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An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New England: who was disharged from his work and office, to be admitted into Heaven, April 20th 1686. [Boston: Pri

By His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Governor in chief, in and over his province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England a proclamation requiring all persons being in office of authority or government at the of the late Queen

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: t.p. of The Office...of a Justice of Peace]

Statute Hall, or The Modern Register Office

Charles-Town, July 28, 1770. On Friday last was opened a Star-Chamber court, held by virtue of a commission lately received from Governor Bernard, and composed of one honest and virtuous man (happily obliged by his office to sit as President the

New-York Sept. 15, 1773. To the corporation. Gentlemen. The alacrity with which you began, and the indefatigable perfeverance of your body, to amove Alderman Blagg, one of the most respectable of your board, from the office of Alderman and Justi

United States Congress, 1774-82, List of Dated Topics: "Resolution of Order," Maryland Affairs; Post Office, Admiralty, etc.

To the freemen and freeholders of the EastWard of the City of New York. Gentlemen, Having had the honor or serving you for three years last past in the office of an assistant, [again offering himself for the office.] [Signed Henry Brevoort. New-

In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six. An act for establishing a naval office for ascertaining the fees. [Watertown: Printed by Benjamin Edes, 1776].

To the freemen and freeholders of the East ward of the City of New-York. Friends and countrymen. The office of Alderman for this ward being vacant by the removal of David Matthews, Esq; who has been lately appointed mayor ... let us shew our gra

Commissary General's Office. Philadelphia. Oct. 10. The farmers and others are desired and required to bring in and deliver at His Majesty's magazines in this City, what cattle, sheep, and forage they can spare, for which they will be paid at th

Port Royal in South Carolina : taken from surveys deposited at the Plantation Office /

Commissary General's Office. Philadelphia. Oct. 10. The farmers and others are desired and required to bring in and deliver at His Majesty's magazines in this City, what cattle, sheep, and forage they can spare, for which they will be paid at th

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Suggested Revision for Land Office

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, June 15, 1779. Whereas by the returns made into the Secretary's office from more than two thirds of the towns belonging to this State ... [Boston: Printed by Thomas and John Fleet, 177

War office, Williamsburg. November 11, 1779. The appointment of a clothier having in some measure altered the arrangements of the clothing department in this state, the whole direction of which was vested in the commissary of stores it becomes n

Newport, October 30, 1780. Just published and now selling, by Henry Barber, at the printing office near the parade, by the thousand, groce, hundred, dozen, or single, The North-American calendar; or, An almanack, for the uear of our Lord 1780 ..

Office of Finance, Philadelphia, 12th December 1781. Proposals will be received in this office until the first day of February next, for the following contracts, to supply the rations deliverable by the United States, from the first day of April

Tit for tat, t'other side; or, bounceabout. [Boston] Sold at Edes's printing office in Cornhill [1782].

Treasury Department, 1783, Estimate of Loan Office Debt by State

Port of Philadelphia. Wardens Office, Philadelphia, 30th of April, 1785. Extract of an Act of the General Assembly, passed the first of April, 1784, entituled, "An Act for the further regulation of the Port of Philadelphia, and enlarging the pow

United States Treasury Board, 1788, Statement on Loan from the Netherlands; Foreign Office Budget, 1788 to 1790

--Affairs. The sweet prospect behind us, or The outs in office

A recommendation from the convention of the Congregational ministers, at Boston, May 26, 1790 [That only properly qualified members of regular associations be asked to discharge the ministerial office.] Simeon Howard, moderator of the Convention

Post Office, 1791, Mail Carrier Contracts

Post Office, March 1792, Note on Main Postal Routes

U. S. Senate, May 7, 1792, Printed Order to Report Salaries of Office Holders

The commissioners appointed to execute the several acts of Congress, to provide more effectually for the settlement of the accounts between the United States, and the individual states. report. Office of the Commissioners of accounts. Philadelph

