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[Illus. poem showing mountain landslide threatening 3 horsemen]

[Mountain landscape with three bridges]

S[i]r: This is minuts of the fort at Crown Point and of the redouts built round it; which I took on the mountain to the west of Crown Point abt. a miles distance.

Horatio Gates to Unknown, November 16, 1780, on the British Officers Taken on King's Mountain

Thomas Jefferson, April 19, 1792, Observations on Mountain Rice

[Offering to the mountain spirits]

[Two men, one carrying a large axe, walking along a narrow mountain pass]

A map of the discoveries of Capt. Lewis & Clark from the Rockey Mountain and the River Lewis to the Cap of Disappointement or the Coloumbia River at the north Pacific Ocean /

Mountain Mocking Bird and Varied Thrush

[Buildings nestled among trees in a mountain valley]

[Mountain landscape with river and church on a hill]

"The mountain labored and brought forth a mousê" Providence, April 19, 1842.

The mountain in labor

[Title page and frontispiece showing slave on top of mountain, with his hands raised to paper labelled "libertas justitia" which appears in sky] / Childs.

Map of the railroads & canals connecting the coal estate of the Broad Mountain Improvement Co., with the Atlantic &c.

[Samuel Anderson Emery as Robin Roughhead in Fortunes frolics, full-length portrait, standing, holding flail, in front of backdrop with mountain and tree]

The Mountain Expressman

"View of the Iron Mountain"

View of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville & Monticello, taken from Lewis Mountain /

[Ethan Allen, 1738-1789, full-length portrait, standing, before "the Green Mountain Boays in Council", examining map]

Mr. La Mountain's aerial voyage - the descent of the balloon

[Three illustrations: Denver City, K.T.; The Rocky Mountain News Office, Aurabia, K.T.; View at Pike's Peak]

Summertown Hotel, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Traunstein mountain on Traun Lake

American Fall and ice mountain

[How we get gold in California: "hydraulic mining, at French Corral", "interior of tunnel", and "Tunneling, at Table Mountain]

Twin Sister Rock on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

"The home guard" White Mountain rangers

[Pencil sketch of the road from Slaven's Cabin to the top of Cheat Mountain in the area of the battle of Rich Mountain, July 11-12, 1861].

[Sketch of the battle of Rich Mountain, July 11-12, 1861].

View on Lookout Mountain

View from Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

The battle of Rich mountain, Virginia, July 13, 1861 / Hennessy del.

[Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad tracks at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn.]

View on Lookout Mountain

[Unidentified soldiers of 5th Ohio Cavalry Company with horses and mountain howitzer]

View on Lookout Mountain

[Rough sketch of the battle of Rich Mountain, July 11-12, 1861].

[Sketch of the area of the battles of Rich Mountain, July 11-12, 1861].

Prof. La Mountain, the Aeronaut, reconnoitering the rebel positions near Ft. Monroe

View on Lookout Mountain

Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee November 24th, 1863.

North slope of Lookout Mountain, from the west

[Mountain howitzer of the 5th Ohio Cavalry Company]

[Rough sketch of the roads between Beverly, W. Va., Leadsville, Bealington, and Philippi, and Bealington and Meadowville, in the Rich Mountain area].

Camp Garnett and vicinity, Rich Mountain, Randolph Co., Va. /

[Rough sketch of the Rich Mountain battle area, extending from Beverly, W. Va. to Clarksburg].

South Mountain, Maryland?

Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Group of officers on Lookout Mountain

Chattanooga, Tenn. (vicinity) Nashville & Chattanooga railroad at foot of Lookout Mountain

View of Table Rock on Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

[Area of the battle of Rich Mountain, July 11-12, 1861].

[View of Chattanooga with Lookout Mountain in the distance]

General McCallum on Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain

Gen. Hooker's Headquarters, Lookout Mountain

[Map of the Rich Mountain battlefield, W. Va. July 11-12, 1861].

The Rebel General Joseph E. Johnston The ascent of Gauley Mountain, in western Virginia, by the Twelfth Ohio Regiment / / M. Nevin.

[Map of part of eastern West Virginia, extending from Romney westward to Clarksburg, centering on the Rich Mountain Battle area].

Antietam Cemetery in foreground, South Mountain in background - gap shows location of Signal Station during battle. View taken after the war

Plan of the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, August 9th, 1862.

The Battle of South Mountain Md. showing positions at Fox's and Turner's Gaps, Sept. 14th 1862.

Elk Mountain, Maryland. Signal tower

Elk Mountain, Maryland. Lts. Edward C. Pearce, John C. Babcock and Rockwell (center)

Battlefield of Cedar Mountain, August 9th, 1862

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Bodies of horses on battlefield

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Panoramic view from center of battlefield of Cedar Mountain

Signal Corps Detachment, Elk Mountain, Md., October 1862

Elk Mountain, Maryland. Signal tower overlooking Antietam battlefield

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Parson Slaughter's house on Slaughter's (or Cedar) Mountain. Site of a Confederate battery

The Battle of Crampton's Gap 5 miles south of Turner's Gap, South Mountain, Md. September 14th 1862.

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Officers of 10th Maine Regt. On the battlefield

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Parson Slaughter's house on Slaughter's (or Cedar) Mountain. Site of a Confederate battery

Map of Cedar Mountain and vicinity - and battle.

Map[s] exhibiting part of the operations of the Army of Virginia under the command of Major General John Pope. Battlefield of Cedar Mountain, Aug. 9th 1862. The positions of the troops on the night of Aug. 27th and at sunset Aug. 28th 1862, and the battlefield of Manassas, Va. at the close of the action on the 29th of Aug. 1862

Map of the position at Turner's Gap. South Mountain.

Mountain Army Department, Thursday, June 05, 1862 (Circular)

Mountain region of North Carolina and Tennessee

Mountain region of North Carolina and Tennessee /

Topographical sketch of a portion of the North Mountain Range & the Valley of Virginia /

[Union troops on rocks climbing to the summit of Lookout Mountain] / J.B. Linn & Co., photographers, Point Lookout, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Cedar Mountain, Va.

Plan of the Battle of Lookout Mountain. Fought November 24th-25th, 1863.

[General Ulysses S. Grant and five other men on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee]

Rebel signal station, 1863, Wauhatchee side, Lookout Mountain Point, Tennessee

Mountain region of North Carolina and Tennessee.

[Map of the environs of Pine Mountain, Lost Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, and Little Kenesaw Mountain]

Old mill on Mountain Run near Culpepper [sic] Court House, Va. Apr. 21, 1864

View from the top of Lookout Mountain, Tenn., February, 1864

Mountain Run near Culpepper [sic] Court House, Apr. 1, 1864

General Sherman's advance - view of Kenesaw Mountain, from Little Kenesaw

[Map of the northwestern part of Cobb County, Georgia, showing Union works near Kenesaw [sic] Mountain, June 1864] /

[Map of the Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad between Blue Mountain Station and Jacksonville, Calhoun County, Alabama] /

Mountain Run near Culpepper [sic], Va. Apr. 21, 1864

Group of 7th Illinois Soldiers on Lookout Mountain, Tenn., June 19, 1864

Mountain region of North Carolina and Tennessee,

Webster's Station and Sugar Loaf Mountain, wagon in foreground

Rattlesnake Mountain, Yuba River, Nevada County

Snow Slide Mountain, Headwaters of the American River