Alex. Millar, del.

Peace, and the good will of all men / Gillam.

Soldiers monument

Florida - The Dade Monuments - St. Augustine

Design for a grand military Marine monument

San Francisco--unvailing [i.e., unveiling] of the Francis Scott Key Monument in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, July 4th / / photo. by Taber. The centennial of the settlement of the Northwest Territory--early methods of navigation on the Ohio River, from an old print

[Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.]

[Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.]

[Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.]

Washington Monument

[Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.]

Albert Memorial, London

Bunker Hill Monument

[Bunker Hill Monument, Bunker Hill Day, Boston, Mass.]

Statue of Liberty, New York harbor

[Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Belfast, Ireland]

Tower of Kiyomori, Hiogo

The Minute Man, Concord

Confederate Monument, Savannah, Ga.

Soldier's monument, Portland, Me.

Louisiana Monument, Vicksburg, Miss.

Grant Monument, Lincoln Park, Chicago

[Havana, Cuba, Avenida de Carlos III (Carlos III Avenue)]

Army and Navy Monument, Boston, Mass.

[Boston, Mass., birdseye view of Charlestown & Bunker Hill]

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