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Volume 5: "Notes on Salkeld's Reports," "An act further to amend the judicial system of the United States," and "An act to punish certain offences against the United States"

Advertisement. Whereas there was an advertisement in the Boston News Letter the 4th & 11th days of this instant October, giving notice to the subscribers in the partnership for circulating bills or notes, founded on land-security, for meeting on

Thomas Jefferson, 1732-86, Notes on Georgia History and Boundaries

A map of the British plantations on the continent of North America, according to the notes and improvements of Mr. Bolton, made in the original of Mr. Danville; with the history of each colony in the margin.

Thomas Jefferson, 1762, Notes on Church Laws

Thomas Jefferson, 1762, Early Law Notes

House of Commons, March 1770, Notes on Grenville Bill; Procedures for Settling Disputed Elections

Thomas Jefferson, May 9, 1774, Notes on Progress of Three Pending Bills

Thomas Jefferson, October 1776, Notes on Bill to Move the Virginia Seat of Government; Capitol; Courthouse

Thomas Jefferson, 1776, Table Comparing Value of European Silver and Gold Coins; with Notes

Thomas Jefferson, October 1776, Notes on Shaftesbury; Virginia Laws and Statutes Covering the Church of England

Thomas Jefferson, October 1776, Notes on Heresy, Part 1; Virginia Laws and Statutes Covering the Church of England

Thomas Jefferson, October 20, 1777, Notes on Virginia Committee on Laws; William Phillips letter of April 12, 1779

Thomas Jefferson, May 4, 1778, Notes on Virginia Committee on Laws

Reverend James Madison, 1778, Notes on Williamsburg Weather Data

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Oaths

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Articles 7-11

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Laws "Doubtful Whether to Be Retained"

Thomas Jefferson, October 1780, Notes for Instructions to Abraham Bowman on Troop Deployment

Notes sur les environs de York: Plan donné par des arpenteurs du pays.

Notes sur les environs de York.

Thomas Jefferson, 1782, Notes on Northern Governments; Holland; Denmark; Sweden; Russia

Thomas Jefferson, 1782, Notes on Virginia Claims in Western Territory

Thomas Jefferson, March 1783, Notes on Commerce and Insurance in Great Britain, 1689 to 1783

Thomas Jefferson, 1783, Notes and Calculations on Regional Concerns in Congress

United States Congress, February 3, 1784, Actions on Bills; Notes and Dates

James Madison. Notes for Speech, Virginia House of Delegates. 1784.

Thomas Jefferson, 1785, Notes on Virginia Capitol Building

James Madison, October-November, 1785. Notes on Debate on Bill for Relig Estabt proposed by Mr Henry.

Thomas Jefferson, 1785, Notes on Algiers Presents

Thomas Jefferson, October 17, 1785, Notes on Walking Rate; Table of Distances

Thomas Jefferson, December 1786, Notes on Diana Statue by Jean Antoine Houdon

George Mason, May 31, 1787. Notes on Representation, State and Federal Government.

Thomas Jefferson, 1788, Notes on the United States Constitution

Thomas Jefferson, 1789, Notes on Commerce with the United States, in French

Thomas Jefferson, July 1789, Notes on French First Republic, Fragment

Thomas Jefferson, 1790, Notes on Dutch Distilled Spirits

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, November 1790, Draft Notes

James Madison. Notes, Customs Duties. 1790.

French National Assembly, August 3, 1790, Notes on Finance

Alexander Hamilton, August 13, 1791, Jefferson's Notes on Publicola Affair

Thomas Jefferson to U. S. House of Representatives, March 15, 1791, Notes

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, December 22, 1791, Notes on Consuls

Thomas Jefferson Tench Coxe, March 20, 1791, Notes on American Commerce

Alexander Hamilton, December 25, 1791, Notes on James Gunn Conversation

Thomas Jefferson, April 10, 1792, Notes on American Captives in Algiers

Thomas Jefferson, July 1793, Notes on Neutrality with British and French

Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Henry Knox, June 17, 1793, Notes on Armed French Vessel

Thomas Jefferson, February 16, 1793, Notes

Thomas Jefferson, April 18, 1793, Notes on Principles of Treaties

Thomas Jefferson, November 1794, Notes on Ivernois Academy

Thomas Jefferson William Blount, January 1799, Impeachment Notes

Thomas Jefferson William Munson, December 23, 1800, Notes

Thomas Jefferson, April 29, 1800, Notes on Common Law

Thomas Jefferson, 1801, Parliamentary Notes, Cover Memo Fragment

Pennsylvania German Reformed Church, March 4, 1801, Poems and Thomas Jefferson Notes

