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[Warren G. Harding, half-length portrait, seated in vehicle, facing right, wearing mason's hat]

The First Christmas Card (1846) copy

Lincoln as a member of Congress in 1847

U.S. Treasury, Washington, D.C., 1840 to 1855

Treasury Dept. (old print), Washington, D.C., Sept.1, 1857

Treasury Dept. (old print): Construction of Treasury, Washington, D.C., Feb. 3, 1858

Indians at White House during the Civil War, Washington, D.C.

[Little Robe, Cheyenne Indian, half-length portrait, seated, facing right]

Lincoln arrival at B&O Station, Feb. 23, 1861 for his innauguration, Lincoln Memorial Assn. J.W. Hill. Copy

Fort Stevens north of Washington, D.C., 1864

Fort Gaines, Tenleytown, D.C., detachment of New York Volunteers, 1864

Parade & review of Union Army 15 & Pa. Ave., Washington, D.C., May 24, 1865

Army Hospital near Washington, D.C., 1861-65

Panorama of Washington, D.C. from 14th & B, Washington, D.C., 1865

Over eastern branch, Potomac

Panorama of Wash., 1865 Patent Office

Capitol old ... (1865?)

Haymarket, Washington, D.C., 1865

Crowd in Washington. Looking up 15th Street during the Review of the Army of the Potomac

John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, Apr. 1465

Panorama of Washington, D.C., 1865 showing White House & Treasury Building

Army Hospital near Washington, D.C, 1861-1865

Long Bridge across Potomac River, 1865

Lincoln second Inauguration, 1884 i.e. 1865

Josephus Daniels at 10

Inaugural Ball invitation, 1873

Chile, Town of Coquimbo

[John J. Pershing and another man holding certificate of Nobility of Almas Temple, with three other men standing around them]

Shoshoni Indians--Skin tepies [sic]

[Grant Richards and wife, full-length portraits]

Josephus Daniels in 1881

Josephus Daniels in 1881

Panama Bay. Pearl fishers. Taken about 1883

Wash. High School, 1886 (Porter)

Hopi (Moqui) Indians snake kiva Oraibi Pueblo

Josephus Daniels 189- with his first child

Street car, Washington, D.C.

Sarah Bernhardt, 1891

Navajo Indians, blanket and belt weavers / taken by James Mooney, 1892-93.

U.S.S. Delaware

"Wheeled cathedral" pays a visit. The interior of the chapel car "St. Paul" which is being exhibited here ... / photo by F.P. Burke, Chicago.

[Frank Billings Kellogg, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing left, holding eyeglasses]

U.S.S. Cassin

Cabinet children: Secretary of War Weeks [seated on floor] with his grandchildren, John and Martha Davidge, children of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davidge

U.S.S. New Mexico, Mississippi & Idaho

U.S.S. Nebraska

U.S.S. Connecticut

U.S.S. Indiana

U.S.S. Tarpon

U.S.S. Georgia

Van Ness House, 17th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.

U.S.S. Virginia

U.S.S. Jason

U.S. Battlecruiser 1 to 4

U.S.S. Narwhal

U.S. Ship New Hampshire

[Exterior of University Club in the Washington, D.C. area]

U.S.S. Relief

U.S.S. Ohio

U.S.S. Columbia

U.S.S. Louisiana

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Eltinge

U.S.S. Mayflower

[Fireman with firefighting equipment in front of the Vigilant Firehouse, 1066 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C.]

[Coffin of the Unknown Soldier being brought down steps of the U.S. Capitol, where horse-drawn wagon awaits; military personnal stand at attention] / National Photo Co., Washington, D.C.

U.S.Battleships Colorado & Class

U.S.S. Brooklyn

U.S.S. Kansas

U.S.S. Massachusetts

U.S.S. Vestal

U.S.S. Michigan

U.S. Ship Michigan, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa, Nov. 16, 1909

G.A.R. encampment, Oct. 1902, Hdq. Tent

G.A.R. encampment, Oct. 1902, swopping yarns

G.A.R. encampment, Oct. 1902, street scene

G.A.R. Hdq., Oct. 1902, Ambulance Committee

U.S.T.B.D. Truxton, July 1, 1902

Baltimore fire, 1904 Balto. & Holliday Sts

Baltimore fire, 1904 On N. Charles St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Baltimore St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Chief Belt, Marshall Bieber and D.C. firemen who went to Balto

Baltimore fire, 1904 Looking east from Chas. St. on Balto. St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Dynamiting buildings on Balto. St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Pratt St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Bird's eye view of Baltimore

Baltimore fire, 1904 B&O Flyer and crew that carried Wash'n. firemen to Balto. in 31 minutes; fastese run ever made

Baltimore fire, 1904 In the lumber district

Baltimore fire, 1904 Maryland Institute

Baltimore fire, 1904 Interior, Electric Ry. Power House

Baltimore fire, 1904 Chief Belt breaks all records from Camden Station to scene of fire at Balto

Baltimore fire, 1904 Fighting the fire on Balto. St

Baltimore fire, 1904 Jones Falls, where fire was checked

U.S.S. Des Moines, June 20, 04

Baltimore fire, 1904 American & Continental Trust Bldg

Baltimore fire, 1904 Sun building, South & Balto. Sts

Baltimore fire, 1904 Pratt and Light Sts

Baltimore fire, 1904 Church of Messiah in flames

Baltimore fire, 1904 No. 3 D.C. Fire Dept. going into action

Baltimore fire, 1904 Liberty & Lombard Sts., S.W. limit of fire

Baltimore fire, 1904 General view of South Baltimore

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