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From the London Gazette published by authority. From Tuesday November 23. To Saturday November 27, 1714. By the King, a proclamation. Declaring His Majesty’s pleasure for continuing the officers in His Majesty’s plantations, till His Majesty’s p

Instructions for masters of transports, captains and commanding officers of military commissaries, that are of shall be employed in His Majesty’s service in the province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Directing how supplys of provisions, cloathing an

Rebell Gratitude, or a representation of the treachery and barbarity of two rebell officers at the Battle of Culloden...(which) greatly heightened the slaughter that was that day made of their party...this battle was fought 16 April 1746

Map of the River St. John in the Province of Nova Scotia, exhibiting the grant to officers &c. in 1765, with other patents.

Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay To [blank] Field officers of the [blank] Regiment of militia in the County of [blank] Greeting. You are hereby directed to fill up and deliver commissions to all such captains and subalterns, as have been elected

An humble address and exhortation to the Provincial general officers, and soldiers in Connecticut, June 1775. [s. l.]

To the military officers, select-men, and Committee of correspondence in the town of [blank] Gentlemen, Your are hereby most earnestly requested to procure the execution of the subsequent resolve with the greatest possible expedition. In Provinc

In Provincial congress, Watertown, June 30, 1775. Resolved that all offences committed by any of the soldiers rais’d for defence of the sea coast, shall be tried by a Court martial, consisting of the field officers of the regiment of militia wit

Instructions for the officers of several regiments of the Massachusetts-Bay forces, who are immediately to go upon the recruiting service … Given at the headquarters at Cambridge, this 10th day of July 1775. Horatio Gates, adjutant-general. [Wat

Watertown, August 14, 1775. This day the following resolve pass’d the General Court or Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay in Council. August 13, 1775. Whereas it is made evident to this Court, that many non-commissioned officers and sol

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 27th, 1775. Resolved that there be immediately raised in the County of Essex, ten companies, to consist of fifty men each, officers included to be stationed upon the sea coast … In Provincial Congress June

Continental Congress, August 27, 1776, Draft of Resolution to Recruit British Officers and Soldiers into Continental Army

Philadelphia, May 6th, 1776. Lately printed, published and now selling by Robert Bell, in Third Street (Price three dollars. The military guide for young officers ... By Thomas Simes ... [Philadelphia: Printed by Robert Bell, 1776].

Philadelphia, May 6th, 1776. Lately printed, published and now selling by Robert Bell, in Third Street (Price three dollars. The military guide for young officers ... By Thomas Simes ... [Philadelphia: Printed by Robert Bell, 1776].

In the House or representatives, November 1, 1776. Ordered, that the following address from the General court of this state, to the officers and private soldiers who are gone from thence and are serving in the American army, be printed in two th

Continental Congress, August 27, 1776, Draft of Resolution to Recruit British Officers and Soldiers into Continental Army; Incomplete

In the House of Representatives. November 24, 1776. Whereas the resolves of this Court of the nineteenth of October last, so far as relates to the additional encouragement to the non-commissioned officers and soldiers, has been found to be atten

To [blank] Gentlemen. Greeting. You are hereby impowered immediately to enlist a company, to consist of eighty-eight able-bodied and effective men, including non-commissioned officers and privates, as soldiers in the service of this Colony, to d

In the House of representatives May 7, 1776 Resolved that a regiment to consist of seven hundred and twenty eight men, officers included (other than that now raising under the command of Col. Whitney) be immediately raised within this Colony, fo

To [blank] Sir, You are hereby impowered immediately to inlist a company to consist of [blank] able bodied and effective men (including officers) as soldiers in the Massachusetts service, for the defence of the sea coast in this Colony, agreeabl

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In Council. July 7, 1777. Resolved, that all such men as may inlist as non-commissioned officers and private soldiers into the Continental regiment ... In the House of representatives, July 8, 1777. Read and concurred

Virginia Governor, 1779, Statement of Powers; Removal of Military Officers

Virginia Militia, October 8, 1779, List of Officers Guarding Convention Prisoners

Horatio Gates to Unknown, November 16, 1780, on the British Officers Taken on King's Mountain

Congress of the United States, begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. An act for establishing the salaries of the executive officers of government, with their assista

Excise inquisition erecting by English slaves under the scourge of their task-masters the excise officers

... An act supplemental to the act for establishing the salaries of the executive officers of government with their assistants and clerks. [New York, Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1790].

