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Buick Motor C.

Ford Motor Co. Marine Car at Dist. Bldg., 9/14/26

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

Ford Motor Co., new medical center parking lot

London motor bus

[Chalmers Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.]

[Hudson automobile, possibly in Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan]

Hupp Motor Car Co.

Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.

N.L.W.S. Motor Truck

Packard [Motor Car Company] Auto Plant, Detroit, Mich.

Speaker at dedication of motor parkway

Maitland's Fokker Tri - motor plane

[Cadillac Motor Car Co. employees, possibly in front of plant in Detroit, Michigan]

[Motor car, Canadian Government Colonization Co.]

Around the Dead Sea. Motor boat at the mouth of the River Arnon

Cadillac Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich.

Women's Motor Corps on RECRUIT

[Packard automobile, Packard Motor Car Company]

On motor speedway - at grand stand

Women's Motor Corps

[Ford Motor Company plant, Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan]

Bayless launch, [possibly Detroit Motor Boat Club, Detroit, Mich.]

Automobile and motor boat

Banking motor parkway course for race

Diggers at dedication of motor parkway

Chamlee [looking at motor of auto]

Magnolia Grill and Motor Club, Magnolia, Mass.

[Louis Blériot at the helm of his monoplane, furnished with "automatic" motor of 50 h.p.]

Bayless boat Laneta, Detroit Motor Boat Club, [Detroit, Mich.]

[Detroit] Motor Boat Club, front view, [Detroit, Mich.]

Marines motor trucks

Gasoline motor car running from San Diego, La Hoya [sic], Calif.

[Detroit] Motor Boat Club br. (launch Laneta), [Detroit, Mich.]

Army Motor Kitchen of Mrs. Hoares [YMCA]

Detroit Motor Boat Club, front view, [Detroit, Mich.]

"Motor Girls" posing in and around Studebaker auto, going to baseball game

Motor Cycle Ambulance -- Hero Land

N.Y. Motor Boat Club House, on the Hudson, New York

German motor trucks

[Detroit] Motor Boat Club, side view, [Detroit, Mich.]

De Dion motor carriage

De Dion motor carriage #2

Panorama view street car motor room /


[Motor boat Grayling, deck]

[Motor boat Grayling, bow view]

[New York - Oyster Bay, Long Island Yacht Club: small motor launch with ten aboard]

Indians in a motor boat

Electric motor and car trucks in machine shops, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

[Motor boat Grayling, engine room]

[Olds Motor Works, Lansing, Mich.]


[Reo Motor Car Company's works, Lansing, Mich.]

Motor cars crossing Bogye Falaya River

Motor boat Grayling

[Motor Parkway Auto Race] Chalmers - Detroit, winner 2d race

Boy braking on motor train 10 hrs. a day. Where mining, loading, etc. is done by machinery. Live wire above is sometimes not higher than a man's head. Location: Gary, West Virginia.

Prince of Monaco opens motor boat races

J. Demont Thompson [at Motor Parkway Auto Race]

G.H. Curtiss winning Scientific American Trophy with aeroplane "June Bug," driven by a Curtiss Motor, Hammondsport, N.Y., July 4, 1908

Lytle in Isotta winning big race, Motor Parkway Oct. 10, 1908

Chalmers Motor Company, Detroit, Mich.

Crippled children's motor car ride, New York

Semmes Motor Co., Nat. City Dairy Co. trucks

Brig. Gen'l Chas. B. Drake, Chief of Motor Transport

Semmes Motor Co., Consumer's Co. truck

[Starting motor for Louis Blériot's cross-channel flight]

Ford Motor Co., Banner Laundry truck at Geo. Wash. Mem., [Alexandria, Va.]

[Four o'clock shift, Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Mich.]

Hackett Motor Car Co., Jackson, Mich.

Ford Motor Co., Lincoln at Burnside bridge [near Antietam, Maryland]

Chalmers Motor Company, Detroit, Mich.

Semmes Motor Co. Schwartzmann truck (Hellmann's Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise)

Semmes Motor Co. service truck

Semmes Motor Co. Hellman's truck

Crowd on beach for motor boat races, Palm Beach

Working on motor speedway

Robey Motor Co., Police Fords

Semmes Motor Co. J.W. Hurley truck

Ford Motor Co. stump pulling

Ford Motor Co.

Paige Motor Co.

Paige Motor Co. [U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.]

Ford Motor Co., Fort Macey

Ford Motor Co., Ford touring car at Monument, [Washington, D.C.]

Firemen studying auto motor

Ford Motor Co., Sen. Jos. T. Robinson of Ark., in Lincoln

Semmes Motor Co. [Post's] truck [at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.]

Ford Motor Co. interior

Ford Motor Co. Lincoln [at] private residence

Franklin Motor Car Co.

Hackett Motor Car Co., Jackson, Mich.

Montgomery County Motor Co.

Ford Motor Co. Banner Laundry truck

Wardman Motor Co.

Semmes Motor Co. John Fisher truck

Ford Motor Co. snow plows

Wardman Motor Co.

Makely Motor Co., Falls Church, Va.

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