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Virginia Gazette (newspaper), February 4, 1775, Article on Speech by Chief Logan (Indian Warrior)

Newspaper Clippings, September 1781, "Receipt for a Modern Critic" (Poem); Eclipses for 1783; Astronomy

Philadelphia, May 25, 1782. A gentleman from the Eastward, who arrived in town this morning, has favoured us with a Boston newspaper, dated the 16th instant, from which we have extracted the following. Boston, May 16 The following account of a s

Connecticut General Assembly, 1783, Newspaper Clippings of Resolution Designating New London and New Haven as Free Ports

Samuel Shaw to John Jay, May 19, 1785, Newspaper Clipping of Shaw's Letter Describing His Trip to China

James Bowdoin to Henry Stanhope, August 1, 1785, Newspaper Clipping of Bowdoin's Letters to Stanhope, with Stanhope's Replies

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

[Newspaper articles and notices printed in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Phila.]

New York, March 27, 1790, Newspaper Clipping on Current Prices of Goods

Philadelphia, February 28, 1791, Newspaper Clipping of Ordinance on Rates and Prices Enacted

United States Army, 1806, Officers Years of Service Newspaper Clipping

[ Facsimile of first newspaper printing of The star spangled banner]

Prospectus of The National Journal, a semi-weekly newspaper, to be published in the City of Washington .... Washington, Davis & Force August 1823.

Proposals for publishing a weekly newspaper in the city of Washington to be called the Washington examiner ... Washington City, D. C. Nov. 10, 1826.

Account of newspaper and pamphlets received at the post office at Lexington, county of Fayette state of Kentucky, from April 1, to July 1, 1829

Department of state. Washington 183 To the publisher of the Sir: The newspaper now published by you has been selected for publishing the orders, resolutions, and laws ... passed during the second session of the twenty-fourth Congress ... Should

Prof. Morse reading a newspaper / A.J.S.

George S. Gideon to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 18, 1849 (Printed Newspaper Prospectus)

Prospectus of a weekly family newspaper, to be called the "Fireside companion," Devoted to literature, foreign and domestic news, the arts and science for the domestic circle, temperance, and morality in general. Washington City, D. C., Feb., 18

[Portrait of seated man holding the Charleston Zeitung, possibly the owner of the newspaper company, Franz Melchers]

Dentistry and Thomsonism. Lahaska, Bucks Co,, Pa. Printedby F. P. Sellers, Lambertville and New Hope job and newspaper office. 1858.

[Front page of Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper with picture of John Brown]

The dollar newspaper almanac, comprising valuable time tables, statistics, &c. annual supplement for the use of subscribers to the dollar newspaper. Philadelphia, 1860.

The Republican Standard.

Levi J. Powell to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, July 20, 1860 (Wants to establish a newspaper in Virginia)

Journal Extra, [newspaper]. Latest from Washington, Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln. His inaugural address. Incidents, &c.

The Corrector, Sag Harbor, New York. V. 39, no. 40.

St. Louis Republican (newspaper), Saturday, October 26, 1861 (Clipping)

Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln. His address!

Champion. Extra. Inaugural Address, President Lincoln, [Newspaper].

[Printed.] Letter to Mr. Blair by James W. Wall and his reception and speech at Burlington, on Friday evening, Sept. 27th, 1861.

Pennsylvania Newspaper, January 1861 (Clipping)

Missouri Newspaper, Monday, January 14, 1861 (Clipping)

Mississippian Extra.

Train Extra! Right of free speech! George Francis Train arrested in Faneuil Hall, [Newspaper].

A little plain talk with John Bull by Train, Jr. Philadelphia. For sale at Trentwith's newspaper and periodical depot, No. 107 South Third Street, [1862].

Infamous libel. From Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper. Sept. 13th, 1862. "Col Fletcher Webster, of the 12th Mass. regiment, is reported among the killed in the battle of August 29th, before Washington. He was the sole surviving son of Daniel

[Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President. Seated portrait, holding glasses and newspaper, Aug. 9, 1863]

Prospectus for publishing at Concord. N. H. a weekly newspaper, to be entitled the Democratic senrinel, devoted to politics, literature and general intelligence ... John B. Palmer, Concord. N. H., May 1, 1863.

[Black man reading newspaper by candlelight]

Richmond Virginia Newspaper, April 1864 (Printed list)

[Front page of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1864 Jan. 2, with illustration: The Guerilla War on the Mississippi - Explosion of a Shell in the Ladies' Saloon of the Steamer WELCOME, at Waterproof, Miss.]

Lincoln & Oglesby Campaign Club.

Union Press. A daily newspaper to represent and advocate the views of unconditional union men ... Louisville, Ky. [1864].

Daily Monitor Extra. Special dispatches, arrest of Booth, [Newspaper].

