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Plan de la ville et du port de Nangasaki = Grond tékening van de stad en de haven van Nangaski.

Bridal day [from] New series of gems of German songs

I am poor and sorrowful

Bee song, The, La Reine Topaze

Cuckoo song from La Marjolaine

Serge Koussevitzky archive,

How he loved me! - Non me lo dite!

Song - Im volkston

Hollande. Pauvre petite Voisine va! Poor little Neighbor Em. Dupuis 1916

États-Unis. A l'ombre de la Liberté. In the shadow of Liberty Em. Dupuis 1916

Airs avec la tablature de luth 3. livre

Europa galante. Libretto. German & Italian

Ballet von Soldaten, und Kriegs-Leuten des Xifares. 1750

Ballet d'esclaves de differentes nations. 1751

Ballet, welches einige Heldenthaten des Hercules vorstellt. 1756

Ballo d'fauni, e ninfe. 1756

Ecole (ballet). 1763

Entrelassement de nobles, et peuple napolitain (ballo). 1767?

Ballet von Meergöttern, und von Nereiden. 1768

Ballet général des bergers. 1770

Allor quest a voce = Methought from within me

In dusky night

Oh Gently sleep



Che sia l'amore, or, The Return

The Village blacksmith's bride

My lover is the village smith

Ave Maria from Trios and choruses for female voices

Ripeti che m'ami - Repeat that you love me

Heavenly dream from New series of gems of German songs

Rose bud, The from 3 two-part songs


Were I a birdling from 3 two-part songs

Lee & Walker's Amateur Album, no. 1

Cantique de noel - Christmas song

Dear home of my father from New series of gems of Germ

Gweddi gwraig y meddwyn

Birdling with thy trilling song - Canta ognor angellin quella dol

Blind man, The from New series of gems of German songs

I dream'd! 'Twas gone! - Sogna!̕ Mor!̕

Nelle Braccia della sposo - Let thy loving heart believe me


Souvenir de Rome

Maria mater

O hannes, wat en hout! - Oh Johnny, what a hat!

O maiden mine I sing to thee - Herzliebchen mein unterm rebendach

Bal d'enfants - Pleasures of youth

Perplexity - Verlegenheit

Mignon - L'egeres hirondelles - O happy swallows

Good night, my love

One look of love! - Ti chiedo un guardo sol!

Were I a violet - War ich ein veilchen

Bird song (Die Mottenburger)

Mother, Oh! sing me to rest

Forgive! - Vergieb wie ich vergebe!

Dance of love, The - La danza d'amore

At yonder hills I gazed

In love's embrace - Im arm der liebe

The Wanderer's evensong

The Asra

Una voce poco f ̉- Once a voice

Homeward - Wiedersehn

Non so perch ̈- I know not why

One I loved


Nuit, La - The night

' Tis an angel - Era un Angelo D'amore

Magic of song - E una magia il canto

Grave on the heath, The - Das grab auf der haide

I live for thee, I love thee!

Love, where art thou? - Wo weilest du?

Cradle song - Wiegenlied

Ladie Eveline, The - La canzone d'Eveline

Le parlate d'amor - Language of love

Dite alla Giovine - Say to the maiden fair

German minstrel, The - Des knaben lied

War song

Rp̌onds, petite fleur? - Sweet little flower reply?

Robert! toi que j'aime

Versatemi del vino - Fill up the wine cup

The Lighthouse

Stay with me! - Bleib bei mir

Sombre fort̊ - Forest so dark

To Sevilla - Nach sevilla

Addio del passato!

Bird song, The - Ich muss nun einmal singen!

Love thou - Ama!

La Farfalletta - The Butterfly

Love's request - Liebe's bitte

Bella adorata - The idol of my heart

Raggio d'amore! - One ray of love shines

Il va venir - He soon will come

On balmy wing

Evening dreams - L'estasi

Pura un angelo

Ah! che assorte - Ah! What delight

Join the dance

Nail'd to the cross

Caro nome - Dearest name