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[Bird's-eye view of a Native American deer hunt in New France (Canada), showing Indians driving deer towards fences into narrow enclosure to be killed, and two dead deer hanging from bent trees]

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

[Native American burial or memorial ceremony with man standing by shelter with bundles of bones, friends and relatives of the dead, and lodge in background, New France (Canada)]

A mapp of Virginia discovered to ye hills, and in it's latt. from 35 deg. & 1/2 neer Florida to 41 deg. bounds of New England /

An exact draught of the island of New Providence one of the Bahama Islands in the West Indies.

New map of the West Indies for the history of the British colonies /

A new mapp of East and West New Jarsey [sic] : being an exact survey /

New river water

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters G through S]

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters A through F]

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters T through Z]

[Page from 18th Century almanac: t.p. of Titan's New Almanack...1729; illus. with "the Arms of the Family Leeds"]

[Plan of New Ebenezer, Ga., 1742, which was settled in 1736 by the persecuted Salzburgers of Bavaria at invitation of trustees of the Georgia colony; text in German]

A New humorous song, on the Cherokee chiefs Inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain : To the tune of, Caesar and Pompey were both of the horned / / by H. Howard.

Wilkes, and Liberty--A New Song

A New map of North America from the latest discoveries.

A New & accurate map of North America, including the British acquisitions gain'd by the late war, 1763.

A new chart of New Holland on which are delineated New South Wale, and a plan for Botany Bay.

[Map of the roads from New Rochelle to Kingstreet, Westchester County.

[Page from The New England Primer Improved, 1773, letters A through F, illus.]

A New map of the island of Jamaica, from an actual survey.

[2 pages of New England Primer, 1773, with illus. of letters G through S; illus. and text have Biblical theme]

[Page from The New England Primer Improved, 1773, letters T through Z, illus.]

[Page from The New England Primer Improved, 1773, children's prayers]

A list of the addresses to the late Gov. Hutchinson, Taken from the London Gazetteer, and New Daily advertiser, on Saturday, September 24th, 1774. To the printer of the Gazetteer. The 8th of June last, a most servile, fallacious and adulatory ad

South-Carolina price-current. Charles-Town, the 30th day of July 1774. Printed for Crouch & Gray, New England factors.

A perspective view of the salt works in Salisbury, New England

Sketch of Forts Clinton & Montgomery, stormed the 6th Octob. 1777 by the troops under the command of Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., Lt. General of H. Maj. forces and commander in chief of New Yorck and its dependencies.

[Westchester County coast, New Rochelle to Horseneck River: unfinished.

Plan de notre camp à New Brunswick le 12e. juin, notre marche le 14 à Middlebush, la situation du camp le 15e juin, et cette du Genl. Washington à Boundbrook, le poste que le Genl. Sulivan occupoit le 15 dans la nuit pour courir Philadelphia, se postant sur la route de Pennington,

Continental Congress Broadside, 1777 : [Resolve of February 15, endorsing New England Conference Report]

Sketch of the road from Paulus Hook and Hobocken to New Bridge.

The United States of America with the British possessions of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland divided with the French, also the Spanish territories of Louisiana and Florida, according to the preliminary articles of peace signed at Versailles the 20th of Jany. 1783.

State of New-Hampshire. John Taylor Gilman, Treasurer of said state. To the selectmen of Greeting. Pursuant to an act of the General Court of said state of New Hamphire (passed February 23, Anno Domini, 1785) ... You are hereby required to asses

The Treaty of Commerce or New coalition / G.R., delint. ; Lewis 16, fecit.

A view of the town of Boston the capital of New England

A map of the great river St. John & waters (the first ever published) from the Bay of Fundy, up to St. Anns or Frederick's Town; being little known by white people, until 1783; settled by the American Loyalists, then part of Nova Scotia, now called New Brunswick from an actual survey, made in the years 1784, 85, 86 and 87,

Thomas Jefferson to Christian Frederick Michaelis, et al, February 4, 1787, Circular Letter to New Members of American Philosophical Society

Eastern lands for sale. The public are hereby notified. That there are for sale, large and valuable tracts of land, situated between the Highlands and the Atlantic ocean, from north to south; and between the River St. Croix, and the state of New

[Two recipes for haddock from the first American edition of Richard Briggs' The New Art of Cookery (1792). "To dress Haddock the Spanish Way," prepared with the "love apple" or tomato, and "To dress Haddock the Jews Way" prepared with "sweet oil", "onion" and "parsley"]

[New County Hall, Stafford, England. Proposed façade. Elevation]

The United States of America, with the British possessions of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland ...

New morality; or The promis'd installment of the high-priest of the Theophilanthropes, with the homage of Leviathan and his suite / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

Thomas Jefferson, June 30, 1802, Law Making on New Ports

Federal persecution. [Regarding election in New Castle County Delaware 1802].

A map of the Internal Provinces of New Spain.

New map of South America from the latest authorities.

The following essays, which appeared originally …New Brunswick, June 19, 1812.

[Cut] Another glorious victory. Newport Oct. 18, 1813. This afternoon arrived in this habour the British Packer Morgiana, Capt. Cunningham, of 18 guns, and 50 men, prize to the privateer Saratoga, Capt. Addington of New Yok ... [ 7 stanzas of ve

A map of Brazil, now called New Portugal.

