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[Printed vellum page from the first book printed in small type. 1459]

[Printed vellum page from Corpus Juris Civilis, 1468]

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum - entire page

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum - entire page including border

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum - frontis and facing page

[Title page of Elementa geometrie; with decorated border and initial P and geometric diagrams]

[Page of De mineralibus, with initial O]

[Illustrated title page]

[Page form the vellum copy of the Antoine Verard edition of Roman de la Rose (1493) in the Rosenwald Collection, illustrated with 3 hand-colored woodcuts of woman in domestic situations]

[Illustrated page with vignette showing Aristotle? pointing to the stars in the sky]

[Title page with five men seated at desks writing, possibly includes the author, Strabo, a Greek geographer]

[Title page with illustration showing the tree of knowledge]

Full page with illus. of man painting madonna and another making engraving]

[Title page of Pliny's Natural history, with decorative border of dolphins and illustration of St. Michael lancing dragon]

[Architectural title page of Commentaria ... super anatomia mudini bordered in columns with scene of seated teacher lecturing as assistant dissects cadaver]

[Title page of De arte supputandi, book four; with decorated border including men inside tent, Scaevola and Porsenna]

[Title page with woodcut, showing 4 horsemen in Diego del Casstillo, Tractatus de duello. Turin, A. Ranotum, 1525 (Law)]

[Opening page of Aphorismi, with decorated initial V]

[Title page of Witelo, De Natura, illus. with composite of various phenomena of natural science: mirror; man wading in water to show refracted light; box balanced at fulcrum on another box; sunlight shining through glass to start fire; rainbow]

[Title page, showing 2 large ships with Saints Antonia, Nicola, Helme & Chiara in clouds]

[Title page of Extra ordinem classium libri, with border illustrations showing medical scenes from life of Galen, physician to Marcus Aurelius]

Title page, bordered with numerous New Testament scenes, of German Bible

[Title page of De revolutionibus orbium coelstium, with statement that the sun, and not the earth, is the center of our universe]

[Page in Opera, quae Quidem extant, omnia; with mathematical diagram keyed to Greek text]

[Page with mathematical essay in Greek, decorated initial, and mathematical drawing]

[Title page of Opera quae ad nos extant omnia, with Froben family device of caduceus clasped by two hands]

Fourth fol. (reverse) after title page (map of Vaucluse)

First fol. (reverse) after title page (vase with portraits of Petrarch and Laura)

[Title page of Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools" with woodcut illustration of crowded ship: Der Stotten Schip]

[Title page of Quesit et inventioni diverse; with half length portrait of the author, mathematician Nicolo Tartaglia]

[American Bison; illus. on full page with descriptive text in Spanish]

[South Pole. 1555; page of text illus. with map showing "The Pole Antartike" and "The Crosse" (stars)]

[Title page of Dipnosophistarum, siue Coenae sapientum libri XV]

[Ornate title page illustration for I qvattro libri dell'architettvra by Andrea Palladio]

[Title page to The arte of warre by Niccolò Machiavelli]

[Title page of Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools" with woodcut illustration of crowded ship: Nauis stultorum]

[Page from The Art of shooting in great ordnaunce... written by William Bourne. Imprinted at London for Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]

[Title page from the Art of shooting in great ordnaunce... written by William Bourne. Imprinted at London for Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]

[Page 9 from The Art of shooting in great ordnaunce... written by William Bourne. Imprinted at London for Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]

[Page 26 from the Art of shooting in great ordnaunce... written by William Bourne. Imprinted at London for Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]

[Page showing two numbered diagrams from the Art of shooting in great ordanunce... written by William Bourne. Imprinted at London for Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]

[Title page of A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia, with five Indians posed in architectural border]

[Title page to A geometrical practical treatize named pantometria, divided into three bookes, longimetra, planimetra, and stereometria ...]

[Title page of De arte venandi cum avibus, with pine tree and banner "Honos erithuic quoqum pomo"]

[Title page of De magnete, with serpent wound about wooden T staff clasped by two hands]

Title page, showing hawk on arm, in Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, El ingenioso hidalgo don Qvuixote de la Mancha..., Madrid, I. de la Cuesta, 1605

[Title page of Le operazioni del compasso geometrico, et militaire; with device showing walking woman with banner "Bondantie"]

[Title page of Alchymia, with figures of Galen and Aristotle, and scenes depicting alchemy]

Title page showing enormous serpent, "The Boas", with man in its mouth, in Edward Tobsell, The historie of serpents, London, William Jaggard, 1608

[Title page of Nova Brittania: offering most excellent fruits by planting in Virginia, illustrated with sailing ship]

[Title page of Mirifice logarithmorum canonis descriptio; with border of fruit and angels]

[Title page with allegorical illustration at top]

[Engraved title page of Boccaccio's Decameron; 1620 English edition; illus. with 6 scenes]

[Title page for The complete gentleman, by Henry Peacham, with elaborate border showing figures of "Nobilitas" and "Scientia"] / Fr. Delaram sculp. anno. 1522 [i.e., 1622]