(Circular.) Richmond. January 25, 1794. Gentlemen. It is essentially necessary that all vacancies in the office of Escheator, within this Commonwealth be filled up. I request you will be so good as to recommend to me, without delay, a fit person

(Circular.) Richmond. Supervisor's office. December 31, 1795. Gentlemen. In the course of examining the late revenue returns and accounts which have come into this office, it is found necessary to call your attention to several of your respectiv

To the electors of the state of New-York. Friends and fellow-citizens. The impropriety of electing any man, however exalted he may stand in the public opinion, to the office of Governor who is absent in Europe, and whose return may depend upon u

Thomas Jefferson to Philadelphia Post Office Mail Route, March 13, 1799, Memorandum

The United States of America. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas has deposited in the General Land office of the United States, a certificate of the register of the land office at whereby it appears that full payment has

From the Office of the Daily Advertiser The following interesting description of the late funeral procession is from the Committee of arrangements. New-York, January 4. [Funeral of George Washington].

From the office of the Daily advertiser The following interesting description of the late funeral procession is from the Committee of arrangements. New York. January 3. [Funeral of George Washington].

Federalists, 1801, Table of Republican Department Heads and Office Holders

Jacobin modesty! Again the cry of Tory is raised against the Federalists by the modest Jacobins soit disant Republicans.- One would have thought, after President Jefferson had turned out of office James Watson an old Whig and soldier, to put in

Treasury Department, December 13, 1801, Post Office Receipts and Expenditures

From the Office of the Mercantile Advertiser. Friday, November 27, 1801, 11 o'clock A. M. By the Ranger, Chamberlain, from London, arrived at Baltimore, bringing papers to the 12th of October. Preliminaries of peace. Preliminaries of peace betwe

The president's message. Register Office. Salem, Saturday morning Dec. 25 1802. By an express conveyance, we were late last night in possession of the president's message to Congress. We feel gratified in the success of an arrangement, by which

Proclamation. Executive office. Columbus, Ohio, July 3, 1862. Fellow-citizens. Another appeal to your patriotism has become necessary. The enemies of our government, now assembled at Richmond in hostile array, largely outnumbered any disposable

Star Office. September 10. Annapolis. September 4. Mr. Green. As some of the opponents of Mr. Jefferson have not yet dropped the charge of inaction and timidity against him when governor of Virginia, you will oblige me by publishing in your next

List of pensioners for the year 1804. [23 pensioners and allowances] S. Shepard, Auditor. Auditor's Office, 17th Jan. 1805. [Richmond, 1805].

Graduation of 17th Street West shewing the continuation of the War Office drain : [Washington D.C.] /

Post Office, July 20, 1806, Schedule of Mail Deliveries from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans

Regulating and paving streets. Proposals in writing, will be received at the office of the street commissioner, in the City-Hall, until Thursday, the 6th of November, for the following purposes, viz ... [Signed] John S. Hunn, Street- Commissione

Account of the arrival and departure of the mails, at and from the Post Office at Bethlehem ... George Huber, Postmaster, Bethlehem Post Office, May 1st, 1806. Easton. Printed by Christian Jacob Hutter. [1806].

Blowing Rocks, and Regulating Streets. Proposals will be received at the Office of the Street-Commissioner, in the City-Hall, for the following purposes ... [Signed] John S. Hunn. Street Commissioner. New York, February 2, 1807. Printed by South

From the office of the Mercantile Advertiser, Sunday, July 5th, 1807. By Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America, A proclamation, Washington City, July 2, 1807. During the wars which, for some time, have unhappily prevailed

Secretary's office. Concord. January 20th, 1807. To the selectmen of the town of --Gentlemen, You are sensible of the duty imposed upon all the towns in this State, by the Act of the Legislature passed December 30th, 1803, entitled an "Act to ca

General Post Office to Joseph Wheaton, March 17, 1807, Account of Contract Awards

President's message to the Senate and House of representatives of the United States ... Th: Jefferson. November 8th, 1808. From the Gazette Office.

