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[Title page for The complete gentleman, by Henry Peacham, with elaborate border showing figures of "Nobilitas" and "Scientia"] / Fr. Delaram sculp. anno. 1522 [i.e., 1622]

[The king giving the accolade] / A. Bosse in.

Prince Ferdinand / Sherlock, sculp.

High life at five in the morning

Ōmu komachi

Il faut rendre à César ce qui est à César et a la nation ce qui est à la nation

Par moy vous êtes tous freres

Vive le roi, vive la nation J'savois ben qu'jaurions not tour.

L'assembleé des aristocrates

L'accord parfait

Je tient mon pied du bœuf - il faut faire trois choses Le calculateur patriote.

[3 orders proceeding to Versailles, May 1789]

Yatsushi kokei sanshō

Le mea culpa du Prince Lambesc -- sans restitution point de salut

Reveil du tiers etat

Il faut donc mourir puis qu'il n'i a plus de son

[Aristocrats digging the Champ-de-Mars]

Le tems donnant les cendres à la noblesse et au clergé

Allons plus de distinction ce malheur commun nous rend égaux

Le pied de néz - dedié aux aristocrates

Le corps Aristocratique sous la figure d'une femme expirant dans les bras de la Noblesse &c.

Cela ne se dit pas mais cela se devine / AV [monogram].

Le maitre de danse des aristocrates, allons donc l'Abbe cochon en mesure

La visite du camp par les commissaires aristocrates

Ha je seront ben content quand j'aurons tous ces papiers la - le tresor tiré des ténébres

Le tiers état confesseur La constitution Française.

L'Attaque de la constitution


Kanjo zu

Ushiromuki no kanjo zu


John Bull fighting the French single handed / P.F.L.B. fecit.

[Warrior or nobleman archer]


A new and accurate map of the country for twenty five miles round the University of Oxford : exhibiting all the direct and cross roads, the hills, vales, woods, rivers, canals, towns, villages, hamlets, parks, and seats of the nobility & gentry : from the latest surveys and observations /


Le peuple sous l'ancien Regime


Divers convois funébres ; Qûete pour l'entretien de l'église du Rosario / J.B. Debret et la Vesse. de Portes, del. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

Momijigari no himegimi

Alexandre Farnese III duc de Parme--Gouverneur des Pays Bas + 1592

[Portrait of Luisa Fernanda, Dutchess of Montpensier]

No title of nobility

[Bird's-eye view of the residential compound of a nobleman in Beijing; includes Chinese language characters identifying features of the residence]

The Count de Paris giving his [horse?]

The three princes, camp at Yorktown

[Studio portraits of Japanese woman with tea implements and chest, a prince with his staff, government officials, and a Daimio (nobleman) with his wife ]

[Japanese curio shop, a street cart and portraits of a Japanese family and officials]

Georgievskie kavalery i nagrazhdennye zolotym oruzhiem. Za vziatie ukriep. Dzhizag [sic]. 18 Oktiabria. 1866 g. Maior. Arm. Piekh. Baron-fon Iu. N. Rene

[Court official wearing a kanmuri]

[Japanese man, full-length, standing, facing right, wearing robes of a nobleman, such as emperor or prince]

The little duke

[Japanese woman, full-length, standing, facing left, wearing robes of a noblewoman, such as empress or princess; also shows custom of artificial eyebrows]

[John J. Pershing and another man holding certificate of Nobility of Almas Temple, with three other men standing around them]

Sugawara no Michizane

A grand Shakesperian [sic] revival / J. Keppler.

Our imitative "aristocracy" / J. Keppler.

The two dromios / Gillam.

Who killed Hancock? / Gillam.

American millions and foreign nobility - the market where our girls buy - and get sold / Gillam.

He paused, held up his hand and looked at the princess: Mr. Silas Finn happens to be my father

"The sleeping party" / Gillam.

My lord the earl Grip

Woman wearing court dress and Indian jewelry

America's proud "four hundred" and Europe's haughty "nobility" - and the ancestors they are always boasting of / F. Opper.

Viscount Wrexham

"And John, he pays the freight" / F.M. Hutchins.

The European Svengali and the trilbys of the "four hundred" - he hypnotizes 'em every time! / Ehrhart.

An Indian Prince - head and shoulders in ornate uniform

American "rocks" / Ehrhart.

Our American girls are capturing the House of Lords / C.J. Taylor.

[Sir Ashley Cooper, head-and-shoulders portrait]

[Duchess of Bedford, three-quarter-length portrait]

[Anne, Viscountess Irwin, half-length portrait]

[Sir Ashley Cooper, head-and-shoulders portrait]

To save the American girl / Ehrhart.

London Ancients and Honorables starting on harbor trip, Boston

London Ancients and Honorables leaving Rowe's wharf, Boston for harbor trip

[Three children of Charles I]

[De la enfanta Dona Margarita de Austria]

[Viscountess Irwin]

[Cavalier waiting an audience]

A courtier

Balthazar Carlos

[Baby Stuart]

Selina, Countess of Huntingdon

[Duchess of Bedford]

Selina, Countess of Huntingdon

[Duchess of Rutland]

[Infant Don Balthazar Carlos (Diego Velazquez)]

[Three children of Charles I]

[A courtier (after Domingo)]

There aren't any, there's only the microbe

[Boston, Mass., London Honorables entering Trinity Church]

Puck Christmas 1904 / Ehrhart.

A glimpse of the East - Sons of a Hyderabad noble, Hyderabad, India

[Sir Ashley Cooper]

Sleeping beauty

[Count Von Moltke]

Count Von Moltke

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