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Gillender Building, New York City

City Hall subway station, New York

York-Island, with a view of the seats of Mr. A. Gracie, Mr. Church &c. / drawn, engraved & published by W. Birch, Springland near Bristol, Penns'a.

Com. MacDonough's victory on Lake Champlain Sept. 11th 1814 / M. Cornè p. ; W. Hoogland sc.

Battle of Plattsburg / Read sc.

Fort Edward / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Glenns Falls / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Capture of Andre / from a sketch by Stothard ; engraved by W.E. Tucker.

Shakers near Lebanon state of N. York, their mode of worship

No. 39 Chambers St., New York, opposite the Rotunda, rebuilt on the scite [sic] of the (formerly) New York Bath / A.J. Davis, delt. ; Imbert's Lithography.

Navy Yard, Brooklyn - for the Ladies' Companion / drawn by Lundie.

[Croton Aqueduct, (Westchester Co., New York). Method of tunnelling in earth] / John B. Jervis, chf. engineer.

[Croton Aqueduct, (Westchester Co., New York). Elevation, section, and plans. Rendering] / John B. Jervis, chief engineer.

Loco Foco scramble for collectors licenses

Nathaniel P. Tallmadge. Senator from New-York / from life & on stone by Chas. Fenderich, Washington City ; printed by P.S. Duval, Lithr., Philada.

Right Rev. John Hughes, D.D., coadjutor & administrator of the Diocese of New York / J. Penniman ; lith. of Endicott.

Racquet River--"Adirondacks"

School house, Tappan / painted by Robert W. Weir ; engraved on steel by James Smillie.

High Bridge and high service works and reservoir

Croton Dam / drawn for D.T. Valentine ; drawn & lithd. by G. Hayward.

Progress of reform!!! No. 1

[Title page of an edition of the Douay version of the Old and New Testament depicting St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City]" / designed and engraved by J. F. E. Prud'homme.

The Rev'd James Milnor D.D. rector of St. George's Church / drawn on stone by G.B. Black from a photogenic miniature by Gurney ; printed by C. Hullmandel.

J. & F.W. Ridgway, plumbers and hydraulic engineers, plumbers to the Croton Water Works, 145 Broadway, New York / drawn by J. Calwey.

[Editorial staff of the New York Tribune]

North interior view of the New York post office, located by authority of the Hon. Charles A. Wickliffe Post Master General and arranged by John Lorimer Graham Esq. Postmaster, Feb. 1st 1845

Niagara River leaving Lewiston, U.S. July 22nd 1846

Saratoga, Monday, July 20th, 1846 - Congress Hall Hotel

Clifton House & Niagara, Monday, July 22d, 1846, from above the Stair - Table Rock

Stony Point, near Gibraltar, on the Hudson River, U.S. July 24th 1846

Grand Falls at Niagara from near the observatory, Goat Island, July 22, 1846

Biddle Stair, Goat Island, July 22, 1846

Approaching West Point, going down the Hudson, July 24, 1846

The Hudson River at Albany, U.S. Saturday July 18th 1846

Funeral obsequies of free-trade

The Highlands from Newburgh and Butter Hill, Hudson River

Wooden bridge on the Mohawk River, Schenectady U.S. July 20th 1846

One of the news-b'hoys / Lith. of Sarony & Major.

Mike Walsh. The people's champion and leader of the yound or progressive democracy, nominated by the Democratic Party in Tammany Hall and elected to the New York legislature in Nov. 1846 / J. Penniman, 1847 ; lith. of G. Snyder 122 Fulton St. N.Y.

Fairest flower so palely drooping / Mary Balmanno, del. ; C. Currier's Lith., N.Y.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Side elevation] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Side elevation] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Front elevation] / Rich Upjohn.

Wall Street, N.Y. 1847 / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; from lith. by Deroy ; Vermilye & Co.

Interior of Grace Church, New York / Renwick, archt., Ackerman's, lith.

Saratoga. Highrock-Iodine and Empire Springs / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; lith. by Deroy ; printed by Cattier.

Bowling Green / Lith of Chs. Magnus N.Yk.

[Lampshade design with six views: "Kansas", "Jefferson City", "Erie R.R.", "New York", "Niagara", and "Water Works, Phila."]

Views of New York--Exchange / drawn by C. Autenrieth ; J. Bornet.