Glorious News. Office, Public advertiser. Sunday morning, April 22 1809. Important. Republicans! read and rejoice. The moderate and firm measures of our government have at lengh prevailed. Your Jefferson and your Madison have proved themselves w

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of representatives. Called by your joint and unanimous suffrages, to fill the office of chief magistrate, under the constitution adopted by the people of this commonwealth, I repair with a full sense of m

President's message. Herald office. Dec. 3, 9 o'clock. P. M. We this moment received by express a copy of the President's message- which we hasten to lay before the public. [Madison's first annual message Nov. 29, 1809] [Boston, 1809].

Office of the agents of trustees Bank of the United States. Charleston 27th August, 1811. Sir. On examination of the money in the vaults of this office, we have just discovered that we have been robbed, by some villain or villains, by means unkn

State of Kentucky. Adjutant-general's office - Frankfort, May 5th, 1812. General Orders, [Frankfort, 1812].

Frankfort Adjunct General's Office, October 18, 1814

Washington D. C. Adjudication & Inspector Generals Office, November 30, 1814

Schedule of monthly pay, subsistence and forage, of troops in actual service, agreeably to the acts of Congress in force on the 1st July, 1814 ... Accountant's office, Richmond, August 1st, 1814. the alterations made by the several late acts of

Treaty of peace. Argus Office. Portland, Feb. 22, 1815.

Treaty of peace signed and arrived. Newburyport Herald Office. Monday 3 o'clock, P. M. Newburyport 1815.

The treaty of peace. Office of the Newburyport Herald, Feb. 21,- 4 P. M. ... Treaty of peace and amity between his Britannic majesty and the United States of America. Newburyport Mass. 1815.

To the public. Fellow Citizens. The subscriber is once more dragged before your tribunal from the duties of a laborious office, and left with no alternative but to submit facts. Major T. W. Smith ... preferred certain false and unfounded charged

The society called Shakers, in Logan County, Ky. continue their fulling mill in operation ... John McComb, Saml. G. Whyte, Agents. South Union Jasper Springs. Sept. 12th, 1815. Russellville. Printed at the office of the ‘Weekly Messenger' [1815]

"Glorious news from New Orleans! Splendid victory over the British forces! Essex Register office, Feb. 9..."

Orders and regulations for the Port of New-York ... Harbour Master's Office. New York, May 20th, 1818. [New York] Birch & Kelley, Printers, No. 15 Rose-street [1818].

Auditor's office, December 22d, 1820. Dear Sir Agreeably to your request, I have prepared a list of the officers of Virginia, shewing their salaries as now fixed by law, and as they stood in 1814 ... James E. Health, Auditor. [To] Thomas Miller

Map of Mississippi : constructed from the surveys in the General Land Office and other documents /

Headquaters, New-Hampshire militia. Adjutant-general's office Concord, 182- The Governor and commander-in-chief has accepted the resignation of Captain of the company .... By His Excellency's command, [Signed in mss. Joseph Low] Adjutant & inspe

Cotton Gins...the machine invented by Eli Whitney, for ginning cotton, politely sent to us from the U.S. Patent Office

Voice of Maine! Office of the Independent statesman and Maine Republican ... At a meeting composed of most of the members of both branches of the Legislature of the State of Maine, holden at the Representatives' Chamber, in Portland, on the even

Statement of the commerce of each state and territory, commencing on the 1st day of October 1824, and ending on the 30th day of September, 1825. Treasury department, Register's office, March 25, 1826. Joseph Nourse, Register. [Washington, 1826.]

Mr. Buchanan's statement. Extract from Gen. Jackson's second letter ... Mr. Buchanan's statement to the Editor of the Lancaster Journal ... Lancaster, 8th August, 1827. Printed at the Office of the Wheeling Gazette [1827].