Appalling circumstance! The President dead! Escape of the Murderer!

Jamestown Journal Extra. The President's death. Second edition. 10 o'clock A. M. Third Edition. 11:40 A. M.

Delaware Republican Extra, [newspaper]. April 16th, 1865.

Daily Ohio State Journal, EXTRA. [newspaper]. April 15th, 1865.

The Following are the headings of the (Sunday) morning, New York Herald!

Concord, New Hampshire Daily Monitor, Wednesday, February 08, 1865 (Newspaper Clipping)

Journal-- Ext, [newspaper]. April 15th, 1865.

President Lincoln's funeral. [Harper's Weekly illustration.]

Freeport Journal, [newspaper]. April 15, 1865.

Execution of Captain Henry Wirtz (i.e. Wirz), C.S.A. Newspaper reporters viewing the execution

Dayton Extra Journal, [newspaper]. April 15, 1865.

Gazette Extra, [newspaper]. Chattanooga, April 15.

Terrible work of blood. Assassination of the President and the Secretary of State!

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Good to bearer. for one dollar to be applied to the payment of any bill for advertising ordered through us in any newspaper or newspapers at publishers cash rates. Geo. P. Rowell, New York, May 1868.

[Page of text from Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, including articles on the opening of the Pacific Railway]

[Page of text from Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, including articles on the seashore and the Pacific Railway]

[Page of advertisements and a cartoon from Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper]

New York City - reception of the Grand Duke Alexis: 2 illustrations: 1. The landing [at Castle Garden]; 2. Interior view of the bedroom of the Grand Duke at the Clarendon Hotel [with the Grand Duke reading a newspaper]

[Cartoon showing Puck pointing at New York Herald and Staatszeitung newspaper buildings and saying to large female figure "Nemesis": "These proud edifices have helped to rear that one! (Madame Restell's medical office building). Your task is not yet completed". Cartoon shows editorial opposition to newspapers which permit classified ads for female doctors, who cater to females ("Frauenärztin") and for lurid amusement personals]

[Page of text with no illus. in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1879 Oct. 4, p. 71, containing articles: Fifth Contest for the Astley Belt; General Grant's Tour of the World; Closing Scenes in the Zulu War; The New Dry Dock at Ferrol, Spain; Lord Chelmsford's Return to England; Notes Along the Rail; At Home and Abroad]

Another bombardment - the newspaper fleet firing on the Bedouins in Washington / Gillam.

[Fernandez, interpreter; newspaper man, Gen. Pershing, Capt. James A. Ryan, and others posed at Iligan, Philippine Islands]

"Nebraska Statesman" newspaper office in Broken Bow, Nebraska

James E. McCray, editor of the Sargent newspaper

The "Custer Leader", the newspaper which was published in Custer County during the year of 1887.

[Crowd in front of "the Evening Star Newspaper Buildings" watching 2 men on roof, Washington, D.C.]

The Advocate newspaper offices in Ansley, Custer County, Nebraska.

The Sun newspaper offices in Anselmo, Custer County, Nebraska.

[New York City, Newspaper Row, Park Row]

New York City - The day nursery of Grace Parish, one of the proposed beneficiaries of the "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper" doll charity - A mother's morning good-bye to her babe

[Booker T. Washington, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing slightly left, holding newspaper]

Clara Barton Papers: Red Cross File, 1863-1957; American National Red Cross, 1878-1957; Relief operations; Sea Islands, S.C.; Newspaper clippings, 1893-1894, undated

The fin de siècle newspaper proprietor / F. Opper.

What a newspaper puff can do / F. Opper and Ehrhart.

[Two well-dressed men standing, one holding newspaper and eyeglasses, the other holding a book]

Newspaper War Bulletins, Park Row, N.Y.C.

[Richard Croker, three-quarter length portrait, seated, reading newspaper, facing left]

[Senator Addison Gardner Foster, Republican from Washington, seated with a newspaper]

[People posed on porch of and in the Planet newspaper publishing house, Richmond, Virginia]

[Composing room of the Planet newspaper, Richmond, Virginia]

Johnson [seated on a trunk, reading newspaper]

J.C. Smith [reading newspaper]

Newspaper Row, [Park Row], New York

[African American man holding newspaper]

Newspaper Row, New York

[Newspaper Row, City Hall Park, New York, N.Y.]

Newspaper seller, London

Johnson [seated on a trunk, reading newspaper]

Miss Sperder, seated with another lady, holding newspaper

Newspaper seller, London

[George Sewall Boutwell, 1818-1905, three-quarters length, seated, facing left; looking at newspaper]

[Thomas C. Platt, three-quarter length portrait, seated in chair, facing front, left hand at cheek, leaning on left elbow, holding New York newspaper in right hand]

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