Theatrical doctors recovering Clara's notes! / [Williams]

Thomas Jefferson, 1802, Notes on Building a Jail

Thomas Jefferson, July 24, 1803, U. S. Freight Cost Notes

Thomas Jefferson, July 26, 1803, Notes on Corn Sheller

Thomas Jefferson, October 29, 1803, Notes on Louisiana Territory

Thomas Jefferson, 1803, Notes on Administration of Louisiana Territory

Thomas Jefferson, April 6, 1803, Time Line and Notes on Mediterranean Squadron

San Ildefonso Treaty, October 25, 1803, Notes on Treaty between France and Spain

Thomas Jefferson, 1803, Notes on Crop Rotation

Rufus King to James Madison, December 22, 1803, with Notes

Thomas Jefferson, October 5, 1805, Notes on William C. C. Claiborne

Thomas Jefferson, March 3, 1805, Notes on Second Inaugural

Thomas Jefferson, December 1806, Notes on Jay's Treaty

Treasury Department, September 30, 1806, Notes on Receipts and Expenditures

Thomas Jefferson, March 17, 1807. Notes on impressment, for a cabinet meeting.

Thomas Jefferson to Congress, December 7, 1807, Notes

Albert Gallatin, November 3, 1808, Notes of Wabash Salines

Albert Gallatin, March 18, 1810. Notes for James Madison, Land Claims.

Thomas Jefferson, 1811, Notes on Taxes

Jew---[king] depreciating bank notes / [Williams].

George Joy. Notes - Henry Lee 1808, regarding the embargo and war. 1812.

William Eustis. Notes, Militia Training. 1812.

Unknown to Unknown. Notes. 1814.

James Madison to John Armstrong, August 15, 1814. Notes, Military Strength.

Unknown to Unknown. Notes.1814.

William H. Crawford, June 9, 1816. Notes on the proceedings of a Court Martial.

A translation of nine of the most fashionable quadrilles, consisting of fifty French country dances, as performed in England and Scotland. With explanatory notes. To which are prefixed, a few observations on the style, &c. of the quadrille, the English country dance, and the Scotch reel.

Reed and Stiles will execute bank notes and engraving of all kinds, in such a manner, and on such terms, as they think will give universal satisfaction. Orders thankfully received

The two circulars, ornamented with notes. John W. Taylor's circular, General M'Arthur's circular and Notes by Philo-Taylor. Washington City June 1824.

Thomas Jefferson, September 30, 1825, Notes on University of Virginia Meridian

Dolley Payne Madison. Notes on Thomas Jefferson and George Washington correspondences. 1830.

Map of the Mammoth Cave : Accompanied with notes /

A new map of Iowa : accompanied with notes by W. Barrows /

Notice the directors of the Medina County Fire insurance company, have levied the following assessments upon the premium notes of the members of said Company, to wit ... which notes of the assessments are made payable September 15, 1849. ... Med

Notes on public subjects made during a tour in the United States and in Canada /

Notes on public subjects made during a tour in the United States and in Canada /

Abraham Lincoln, [October 1858] (Notes on Illinois Election Laws)

Utah and New Mexico, Saturday, July 13, 1861 (List of Candidates for Public Office; with notes by Abraham Lincoln)

Highland Co. & notes at foot of North Mt.

Merchants' and bankers' table giving the required number of stamps on foreign exchange and domestic bills, promissory notes and letters of credit, in accordance with the act of Congress, to take effect on the 1st of November, 1862. New York. Wm.

[Three manuscript photo reproduction notes written by Abraham Lincoln.]

Abraham Lincoln, Monday, September 21, 1863 (Notes on Military Troop Strength)

Post office department. Sir: You are directed to receive from Postmasters, on deposit, for the service of the Post Office department all treasury notes of the old issue, at part, for balances due from them to the Confederate states, up to and in

Loss of U. S. 7-30 treasury notes with coupons and U S. Coupon bonds. Taken from the First national bank of St. Albans, Vt., by raiders, on the 19th of October, 1864, the following 7-30 treasury notes and U. S. 5-20 bonds, together with all coup