Views of New York--St. Paul's Church, Barnum's Museum & Astor House / drawn by C. Autenrieth.

Head quarters of Washington at Newburgh N.Y.

Park Row from Tryon Row, the City Hall Park on the right. Showing the Times Building and a distant view of St. Paul's Church

[Chinese and others on small bridge, with tower in background, Niagara Falls, N.Y.]

Grand funeral pageant at New York July 23, 1850, in honor of the memory of Major General Zachary Taylor 12th president of the United States / lith. and pub. by Geo. E. Leefe, 111 Nassau St., N.Y.

The Right Rev. Samuel Provost [i.e. Provoost], D.D., first bishop of New York / Engd. by J.C. Buttre.

[Elaborate church interior, possibly St. Luke's in Brooklyn, New York]

The election game / turning the cards

Halloo! Turks in Gotham

Entrance to the Highland scenes Hudson River

Brooklyn, L.I., as seen from Trinity Church, New York / painted by J.W. Hill ; Smith, Brors. del.

Representation of the famous Washington market, New York City

[Trinity Chapel (New York). Altar. Front and end elevations and plan. Rendering] / Richd Upjohn & Co. Archts, Trinity Building, N.Y.

Graduating song, class of 1855 / lith. of Sarony & Co., N.Y.

View of the Hudson River near Newburg [sic]

[Fulton Street, New York City, New York]

[City hall, New York]

Incident in Cherry Valley - fate of Jane Wells / from the original picture by A. Chappel ... ; Thomas Phillibrown, engraver.

Interior of Messrs. Leavitt and Delissier's sales-room, Broadway, New York

Scene at the polls, New York City--Boxes for the distribution of tickets--Everybody busy

Vauxhall Garden 1803 / lith. by G. Hayward, N.Y.

How illustrated newspapers are made

Naturalization of foreigners, scene in Tammany Hall / drawn from life.

View from the "Dead Rabbit" barricade in Bayard Street, taken at the height of the battle by our own artist, who, as spectator, was present at the fight

The dry-goods epidemic, Broadway at three P.M. / W. del.

Jefferson Market, Sixth Avenue, New York City / Tarbell, S. ; A. Hill.

National Guard half pounds. Manufactured by Baker Pleasants & Frayser, Richmond, Virginia / Lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, N.Y.

Kemp's vegetable pastilles for expelling worms from the system / lith. of Snyder, Black & Sturn 92 William St. New York.

[Grace Church (Utica, New York). Sunday school building. Elevation, plan, and section] / Richard Upjohn & Co., Architects.

[Four scenes from the riot in the Sixth Ward, New York City between the "Bowery Boys" and the "Dead Rabbits" showing: women and men throwing brickbats down on the police, a "Dead Rabbit," a "Bowery Boy," and a "Dead Rabbit," falling at the feet of policeman Shangles]

Interior view of the central office of I.M. Singer & Co., 458 Broadway, New York City / Keating sc.

Washington's head quarters near Newburgh

Slaughtering the dogs - "Andy" in his glory

[Four scenes of European emigrants in America] / W.J. Hennessey del.

Mayor's Tiemann's race to the voting-place as the escort of United States soldiers / J.M.L.

Remains of President Monroe lying in state at the City Hall on Saturday, July 3, 1858

Mayor's Tiemann's race to the voting-place as the escort of United States soldiers / J.M.L. The voting-place, No. 488 Pearl Street, in the Sixth Ward, New York City.

Our exposure of the swill milk trade

The burning of the City Hall, New York, August 18, 1858

New York City and environs, from the spire of Dr. Spring's new brick church, Fifth Avenue / Hitchcock del. ; Anthony sc.

[Front page of Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper with picture of John Brown]

Prince of Wales and suite

Reception of the Prince of Wales

Military on Broadway

Moon-light point view

Terrible loss of life! Burning of a tenement-house in Forty-fifth Street, near Sixth Avenue, on the morning of the 28th inst. / / sketched on the spot by our artist.

Ball given by the City of New York to the Japan[es]e embassy at the Metropolitan Hotel, June 25, 1860

The drive in the Central Pa[rk,] New York, September, 1860 / W. Homer.

Cave of the Winds, Niagara

Washington's retreat at Long Island / Wageman ; J.C. Armytage.

Grand torch-light parade of the New York firemen in honor of the Prince of Wales, passing the Fifth Avenue Hotel, October 13, 1860