[Spanish conquistadors before throne of Indian king - full title page]

[Title page illus. with ship VICTORIA and bust portraits of circumnavigators Ferdinand Magellan, Francis Drake, Olivier van Noort, and Sebastiano de Cano. 1626]

[Title page illustration for La pyrotechnie showing columns, arches, a huge fire emanating from a cauldron, cannons and cannon barrels of various sizes, as well as flaming cannon balls]

[Title page of Dialogo di Galilei Linceo, with three fish encircled by wreath and banner, probably emblem for printer Giovanni Batista Landini of Florence]

Title page, with no illus., in William Wood, Nevv Englands prospect, London, by T. Cotes for J. Bellamie, 1634

[Illus. title page of The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John Gerarde, London, 1636 - shows composite of scenes including figures of Ceres and Pomona, full-length portraits of Theophrastus (d. 287? B.C.) and Pedanius Discordies; also bust portrait (of the author?)]

[Title page of The Holy Bible (printed at London by Robert Barker, 1637) bordered by symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel, oval portraits of the 12 Apostles, and of the 4 Evangelists & their symbolic attributes]

[Title page of Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno a due nuove scienze; with device showing man picking fruit from tree marked "non Solus"]

Title page of John Underhill, Newes from America, London, J.D. for Peter Cole, 1638

[Title page of "A Feast for Wormes" 1642 [Jonah] by Francis Quarles, and wood engraving portrait of the author]

Cupid delivering a letter [to seated woman; above page of poetry in Dutch]

[Page of text with illustration of a "thermoscope" or thermometer without scale]

[Title page of a scriptural geology, The annals of the world, with border vignettes of Biblical kings Solomon and Nebuchadnezzar, temples before and after destruction, Cyrus, Vespasian, Adam and Eve, and the last supper] / R. Gaywood, fecit ; F. Barlowe, inv.

[Title page of Falaius Josephus, Joodsche Historien, 1665 ed.]

[Title page of Le journal des scavans, with armillary sphere]

[Engraved portrait of Kenelm Digby and title page from his Choice and Experimented Receipts in Physick and Chirurgery. 1668]

[Hand written initial page from Hannah Wolley, The Queen-like Closet, (recipe for orange pudding?) 1672]

[Engraved frontispiece showing 5 cooking scenes and title page of Hannah Wolley, The Queen-like Closet. 1672]

[Frontis. and title page - no illus.]

[Title page illus. with scenes of piratical barbarity]

[Frontispiece (portrait) of Robert May and title page from his book, The Accomplisht Cook, or the Art and Mystery of Cookery]

[Title page of The sceptical chymist]

[Engraved frontispiece showing pressure cookers opposite the title page to a book suggesting the use of steam as a force to drive an engine]

[Frontis. and title page from The Pilgrim's John Bunyan; frontis. shows author dreaming and pilgrims progressing]

[Title page of John Locke, Two Treatises of Government (London, 1690)]

[Title page - no illus. of Triyals of...Witches... by Cotton Mather]

[Title page of Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits, ..., by Increase Mather]

[Frontispiece and title page for Mechanick exercises by Joseph Moxon, showing framing for a wooden building]

[Title page and page opposite inscribed by John Evelyn to Sir Christopher Wren, of John Evelyn's Acetaria, a Discourse of Sallets. 1699]

[Title page with vignettes of pirate scenes]

[Title page to manual on military discipline for proper conduct during use of artillery]

[Santorio Santorio seated in weighing chair in front of table, part of his quantitative approach to medicine, and title page of De statica medicina aphorismorum]

[Contents page of A treatise on the diseases of tradesmen]

[Title page of Conicorum, with seated helmeted figure holding lance and shield in front of sheldonian Theater, Oxford, England] / delin. M. Burghers ; scult. Univ. Ox. 1704.

Page 1 of The Spectator, (London, 1712-17), no. 81; Sat., June 2, 1711

[Page in Lezioni accademiche; with early barometer created by Torricelli]

[Tubes containing mercury with vacuum at top showing development of first barometer capable of measuring atmospheric pressure, includes page of text]

Title page, Robert Mountgomery, A discourse concerning ... establishment of a new colony to the South of Carolina ..., London, 1717

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters A through F]

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters G through S]

[Page of illustrated alphabet from New England Primer, 1721: letters T through Z]

[Page from 18th Century almanac: t.p. of Titan's New Almanack...1729; illus. with "the Arms of the Family Leeds"]

[Engraved frontispiece with two illustrations: 1. A woman kneeling and praying; 2. A woman preparing food; and title page of The Whole Duty of a Woman, or a guide to the female sex. 1735]

[Hunter shooting at birds in flight with lines indicating how the calculus method makes analysis of movement possible, mathematicians conversing at left, and title page]

[Frontispiece and title page of Richard Bradley's "The Country Housewife and Lady's Director; frontis illust. panorama of farming scenes]

[Title page with vignette of allegorical scene]

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