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Main Street, Nome City, Sept. 22, '99

Nome City, Sept. 21, '99, a city two months old

Nome City water front, Oct. 20, '99

Panorama Nome City water front, Sept. 22, '99

Frank G. Carpenter on the right

Trail to Sunrise

[Eskimos on a dock]

Jafet Lindeberg

Dogs pulling pupmobile

Child in fur outfit

Aerial tramway

Walrus[es] among the ice floes in Bering Sea

[Rural scene showing buildings on barren land]

First dog team to go from Nome to Seward

[View of waterfront housing]

Nome, Alaska, 1900

Trestle no. 19 of A.C. Railroad

Cartoon of giant mosquito stinging a man sleeping

Frank G. Carpenter beside pupmobile

Panning gold in a shovel at Pioneer Mine - Frank G. Carpenter in center, J. Lindeberg at right

Pioneer Mine

[Pioneer Mine]

Pioneer Mine

[Eskimos outside shops, on a commercial street in Nome]

Dogs pulling pupmobile

Eskimo village

[Nome (and vicinity), Alaska, 1900]: Wreckage along Snake River, Nome [caused by storm]

The King of the Diomede Islands and Louis Levy

Tom Magowen and W.H. Fairbanks

Mr. Lindeberg panning gold at Pioneer Mine with a shovel

Louis Levy with white fox pelts

[Nome (and vicinity), Alaska, 1900]: Herd of reindeer

Ship at dock on waterfront


Bird's eye view of Nome with snow


Frank G. Carpenter at Pioneer Mine

Front Street covered with snow

One of the drummers for Eskimo dance

[Eskimo children]

Frank G. Carpenter on the right

Eskimo fur dealer

[Eskimo child]

Eskimo child

Pioneer Mine

Turning a somersault in a kayak

Eskimo's grave

Ceremonial dance

Dog sled teams moving up the south side of the Alaskian Range to a lumber camp

Newarluk, an Eskimo woman

Trees in front of mission, ladened with volcanic ash

Muir Glacier, at the head of Glacier Bay, southeast Alaska

Fire drill


[Eskimo children on the beach]

[Eskimo boys with dogs]

[A group of homes]

[Indigenous peoples outside of log building]

Trip to the Creeks

Assay Office


[Eskimo man standing on railroad tracks]

New railroad

Salmon works

Eskimos in kayaks

George A. Parks

Landing at port

Three Eskimo children seated side by side

Hydraulic power mining

[Eskimo women]

Nome, Alaska, 1900

Taku Glacier

On a dock in Nome

Two Eskimo boys

Going from ship to dock

Eskimo village

King's Cove

Mining on beach

Cartoon of man with empty pockets

Mine trestle

City Hall

[Eskimo women from the back, with child standing near]

Eskimo fur dealer

Eskimos in kayaks

Pastolik reindeer herd in corral

Frank G. Carpenter with Eskimos

Reindeer waiting to be slaughtered

Kayak on rack

Young Eskimo child seated on board

Reindeer waiting to be slaughtered

The Log Cabin Club

Being tossed on a walrus skin at an Eskimo village

Horses pulling U.S. Mail sled

Pioneer Mine

Eskimo village

Door of the Log Cabin Club


[Eskimo woman with children]

Log cabin

Reindeer waiting to be slaughtered