Dance of the Indians of the Mission of St. Joseph in New California / engraved by Letitia & Elizh. Byrne.

Proposals for publishing by subscription the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a full history of the late war in the south, from the commencement of the hostilities with the Creek Indians, to the defeat of the British before New O

A map of Brazil, now called New Portugal.

The New Union Club

Order of services, at the dedication of the New Stone Congregational Church in Quincy, November 12, 1828.

The following letter from Mr. Sloane, a member of Congress from Ohio, and accompanying comments, are taken from the Richmond Whig of October 1 [1828] and addressed to the people of Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Charles City, and the City of Richmo

A New method of Macarony making as practised at Boston / copied on stone by D. C. Johnston from a print published in London 1774.

Notice. The electors of the upper section of Montgomery county, in favor of an equal distribution of the offices throughout the different sections of the county, will meet on Monday the 26th inst. At the house of Henry Kreps in New Hanover towns

New method of assorting the mail, as practised by Southern slave-holders, or attack on the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.

New standard of justice

New Salem, home of Abraham Lincoln 1831 to 1837.

New Custom House in Boston / Drawn by C.H. Billings; engraved by G.G. Smith.

Fire! fire! There will be a meeting of the members of the New Fire comp'y! held at the room now occupied by the City Council this evening, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing said company. A general attendance is requested. [Alton? Ill.]

New England Convention, Sepr. 10th, 1840 / W.J. Rund, s[culpsi]t.

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

New England Convention Bunker Hill. September 10TH. 1840

New publication.. The true republican: containing the inaugural addresses, together with the first annual address and messages of all the presidents of the United States ... This work is well printed on good paper, and new type, 12 mo size; hand

New cheap store!! Boot, shoe & slipper manufactory ... Groceries, boots & shoes ... Sam'l Lesure. Alton, Sept. 15, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1841].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

New suspension bridge at Fairmount, Philadelphia, constructed by Charles Ellet Jr., C.E. / W. Croome, del; engraved by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Smille.

The American Republican. To the American republicans of New England [Prospectus] Boston, Oct. 23, 1844.

A New map of the Western States.

Daniel Webster: New Englands choice for twelfth President of the United States

New map of the United States and Mexico.

Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America, with part of New Granada and Venezuela /

New map of Stark County, Ohio /

Map of Central America including the states of Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, the territories of Belise & Mosquito, with parts of Mexico, Yucatan & New Granada : shewing the proposed routes between the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans by way of Tehuantepeque, Nicaragua & Panama /

[Cottage-villa in the rural Gothic style, residence of William J. Rotch of New Bedford, Mass., built from the plans of Mr. Davis: front elevation]

[Cottage-villa in the rural Gothic style, residence of William J. Rotch of New Bedford, Mass., built from the plans of Mr. Davis: principal floor plan]

My New England home Words & music by L. Wade / / T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

New dome, temporary roof over rotunda

[Map of the town of New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Conn.].

[Map of New Milford, Litchfield Co., Conn.].

New style of hats bonnets, furs and fancy goods! J. T. Evans has just returned from the northern cities with the most complete stock of hats, furs, & infants' goods ever offered in Washington ... [Washington, September 1853].

New daguerreotype rooms, in Cohasset! D. S. G. Doane having newly fitted up and established a permanent suite of rooms, for the express purpose pf taking daguerreotypes, respectfully informs the citizens of Cohasset, and the neighboring towns ..

New map of Stark County, Ohio /

Sussex Vale: "New Brunswick"

Destruction of the packet-ship John Rutledge by an iceburg, Feb. 20, 1856 The only survivor, Thomas W. Nye, of New Bedford [with others in lifeboat].

The New Democratic Doctrine. Slavery not to be confined to the Negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the Laboring classes of Society. 1856.

The recent deep snow in Massachusetts: street in New Bedford

[Design drawing for stained glass window with text "And I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth"]

New topographical map of Saint Louis, Missouri /

[Design drawing for stained glass window "The New City" showing Lamb of God with 7 Pentecost flames, Chiro on thick and thin "woven" muntin/came effect]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing St. John with Eagle symbol and Lamb of God with text "I Saw a New Heaven and a New Earth"]

1857. New and important arrangement. Royal Mail through line for Kingston, Cobourg, Port Hope,...

[Design drawing for architectural elements for New Chapel with chairs, and stained glass]

Dentistry and Thomsonism. Lahaska, Bucks Co,, Pa. Printedby F. P. Sellers, Lambertville and New Hope job and newspaper office. 1858.

Map of Jefferson County, Kentucky : showing the names of property holders, division lines of farms, position of houses, churches, school-houses, roads, water-courses, distances, and the topographical features of the county : distinctly exhibiting the country around the falls of the Ohio, including New Albany and Jeffersonville, Inda. /

Boston, Jan. 15, 1858. The subscriber, having been appointed General Agent in the New England states, for the sale of J. W. Watts & Co's prepared paper for the water closet, a preventative and cure for the piles, is now prepared to fill all orde

New map of Burlington County : from actual surveys & official records /