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Illumination of Solomon and Sheba - Old Testament I

A mournful lamentation for the sad and deplorable death of Mr. Old Tenor, a native of New-England, who after a long confinement, by a deep and mortal wound which he received above twelve months before, expired on the 31st day of March, 1750. He

[Old map of Brooklyn and greater part of King's County, Long Island.

In Council of Safety. December 5, 1776. Resolved that Messieurs Robert Bailey [and 42 others] be appointed to go round the several ward of this City and the Southern and Northern liberties, to collect all the Old Great Coats, coats, surtouts, Ja

New York, October, 18, 1776. To the public. Considerations on the present revolted state of America, addressed to its inhabitants at large ... [Signed] Camillus. [New York] Printed in Water-Street, between the Coffee-House and the Old Slip. [177

In Council of Safety. December 5, 1776. Resolved that Messieurs Robert Bailey [and 42 others] be appointed to go round the several ward of this City and the Southern and Northern liberties, to collect all the Old Great Coats, coats, surtouts, Ja

Sketch of the Heights of Kingsbridge 1777, with the proposed redoubts coloured orange. Old rebel works coloured black.

[Old woman scouring a cooking pot in front of large kitchen fire. Lady handing menu(?) to cook]

The fair American [and] Old Nauticus

[Old clothes shop, no. 1]

[Old clothes shop, no. 2]

[Old Bennings Bridge about 1880]

First book of the Chronicles of Morgan and his Quid Council. Look here Removals ... Look there. Appointments ... [Signed] An Old Continental. [1807].

View looking towards Old Harbor(?), Jamaica

Order of services at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joshua Huntington, on the 18th of May, 1808, at the Old South meeting house, in Boston ... [Boston 1808].

The set-too between Old Price and Spangle Jack the Shewman - fought with unabated vigour for nine rounds & yet undecided

Anonymous to Thomas Jefferson, January 3, 1809, Signed An Old Soldier

View of the Old Brick Meeting House in Boston, 1808 / drawn by I.R. Smith ; engraved by J. Kidder.

Old Q.

Farewell hymn, on leaving the Old meeting house in Quincy, [1828?].

Old Mother Hubbard [nursery rhyme]

[Old fashioned coal stoves]

Old Jack, the famous New Orleans mouser, clearing Uncle Sam's barn of bank and Clay rats; ...

The political drama. No. 61. Old grill among the paddies

Order of services at the celebration of American independence in the Old South Church, July 4, 1833.

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

Set to between Old Hickory and Bully Nick

Plan and geological section of a rail-road route from Old Ferry Wharf, Chelsea to Beverly.

Old Jack in the last agony and the fox caught in a rat trap

Sir. You are hereby requested to attend a special meeting of the stockholders of the Western rail road corporation, at the Old Court House in Court Square, in the City of Boston, on Thursday the 23d day of November A. D. 1837 ... [Boston, 1837].

Old Iron Sides on a lee shore The U.S. Frigate Constitution Captn. Elliott, weathering Scilly, on her return from France, with the Hon. Edward Livingston on board on the night of the [Eleventh] of May 1835 / / drawn on stone by A. Hoffy, from a painting by J. Evans ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Philad.

Francestown. She welcomes the friends of Old Tip

Baltimore Convention, Old Tippecanoe, a patriotic song

Harrisonians attend! The Tippecanoe boys of the City of Alton, are requested to meet in the Old Court room, (Riley's building,) this evening, Saturday, August 29th, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance. A general and full attendance of the fr

The little magician's sleight of hand performance. An absquabulating shew, by Von Kinder & Co. But Old Tippecanoe, will soon make it "No go"

Republicans of Old Greene, rally at the call of your country ... We repeat again, turnout and hear the principles of one of the purest Republicans of the age, defended, that of Gen. Jackson. Many voters. September 2d, 1840.

Notice. A meeting of the Alton Lyceum, will be held this evening, Friday, November 29th, at the Old Court room - over Bowman Neef & Co's store; at which place the meetings of the Society will be held this winter ... By order of the Society. [Alt

Harrison! and reform!! To the Log cabin boys. You are, one and all, invited to attend a meeting of the friends of Harrison & reform, at the Old court room, (Riley's building,) on Saturday evening next, at half past seven, to perfect the arrangem

Public meeting A general meeting of the friends of Harrison & reform. in the City of Alton will be held at the Old Court room, Riley's building on this evening, the ninth inst, at seven o'clock, to make arrangements for the approaching conventio

... A regular meeting of the above society, will be held at the Old Court Room, on Tuesday evening next, October 12th, 1841, at 7 o'clock .... J. W. Calvin, Rec. Sec. Oct. 9, 1841.

Ladies fair!! To be held in Alton, September 16, 17 & 18. The Ladies centenary fair, will open at the Old Court room, on Thursday & Friday next, at 4 o'clock P. M., and on Saturday, at 10 A. M. for the whole day! Alton, Sept. 11, 1841.

Public meeting. The Whigs of Alton precinct are requested to meet on Saturday Evening next, at 7 o'clock, in the Old Court Room, (Riley's Building,) for the purpose of choosing delegates to represent said precinct in the County convention to be

Trouble in the Spartan ranks. Old Durham in the field

Review of Jackson's address to the Whigs of Rhode Island ... [Signed] Whig of the Old School [1844].

