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[Page in Opera, quae Quidem extant, omnia; with mathematical diagram keyed to Greek text]

[Title page of Opera quae ad nos extant omnia, with Froben family device of caduceus clasped by two hands]

[Kitchen scene from Bartolomeo Scappi's Opera]

Il ballarino di M. Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta, diuiso in due trattati; nel primo de' quali si dimostra la diuersità de i nomi, che si danno à gli atti; & mouimenti, che interuengons ne i balli: & con molte regole si dichiara come debbano farsi. Nel secondo s'insegnano diuerse sorti di balli, & balletti sì all' vso d'Italia, come à quello di Francia, & Spagna. Ornato di molte figure. Et con l'intauolatura di liuto nella sonata di ciascun ballo, & il soprano della musica alla maggior parte di essi. Opera nuouamente mandata in luce ...

Recüeil de dances contenant un tres grand nombres, des meillieures entrées de ballet de Mr. Pecour, tant pour homme que pour femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont été dancées à l'Opera.

Veduta del Ponte e del mausoleo, ...

A side box at the opera

Canone à 8, Vienna, 16 Oct. 1798

Giovanni in London or Plucking chickens before they are full feathered. A la Vestris

Grand pot pouri brillant

Chev. Orazio de Attellis Chs. Fenderich 1843

[Rosalie Henriette Bediez Laborde, full-length portrait of a woman, three-quarters to right, standing, in costume with lace apron, holding bouquet]

[Sesto Benedetti, three-quarter length portrait, facing three-quarters to right, with beard, sitting in chair, wearing large ring and figured waistcoat]

[Teresa Truffi, full-length portrait of a woman, slightly to the left, eyes right, standing, in theatrical costume, holding small bottle]

Selections from Leonora, part IV

Ah! With rapture my heart is beating [from] Linda di Chamounix

Idol mio = Oh return love, aria

Ned Buntline's own. Extra. Ned never before has had occasion to get out an extra, but he deems it necessary to say that he was not participating in the riot at the Astor Place Opera House on the night of the 10th ... Edward Z. C. Judson, the "Ne

Bonner's map of the State of Georgia with the addition of its geological features

Jenny Lind in the opera of La Somnambula

Quartette from the new opera of the "Whig celebration at Lundy's Lane." Tune "Will you come to the bower"

Plan of castle garden: as arranged for the Italian opera season 1853



Gems of the minstrelsy, Perham's opera vocalists

Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa Opera Singer


Le nouvel Opera / Photographie H.J. à Paris.

Mr. W. H. Crisp, Lessee and manager of Crisp's gaiety, New Orleans; Savannah and Augusta, Georgia; Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Montgomery and Huntsville, Alabama; and manager of the Parodi grand Italian opera company. Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Cris

Vienna. Opera house

Munich. Opera house

Miss Louisa Kellogg. - Singer

Clara L. Kellogg

Clara L. Kellogg

On the road to Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Saratoga Lake, July 4, 1865 ; Grand ball at the opening of Leland's Opera House, Saratoga, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Davis.



To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States in Congress assembled: The undersigned a Committee appointed at a meeting of the citizens of Iowa, held at the Burtis Opera House in this city on the evening of the 11

[Jean-Baptiste Faure, French opera singer, head-and-shoulders portrait, in costume as Hamlet, facing left] / Ch. Reutlinger, Phot.



Bell Gallop

New York City - The Orange Riot of July 12th - view on Eighth Avenue looking from Twenty-Fifth Street [...]ard the Grand Opera House - dispersal of the mob by the Ninth, Eighty-Fourth and other regiments

Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa Opera Singer

Darkness was o'er the land

Graphic Statue No. 58 - The Genius of Opera Bouffe / Th. Nast.

Birch, Wambold & Backus, San Francisco Minstrels from their Opera House, Broadway & 29th Street, New York

Saville English Opera Company

Saville English Opera Company

Dottie and Lottie. I've lost my job, Dottie, it was like this : I was showing a velvet opera cloak ...

A Missionary hymn

Olivette, overture[cornetts 1st & 2nd]

Imperial Opera house, Ringe-Strasse, Vienna

Booth's Theatre, two weeks, commencing Monday, Feb. 6, every ev'ng and Saturday matinee with the ideal opera company

Facts for the workingmen! As told by Hon. James G. Blaine, at his reception by the Young men's Republican club at the Brooklyn Grand opera house, October 30th, 1884 ... Issued by Young men's Republican club of Kings Co, Campaign 1884. [New York?

[Paris, France - street scene in front of Opera House; horse-drawn carriages and omnibus; pedestrians]

Map showing the location of Staunton, Va. : showing the railways leading to the Staunton Opera House /

[Interior of the café in the opera house, Tʻbilisi, Georgia (Republic)]

The Interior of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, with an Audience of over 3,500 People, on the Occasion of Max Alvary's 100th Appearance in Wagner's "Siegfried"

[Avenue de la opera (i.e. Rue de Rivoli) and the garden of the Tuileries, Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France]

Firenze - la loggia di Mercato Nuovo (Opera di Giov. Attt. del Tasso, 1549-51) / Ed. Alinari.

[Opera House, Frankfort on Main (i.e. Frankfurt am Main), Germany]

[The Opera House, the grand staircase, Paris, France]

[The Opera House, the foyer, Paris, France]

[Opera House staircase, Paris, France]

[The Opera House, interior, Vienna, Austro-Hungary]

[Opera house, Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau, Germany]

[Exterior of Paris Opera House]

[The Opera House, the inauguration of the opera, Paris, France]

[The Opera House, Vienna, Austro-Hungary]

[Opera Place, Berlin, Germany]

D'Oyly Carte's Opera Co. in Utopia, limited Gilbert & Sullivan's new opera.

Metropolitan Opera House Reunion of the Pioneers and Friends of Woman's Progress on Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Eightieth Birthday

Anton Seidl

Francis Wilson under the management of A.H. Canby in the comic opera, Half a king

Francis Wilson under the management of A.H. Canby in the comic opera, Half a king

Grand Opera House, Paris / Alfred S. Campbell.

Grand Opera, the largest theatre in the world, cost six million dollars, Paris, France / photographed and published by B.W. Kilburn.

Mrs. Haley says several members of the club occupied a box at the opera house

Fred J. Piper, baritone

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

23d reg'tl. band of the U.S. Kansas Vol. Inf't. 1898 Commanded by Lt. Adj. S.T. Jones and directed by Prof. G.W. Jackson, Lt. Col. Jas. Beck reg'tl. commander

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

The little corporal new comic opera by Harry B. Smith and Ludwig Englander.

The little Corporal new comic opera by Harry B. Smith and Ludwig Englander.

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

McIntyre & Heath's Comedians the epitome of vaudeville.

Howard's sure cure for the blues in three prescriptions and 180 pleasant doses for direction see below : secure seats for The doctor's warm reception at the Opera House, office hours, 8-to-10:30 p.m.

The famous original Bostonians America's greatest light opera company.

The famous original Bostonians America's greatest light opera company.

Fords opera house in which Abraham Lincoln was shot

V. Lazzari and wife



Easton and MacLennan

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