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The tomb-stone

The great financier, or British economy for the years 1763, 1764, 1765

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Common-wealth - the colossus

The new country dance, as danced at C****, July the 30th 1766

The triumph of America

A political, anatomical, satirical, lecture on heads and no heads; as exhibited at St. J--ms's 1766

[The repeal or the funeral of Miss Ame=Stamp]

[Britannia, full-length portrait, left profile, seated, holding olive branch in right hand and staff topped with liberty cap in left hand] / G.B. Cipriani inv. ; F. Bartolozzi sculp.

Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

The ever-memorable peace-makers settling their accounts

The times - taken from an original character which appear'd at the masquerade at Lincoln, Decr. the 21st 1769

The machine to go without asses

The Chevalier D'--n producing his evidence against certain persons

The city carriers

The courtiers assembled, on hearing the news of the death of the Rt. Honble. Wm. Beckford

The Parlmt. dissolved, or, the Devil turn'd fortune teller / design'd & engrav'd by G. Terry, Paternoster Row.

The mitred minuet

The Whitehall pump

The dissolution of P[arliamen]t

Miss V-gh-n [and] the American hero

The congress or the necessary politicians

Virtual representation, 1775

The Scotch Butchery, Boston, 1775

The thistle reel

The state blacksmiths forging fetters for the Americans

The wise men of Gotham and their goose

Protestants, remember the massacre of St. Bartholemews in Paris, & the burning of martyrs in Smithfield

The blessed effects of venality

Poor old England endeavoring to reclaim his wicked American children

The Englishman in Paris

Review of the York Regiment / P. Canon delt. ; T. Parson sct.

Miss L--n [and] the martial lover

The closet / Bute invt. ; Germaine ext. ; Mansfield sculpt.

[Wegens de staat der Engelsche natie, in't jaar 1778]

Miss Sp-c-r [and] the pliant premier

An extraordinary, gazette, or the, disappointed politicians

La folie des deux partis, où vue politique de l'etat et de la nation Anglaise, avec les senateurs en personnes

Mr. Trade & family or the state of ye nation / St--t, B--rn--d, & Co. origt. ; G--rm--e, N--h & Co. excr.

The political raree-show: or a picture of parties and politics, during and at the close of the last session of Parliament, June 1779

Prattle / MD.

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.

The birth-day ode* - as it was preformed before his M--, on the 4th of June, by the Royal Band

The European diligence

[Association meeting at York]

The English lion dismember'd or the voice of the public for an enquiry into public expenditure

Freedom, peace, plenty, all in vain advance ...

The desponding hero of the Coldstream - a military madrigal

Den Engelsman op zyn uiterste l'Anglois a toute extremitez.

Westminster election 1780 / E--g inv.


John Bull triumphant

By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

The f--x and H--d or rival candidates - humbly address'd to the worthy electors of W--r

A vieu of Plymouth

The subtle seducer [and] the American financier

John Bulls alternative

Englisch printet

The coffee-house patriots, or news, from St. Eustatia / H. Bunbury Esqr. delint. ; W. Dickinson excudt.

The budget

Martial motions or military manouevres - prudence

The state nurses

The thunderer

The bull over-drove, or, The drivers in danger

War of posts / T. Colley, fect.

The surrender of government castle, in March 1782, to the late besieging minority

The amiable Miss W-bb [and] the intrepid partizan

The state cooks making peace-porridge

Britania's assassination, or -- the republican amusement

Wonders wonders wonders & wonders - dedicated to the wonderfull wonderfull wonderer

Anticipation; or, the contrast to the royal hunt / Britons fact.

The royal hunt, or a prospect of the year 1782 / South Briton fecit ; North Briton invt.

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

The political mirror or an exhibition of ministers for April 1782 / Razo Rezio inv ; Crunk Fogo sculp.

The only booth in the fair - Portland & Co., late Shelburne / I. Boyne invt & exct, London.

An analysis of modern patriotism performed by public opinion & displayed by public indignation / PH [crossed out] ; AW sct.

A new map of the United States of North America with the British Dominions on that continent &c / by Samuel Dunn, Mathematician; improved from the surveys of Capt. Carver.

Veluti in speculum

The [ass]-headed and [cow-heart]-ed ministry making the British [lion] give up the pull

Amusement for John Bull & his cousin Paddy, or, the gambols of the American buffalo, in St. James's Street

Coalition arms / JN: 1784.

A new pantomine - harlequine

Pro bono publico - the public cluster in terrorem / WD.

The historical painter

Tarring and feathering - the reward of the enemies of Ireland / America invent. ; Hibernia fecit.

The Hibernian attempt

The sick prince

A convention of the not-ables

The fair American [and] Old Nauticus

Don Dismallo running the literary gantlet

The blessing of new taxes!!! / Marks fect.

This drawing is by Major John Andre of the British Army, when a prisoner, & living in my Fathers family in Lancaster, during the War of the Revolution

How "The Southern Commissioner" tried to mould [sic] public opinion in England

The Irish members in their seats in the House of Parliament, 1886

Political electricity; or, an historical & prophetical print in the year 1770 / Bute and Wilkes invent. ; Veridicus & Junius fect.

Political electricity; or, an historical & prophetical print in the year 1770 / Bute and Wilkes invent. ; Veridicus & Junius fect.

The bull roasted: or the political cooks serving their customers

The bull roasted: or the political cooks serving their customers

The repeal, or the funeral procession of Miss Americ-Stamp

The repeal, or the funeral procession of Miss Americ-Stamp