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Richard M. Corwine to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, April 15, 1861 (Telegram of support from Ohio)

Cincinnati Ohio City Council, Thursday, January 31, 1861 (Resolution inviting Lincoln to visit)

[Sgt. Hermann Reintanz, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

Officers of 125th Ohio Inf'y.[i.e. Infantry]

Henry B. Carrington to Salmon P. Chase, Saturday, April 13, 1861 (Telegram regarding raising of Ohio militia)

Arrival of the New York seventy-first regiment at the railroad depot, Washington, D.C. / from a sketch by our special artist.

[Envelope showing Confederate flag, addressed to Miss Lou Taylor, No. 461 Sixth St., Cincinnati, Ohio]

Map of Ashland County, Ohio /

[Colonel August Willich, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] / from Porter's Gallery, Cincinnati.

Surgical photograph ... prepared under the supervision of ... War Department, Surgeon General's Office, Army Medical Museum

The Rebel General Joseph E. Johnston The ascent of Gauley Mountain, in western Virginia, by the Twelfth Ohio Regiment / / M. Nevin.

[Major Charles S. Cotter, Union officer, Chief of Artillery, full-length portrait, seated, facing front] / from Hoag & Quick's Art Palace, Cincinnati, O.

[Civil War envelope showing Columbia with American flag bearing message "For the Union" and state seal of Ohio]

Ohio Legislature, Thursday, February 13, 1862 (Printed Resolution)

Topographical sketch of the line of operations of the Army of the Ohio under the command of Major General D. C. Buell, U.S. Volunteers : evacuation of Corinth by the enemy, May 30th, 1862 /

Map of Harrison County, O. /

Sketch of manoeuvers [sic] on Antietam and Sharpsburg Maryland : Septr 16-17th 1862.

The recent inundation of the Ohio [River] at Cincinnati

On the march from Hamburg to camp before Corinth / sketched by A.E. Mathews, 31st Reg't O.V.I. ; lithographed by Middleton, Strobridge & Co., Cincinnati.

Regimental flags of 41st O.V.I. / Baker's Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.

The First Union dress parade in Nashville. The 51st Regiment Ohio volunteers, Col. Stanly Mathews on dress parade in Nashville, Tuesday, March 4th 1862 / sketched by A.E. Mathews, 31st Regt. O.V.U.S.A.

The City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Legislature, Friday, January 31, 1862 (Printed resolution)

The women and children of Louisville, Kentucky, leaving the city, by order of the late General Nelson, preparatory to the expected bombardment by the Rebel General Bragg / from a sketch by our special artist, Mr. Henri Lovie.

The 21st Reg't Wisconsin Vol., crossing the pontoon bridge, at Cincinnati, Saturday, Sept. 13, 1862 / sketched by A.E. Mathews, 31st Reg't. O.V.

Battle of Antietam, Md.

Sketch of the manoeuvres [sic] on Antietam and Sharpsburg, Maryland. Septr 1862.

The Antietam Campaign - Sept. 1862

[Six unidentified soldiers in 45th Ohio Infantry Regiment officers' uniforms with sabers]

Ohio Legislature, Tuesday, February 11, 1862 (Printed Resolution)

Capture of Fort Henry by U.S. gun boats under the command of Flag Officer Foote, February 6th 1862 / J.G. ; Middleton, Strobridge & Co. Lith. Cin. O.

Map of Madison County, Ohio /

Epitaph. Mr. Cox, member of Congress from Ohio, concluded his speech of June 6, 1862, with the following: Weary in watching its mad designs of revolution O and its crazy crotchets of black freedom - and for the self preservation of my native sta

Ohio Legislature, Friday, February 14, 1862 (Printed Resolution)

Ohio Legislature, Friday, February 07, 1862 (Printed Resolution)

The Army of the Cumberland - capture of Rebel rifle-pits in Lookout Valley by the thirty-Third Massachusetts and Seventy-Third ohio Volunteers

John Hay to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, October 04, 1863 (Ohio politics)

New railway guide containing all the rail roads in Pennsylvania & N. Jersey with portions of New York, Ohio, Maryland & Virginia.

Dan'l O'Connell on democracy! The Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati, publishes an eloquent and earnest appeal.

Map of Erie & part of Ottowa Counties, Ohio : showing the sections, farms, lots and villages /

Chart of the Mississippi River from the Ohio River to Gulf of Mexico

The siege of Vicksburg - Major General U.S. Grant, commanding / JG ; sketched by A.E. Mathews, 31st O.V.I. ; Middleton, Strobridge, & Co. Lith. Cin. O.

