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[The Marriage at Cana]

Das heilig Lande mit Ausztheilung der zwoelff Geschlechter

Terræ Sanctæ, qua Promissionis terra, est Syriæ pars ea, quæ Palæstina uocatur.

Terra sancta sive promissionis, olim Palestina recens delineata, et in lucem edita per Nicolaum Visscher

Canaan, or The Land of promise.

Totius Terræ Sanctæ Delineatio.

Carte de la Terre Promise.

Palaestina seu Terra olim Sancta tum duodecim tribubus distributa tum a Davide et Salomone /

Ivdaea sev Palaestina ob sacratissima Redemtoris vestigia hodie dicta Terra Sancta.

An accurate map of the Holy Land Divided into the XII Tribes of Israel. Accomodated to Sacred History, & describing the Travels of Jesus Christ.

Terra Sancta sive Palæstina exhibens no folum Regna vetera Iuda et Israel in fuas XII Tribus diftincta, fed etiam eorundem diverfarum ætatum conditionem et facta in Sacris Paginis idicata.

A map of the Land of Canaan or Holy Land, as divided among the twelve tribes which God promised to Abraham and his seed

Terra Sancta que in Sacris Terra Promissionis ol : Palestina.

La Palestine, les tribus, et Jerusalem

Egypt, with part of Arabia and Palestine.

Wallis's New map of the Holy Land : exhibiting at one view all the remarkable events recorded in the Old and New Testament

Carte de la Palestine ou Terre Sainte /

Gaza, March 21st 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Hon. Jas. Cameron Allen

Map of Darke County, Ohio /

Tombs in the southern cemetery, Cairo

Tombs in the southern cemetery, Cairo

Palestine. Moabitez Theatre / Dumas.

Grand Temple de Zeus, Jerash, Palestine / Dumas.


The Great Pyramid, from the plain

Femme de Jerusalem / Dumas Ph.

Famme de Bethlem / Dumas Ph.

[Group of Bedouin women huddled together, two standing, others seated] / [D]umas.

Patriarque Maronite Jerusalem / Dumas Ph.

Jerico. Beduines / Dumas Ph.

The village of Siloam and Valley of Kidron Frith

St. Paul's Wall, Damascus Frith

Baalbec, from the south / Frith.

Jerusalem, from Mount Scopus / Frith.

The Valley of Jehoshaphat, Jerusalem

The Pool of Bethesda, &c, Jerusalem Frith

Convent of Mar-Saba Frith

Jerusalem, from the Well of en-Rogel Frith

The Mosque of Aksa, Jerusalem Frith

The Convent of Sinai and Plain of Er-Raha Frith

Crocodile on a sand bank

View at Hebron Frith

Francis Frith in Turkish summer costume

Banias, the ancient Caesarea Philippi / Frith.

Nablous, the ancient Shechem

The north shore of the Dead Sea

The town and lake of Tiberias, from the north Frith

The great pyramid, from the plain

The circular temple, Baalbec Frith

Distant view of Damascus Frith

Mount Serbál, from the Wádee Feyrán Frith

Sinaitic inscriptions in Wádee el-Mukattab Frith

Tiberias, from the South

Nazareth, from the north-west

Absalom's tomb, Jerusalem / Frith.

The street called Straight, Damascus

Gaza, (The old town) Frith

The Wadee el-Mukattab, Sinai Frith

The largest of the cedars, Mount Lebanon Frith

The walks of Jesus, a pictorial chart of the antediluvian and patriarchal periods and of the Holy-land for Sunday-schools and families

Tomb of Moses, Palestine, Mont Nebo

No. 1, Nazareth

No. 2, Bethlehem

Haarem de Mauret / Dumas.

Palestine - Mt. Gerizin [ie. Gerizim]--Feast of the Passover

Palestine - Mt. Carmel

Jérusalem--Grotte de Jérémie (Palestine)

Palestine - Jerusalem. Sheep and goats being taken to market

Palestine - Jerusalem--Food being cooked over a limestone slab in a Turkish restaurant

Palestine - Jordan River

[Religious ceremony, Jerusalem, Palestine]

Palestine--Picking olives

[Sketch map of Palestine].

Map of Jerusalem [by Horatio Gates Spafford]

Map of Jerusalem by Horatio Gates Spafford

The wall of wailing

The journeys, and deeds of Jesus, and scriptoral index on a new map of Palestine /

Palestine, or, the Holy Land ; Persia, Afghanistan and Beluchistan.

Letter from Horatio Gates Spafford to A. Loivy [Rev. Dr. A. Löwry], Secretary, Anglo-Jewish Association

Letter from Horatio Gates Spafford to A. Loivy Rev. Dr. A. Löwry, Secretary, Anglo-Jewish Association

At farewell social of Congregational Church at Hyde Park, Mass., January 22, 1885 upon the departure of the pastor, Rev. P. W. Davis for Palestine. by Gen'l H. B. Carrington. [Poem] [Hyde Park, Mass. 1885].

Jerusalem. Famme Arabe / Dumas Ph.

Famme Arabe de Jerusalem / Dumas.

Beduin de la Mér Morte / Dumas.

Arabe de Jaffa / Dumas Ph.

Juif á Jerusalem / Dumas.

[Man with horse standing near the Dead Sea]

[Sheiks of a Palestine village, Holy Land]

Mrs. Krikorian

[Native of Palestine working with an ox and an ass, Holy Land]

Entry of Pilgrims into Bethlehem at Christmas time

Two gypsy women standing, full lgth., Palestine

Flocks [of sheep and goats?] near the pit into which Joseph was thrown by his brethren

Camels feeding near Nazareth

Plain of Jericho

The Tomb of Rachel

Plains of Sodom & Gomorrah

Family traveling, Tiberias

Palestine during the monarchy

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