A proclamation. Mayor's office, Washington Dec. 23, 1828. Whereas it has been too much the habit of idle and inconsiderable persons, on Christmas and New Year's day and Eve, to indulge firing off guns, pistols, squibs, and crackers, and burning

Erie & junction canal directory; containing a list of the principal places on said canals, with their distance from each other, and from the several collectors' office. By Samuel W. Shepard, Little-Falls. Griffing's Press-1828.

Map of Florida : constructed principally from authentic documents in the land office at Tallahassee /

Account of newspaper and pamphlets received at the post office at Lexington, county of Fayette state of Kentucky, from April 1, to July 1, 1829

Inaugural address, delivered on being sworn into office, March 4th, 1829.

To the voters of the First ward. Fellow-citizens, You will all agree with me, that any man who stands convicted by a jury of his countrymen of rraud, deserves not their suffrage for the meanest office in their gift.- Therefore, examine your tick

Highly important from Washington. Journal Office, ----- Extra. Saturday, April 23, 4 P.M. Resignation of the cabinet!! By the Benjamin Franklin, arrived this day we received the following important information, to wit - the resignation of the wh

To the citizens of Washington. A fellew who signs his name William Elliot; he is a clerk in the Patent Office, a foreigner and opposed to this government, has so far degraded himself, that I am compelled to apply to him the epithets that justly

Hero of the Thames. The citizens of the District of Columbia, friendly to the elevation of Col. R. M. Johnson to the second office in the gift of a free people, are respectfully requested to attend at the City Hall, on Tuesday evening next, at e

To the voters of Washington City. John P. Van Ness, the present mayor, having overcome the "reluctance" which he officially declared had influenced his first acceptance of the office, is now actively engaged in the hopeless work of removing that

... The U. States bank will pay on demand five dollars in panic, distress, or famine at their office of discount in the U. S. Senate Chamber, Washington City ... [Washington, D. C. June 10, 1834.].

New method of assorting the mail, as practised by Southern slave-holders, or attack on the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.

A map of part of Alabama & Florida, showing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Rail Road, accompanying the report of Major J. D. Graham, U.S. Topographical Engr. Feb. 6th, 1836; drawn chiefly from the original surveys in the Gen. Land Office at Washington by Wm. R. Palmer, U.S. Asst. Civil Engr.

[Cut] Our countrymen in chains! By J. G. Whittier. [New York] Sold at the Anti-Slavery office. 144 Nassau street. [1837].

Sub-treasury system, or Office holders elysium

Machines for the new pay-tent office

Notice. A lecture will be delivered before the "Alton Literary society," on Friday evening, Febr'y 8th at half past 6 by, J. R. Bullock, Esq, Citizens are invited to attend. N. G. Edwards, Sec. Alton, Feb. 8, 1839. Alton "Telegraph" Office [1839

Map of Georgia & Alabama exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads & c.; by David H. Burr (Late topographer to the Post Office), Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Map of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads, &c.; by David H. Burr (late topographer to the Post Office,) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Map of Kentucky & Tennessee exhitibing the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads, &c.; by David. H. Burr (Late topographer to the Post Office,) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Map of New York exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads &c. By David H. Burr; (Late topographer to the Post Office.) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Map of North and South Carolina exhibiting the post offices post roads, canals, rail roads &c. By David H. Burr; (Late topographer to the Post Office.) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

To the public!! Strayed from the subscriber, on or about the first of May, a gray horse, about 15 1-2 or 16 hands high, dark legs and white snip ... Joseph Lappell. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" Office May 13, 1840.

Second annual fair of the Greene County Agricultural society ... Carrollton, Greene Co. August 15, 1840. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1840].

American bank note company, Philadelphia, office 125 S. 5th St.

The philosopher's stone! Gold & silver plating, by the electro-magnetic apparatus ... Alton. Printed at the Telegraph Office [1840?].