Oppression!! Suppressing the press

Map of Hancock Co., Ohio /

[Private Henry McCollum of Company B, 78th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment and three unidentified soldiers in 78th Pennsylvania Infantry uniforms at Point Lookout, Tennessee]

Army of the Cumberland--Roll of honor / Strobridge, Middleton & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Order No. 1. Great democratic rally! The Jeffersonian democrats in principle, and Jacksonian democrats in practice, will meet in convention at Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday, the 28th day of September, 1864 ... Order No. 2. Great Democratic rall

Anonymous “An Old Citizen of Ohio", Thursday, January 14, 1864 (Printed Hymn)

Solomon Newton Pettis to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Ohio election results)

Traveling map of the western states, exhibiting the counties, towns and villages, the rail ways, rivers, canals, and lakes and towns & stations on them; engraved by Jos. Beutler.

[Positions of the Army of the Ohio in front of Dalton, Georgia, May 8 and 9, 1864].

William H. Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 22, 1864 (Ohio election results)

Lands of Ohio River Petroleum Co. of New York and Cincinnati in Lewis County, Ky. /

The last words of John Brown ... B. B. French Washington City. Nov. 24, 1863. Cincinnati. Caleb Clark, printer, [1864].

Ohio Union Presidential ticket. [Ohio campaign ticket]

John Brough to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 29, 1864 (Telegram concerning Ohio election results)

Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, October 11, 1864 (Telegram reporting election results in Ohio and Indiana)

Ohio Legislature, Thursday, March 31, 1864 (Printed resolution)

James R. Hubbell and Columbus Delano to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, February 27, 1864 (Telegram reporting that Union members of Ohio legislature support re-nomination of Lincoln)

Cincinnati Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Ohio election results)

The late Brigadier-General Daniel M'Cook / photographed by Hoag & Quick, Cincinnati, O.

Slow & steady wins the race

Circular. [Cincinnati, 1864].

Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo /

Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo /

Map of Seneca Co., Ohio /

Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo.

Editor of Cincinnati Gazette to Andrew Wallace, Thursday, August 18, 1864 (Support for Lincoln)

James C. Wetmore to Colonels in Command of Regiments in Ohio National Guard, Monday, August 15, 1864 (Meeting with Lincoln)

Liberty and union

How Columbia receives McLellan's Salutation from the Chicago Platform

Sandusky, Ohio, Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 21, 1865 (Petition concerning case of Charles W. Frazer)

New railroad map of the middle states including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio and Canada; drawn, engraved & published by G. Woolworth Colton.

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior one of the new magnificent upper cabin meteor steamers Pewabic. Will give excursion trips as below ... [Cleveland, 1865].

Finck, Hon. Wm. Edward of Ohio

Cox, Hon. Jacob D. of Ohio

Woodworth, Hon. Laurin Dewey of Ohio

Rice, Hon. A.V., of Ohio

White, Hon. Joseph Worthington, Rep of Ohio, Delegate to Democratic National Convention at Baltimore in 1860

Smith, Hon. Deakens? Richard of Ohio?

Neal, Hon. Henry Safford of Ohio

Gardner, Hon. Mills of Ohio

Thurman, Hon. Allen G. Senator of Ohio. Born in Lynchburg, Va. Nov 13, 1813

Foster, Hon. Chas of Ohio, Secty of Treasury (Harrison admn)

Franklin Sawyer, Bvt. Brig. General

Keifer, Hon. J. Warren of Ohio, 46th Cong.

Neal, Hon. Henry Safford of Ohio

Young, Hon. Thomas Lowry of Ohio

Thurman, Hon. Allen G. Senator of Ohio. Born in Lynchburg, Va. Nov 13, 1813

Columbus Delano, Hon. of Ohio. Delegate to Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1860. Second the nomination of Abraham Lincoln as a candidate for Pres. U.S. State Commissary General of Ohio in 1861

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. [Cincinnati, 1865?].

Daily Ohio State Journal, EXTRA. [newspaper]. April 15th, 1865.

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Sherman, Gen. John of Ohio

Young, Hon. Thomas Lowry of Ohio

Dickey, Hon. Henry Luther of Ohio

Southard, Hon. Milton Isaiah of Ohio

Banning. Hon. H.B. of Ohio

Danford, Hon. Lorenzo of Ohio

Lawrence, Hon. Wm of Ohio. Col of 84th Ohio Inf U.S.A.

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