"Old rough and ready"

Old goods! old goods! Come and get them at your prices! ... J. B. Bragdon. Washington, March 5, 1847.

Volunteers! Men of the granite state! Men of Old Rockingham !! the strawberry-bed of patriotism, renowned for bravery and devotion to country rally at this call ... Let the half civilized Mexicans hear the crack of the unerring New Hampshire rif

Your note for dolls. will be due at the Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria, Va. [185-?].

The Old Constitution, the pride of our navy

Old houses near Bruges

Map of the Old Colony Rail Road with its branches & connecting roads, prepared under the direction of the Committee of Investigation, Jany. 1850, S. Dwight Eaton, Engr.

The Old 76 still

Order of exercises at the Old South Church, Wednesday, June 16,1852. at the centennial celebration of the separation of Danvers from Salem. Salem Observer Press [1852].

[Lorenzo Ghiberti's "Gates of Paradise" bronze doors depicting scenes from the Old Testament, Baptistry of St. John, Florence]

Old Dominion polka

Old Bob Ridley; composed and sung by Chas. White

Old Blandford Church: Petersburg Virginia

Old Houses in Chatham Street, opposite the Park [N.Y.C. street scene]

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Old church on the Grand Plaza, city of Grenada [sic?], Nicaragua

[Design drawing for stained glass window, Old Testament, translucent]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Old Testament narratives with intricate, text-heavy radiating design]

[Design drawing for stained glass typical nave window showing Joshua at the Walls of Jericho; and David and Goliath with USA Seal, flag for Old Mariners' Church in Detroit, Michigan]

[Design drawing for stained glass window V with Stations of the Cross: Christ and Simon of Cyrene Bear the Cross, below New and Old Testament symbols on mid grid for Our Lady of Good Counsel]

Bridgeport Conn. and environs, from Old Mill Hill / WS ; drawn from nature & on stone by W. Stængel, 66 Cannon St. ; print of A. Weingartner's Lithy, 87 Fulton St. N.Y.

Bradley & Rankin's prize fight for $1000 a side at Point Abino, Canada, August 1, 1857 by Saugerties Bard. Air Old Virginia's Shore. New York. J. Andrews, printer, 38 Chatham St. [1857].

U. S. Frigate Constitution, (Old Ironsides) ready for launching after repairs on dry dock railway, U. S. Navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H. May 27, 1858

Old Boston - Beacon Hill from Derne St.

Essence of Old Virginia Wheat Whiskey, A.M. Bininger & Co. / Sarony, Major & Knapp liths., N.Y.

Old John Brown's residence, Kennedy farm, Maryland

Boston, Sept. 15, 1859. Dear Sir: Our attention has been called by the report of a Committee, appointed at a meeting recently held at the Old South Chapel, to the fact that the Indian tribes upon our western frontier, have just cause of complain

Bininger's "Old Times"family rye, distilled in 1848...designed for family & medicinal use

Bininger's Old Kentucky Bourbon, A.M. Bininger & Co., N.Y. sole proprietors / F. Heppenheimer, N.Y.

Salom's great bazaar! and Old curiosity shop, 330 Washington, Corner of West St., Boston. Salom, a poet ... [1860].

Old Christ Church, Alexandria, VA (where George Washington attended church). Photographed in the 1860's (?)

Storming the castle. "Old Abe" on guard.

Prague. Old bridge over the Moldau

Old War Dept. 17th St. side (1st photo?)

Old Naval Observatory (1st photo c. 1855)

The great eastern excursion! This mammoth steamship, the wonder of the age, will arrive at Norfolk and be open for the reception of visitors on Saturday, August 4 ... This splendid steamer Baltimore will make an excursion to Old Point and Norfol

Nuremburg. Old Fosse

Old Winder Bldg. 17th & F. St. N.W. Wash. D.C.

Nuremburg. Old house

[Old Swedes Church (Gloria Dei Church) and cemetery, Philadelphia, with Reverend Jehu Curtis Clay standing among gravestones]

Old Hickory - fabrica de tobacos - superiores de la vuelta abajo - Habana

Old Patent Office - model room (1861-65)

Old Navy Dept., Wash., D.C. (1st photo)

Old Winder Building, 17th St., N.W., below Pa. Ave., Washington, D.C.

Nuremburg. Old Fosse

Gibson W. Harris to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 07, 1860 (Old friend offers congratulations)

Old baths, Pfäffers

Crépuscule (Old Crome) / Lalanne.

Route to Old Baths, Pfäffers. The "Peirced Rock"

Old sideling hill. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Avignon. Old Roman bridge. Pont Rompu

White House interior, Old Green Room (1st interior photo?) President's study

Nuremberg. Old castle--place of knight's leap

Old Navy Dept. (1st photo of Brady)

Nuremburg. Old market

Prague. Old synagogue--oldest in the world

The old bog-hole. Air: Old zip coon. H. De Marsan, Publisher, No. 38 & 60 Chatham St. N. Y. [c. 1860]