... An act in addition to an act, intituled "An act for establishing the salaries of the executive officers of government, with their assistants and clerks. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1791.].

... An act to authorize the officers of the Treasury to audit and pass the account ofthe late Edward Blanchard, deceased ... [Followed by] An act authorizing a loan of two million of dollars. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794.].

A list of the names and places of abode of the members of the Senate and House of representatives of the United States: and their officers. [Philadelphia, 1795] [Positive Photostat.].

... An act to provide some present relief to the officers of government and other citizens who have suffered in their property by the insurgents in the western counties of Pennsylvania. [Followed by] An act for the relief of Angus M'Lean. [Phila

A list of the members and officers of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the places of their residence in the city of Philadelphia. [Philadelphia, 1796 or 7].

Fee bill ------ Law of Massachusetts ---- Published by authority. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six. An act, establishing and regulating the fees of the several officers, and other

The caneing in Conduit Street. Dedicated to the flag officers of the British Navy

Scheme of the review, for the 13th November, 1798. in pursuance of orders from Brigadier General Washington. The Inspector does himself the honor to enclose to the commanding officers of corps, his schemes for the reviews of the 22nd. Feb. 1796,

Navy Department, 1801, List of Officers

John Adams, December 12, 1801, Midnight Appointments List of Officers

Treasury Department, July 1803, Memorandum on Revenue Officers

United States Army, 1806, Officers Years of Service Newspaper Clipping

This representation of the battle on Lake Erie is respectfully inscribed to Commodore Perry, his officers and gallant crews, by their humble servant James Webster - second view / drawn by Sully and Kearney ; etched by C. Tiebout ; & engraved by G. Murray ; printed by Rogers and Esler.

James Monroe. List of officers and their salaries. 1816.

Auditor's office, December 22d, 1820. Dear Sir Agreeably to your request, I have prepared a list of the officers of Virginia, shewing their salaries as now fixed by law, and as they stood in 1814 ... James E. Health, Auditor. [To] Thomas Miller

Statement showing the amount of funds remitted to the officers of the quarter-master's department in the first three quarters of the year 1823, and the amount for which accounts have been rendered for the same period.

Statement showing the amount of funds remitted to officers of the Quartermaster department, in the year 1822, and the amount for which accounts were rendered for that year.

The State of South Carolina. City of Charleston. An ordinance regulating City officers, and for other purpose ... [Charleston 1826].

A plan of Congress hall, with the names of the members and officers, numbered so as to shew their seats:- 21st Congress. 2d session. [Washington, D.C.] Wm. Greer, printer. 1830.

National Calendar; containing a list of all the officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, of the United States; with the duties, compensation, and place of employment of each officer; to which is added a variety of statistical, and other

The National calendar, and annals of the United States; for MDCCCXXXIV Vol. XII. Containing the names of all the officers and agents of the United States civil, military, and naval (except postmasters,) with their places of employment, compensat

Fireman's quick march: Composed & respectfully dedicated to Albert Richards Esqr. Officers & members of the Troy Fire Company, by John C. Adrews

Virginia Assembly. Resolutions relative to the repayment to Virginia by the government of the United States, of commutation pay, and for a further appropriation of government land to meet the unsatisfied claims of the officers and soldiers of th

To the Freemen of Rhode-Island! You are invited as Friends of peace to come out on Wednesday, the 20th of April, and cast your votes for the Freemens' Republican ticket of state officers which will be submitted to you ... Come out, therefore, on

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

Circular. Dear Sir: With this Circular you will receive a copy of the "Letters of Junius," which were written in order to expose to the people some of the frauds practiced upon them by officers in power ... Wm. R. Dickerson. Clayton, Pr. 76 S. T

The explosion of the United States Steam Frigate Missouri, at Gibralter [sic], Aug. 26th, 1843 To Captn. Sir George Sartorius and the Officers of the H.M.S. Malabar--this print is respectfully dedicated by their obedient servant, Edmund Fry / / drawn by E. Duncan, from a sketch made on the spot by Lieut. G.P. Mands, T.G. Dutton lith.; Day & Haghe lithrs. to the Queen.

S.- No. 44. Revision. State of New Jersey. An act to prescribe and declare the mode of appointing certain officers. [1846?].

S. No. 43. Revision. State of New Jersey. An act to prevent frauds by public officers. [1846?].

List of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians & privates of the first regiment Mississippi riflemen in the war with Mexico (to serve twelve months,) date of enlistment, June 1846 / C.B. Graham Lith. Washington City, D.C.

A list of the members and officers of the House of representatives. Prepared by John Wallis and Elijah Butler, doorkeepers. Containing the names; birth-places; ages; residences; post-offices; whether married, single, or widower, places of boardi

List of officers for 1849. Troy, Kneeland and Co's steam press. [1849].

Caution!! Colored people of Boston, one & all, you are hereby respectfully cautioned and advised, to avoid conversing with the watchmen and police officers of Boston, for since the recent order of the mayor & aldermen, they are empowered to act

Circular. "United States fiscal department." To professional gentlemen, officers in the various branches of the public service, claimants, and others "immediately interested in the practical administration of the government." ... Taylor & Maury,

[Two U.S. Marine officers and two enlisted men, members of Perry's Japanese expedition]

[U.S. Marines, led by four musicians, marching in formation toward two officers]

Lieutenant-colonel Shadforth at his hut & officers of the 57th Regiment

Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers

Major Daniels & officers

Officers of the South-Carolina historical society elected June, 1855.

Lieutenant Colonel Munro & officers of the 39th Regiment

Major Tinley, & officers of the 39th regiment

Colonel Doherty, officers & men of the 13th Light Dragoons

Two officers of the 47th Regiment

Brigadier McPherson & officers of the 4th Division Captain Higham [i.e., Heigham], 17th Regiment; Captain Earle, Major of Brigade; Captain Croker, 17th Regiment; Captain Swire; Captain McPherson.

Officers & men of the 89th Regiment Captain Hamley [i.e., Hawley], Captain Skynner, Major Egerton, Major Watson, Major Aylmer, & Captain Cuppage.

Officers of the 68th Regiment

Brigadier-General Garrett & officers of his staff

Major Burton & officers of the 5th Dragoon Guards

General Cissé, with officers & soldiers of General Bosquet's Division

Officers of the 57th Regiment

Lieutenant-General Sir John Campbell & group of officers

Officers of the 88th Regiment

The graves in the fort on Cathcart's Hill - of the officers 4th Division who fell at Inkermann / W. Simpson delt. ; C. Haghe lith.

[Two French officers, seated, and Zouave, standing with arm resting on rifle]

Officers of the 90th [i.e., 38th] Regiment (Captain Hume and Captain Snodgrass)

Group of officers, 8th Hussars

Officers of the 71st Highlanders

Group of officers of the 17th Regiment

Major General Estcourt, Adj.-Gen. Major De Morel, Captain Thompson, Lieutenant-Colonel Blane, Major Kirkland, Lieutenant-Colonel the Honour[able] W.L. Pakenham, officers of his staff

Reverend Mr. Butler & officers of the 47th Regiment

Officers of the 89th Regiment at Cathcart's Hill, in winter dress, Captain Skynner, Lieutenant Knatchbull, Captain Conyers, Lieutenant Longfield, Captain Hawley

Officers of the 90th Regiment

Officers of the 71st Regiment

Officers on the look-out at Cathcart's Hill

Officers - Oregon Boundary Commission

Officers' quarters, N. A. B'y. Com'n. [i.e., North American Boundary Commission] - Esquimalt, Vancouver Island

Dog law. An act concerning dogs. Approved April 6th, 1859 ... The constables and police officers of Reading, are hereby required to destroy all dogs not licensed and collared according to the provisions of the above act ... Reading, April 25th,

Sir: At a meeting of bank officers, held at the Merchants' bank, on the 21st inst., it was agreed that from and after that date, and for thirty days; that the specie held by the banks then associated, should be considered and treated as a common

H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] post, Fort Vancouver, Columbia River - officers' mess house and quarters, May 1860

[Sketches of two officers]

"Union and the constitution." To the legal voters of Boston. On Monday, December 10th you are called upon the discharge the important duty of electing a mayor and other municipal officers for the ensuing year ... The candidate for mayor is Josep

[Assembled officers]