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Oldsmobile Sales Co., Rock Creek Park, [Washington, D.C.]

The encampment in Hyde Park MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

The encampment in St. James's Park MDCCLXXX

A high wind in the park! / J. Baker fect.

Celebration of American independence by the Boston Sabbath School Union, at Park Street Church, July 4, 1831. Order of exercise.

The magnificent building, for the World's Fair of 1851: built of iron and glass, in Hyde Park, London

Meeting in behalf of the American board of commissioners for foreign missions, in Park Street Church, May 29, 1845.

View of the park fountain & city hall N.Y.

The magnificent O'Connell funeral car: passing the park in New-York City, on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd 1847

Map of the residence & park grounds, near Bordentown, New Jersey : of the late Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte, ex-king of Spain.

View of Union Park, New York, from the head of Broadway

New York city hall, park and environs

The fancy fair, Prince's Park, Liverpool, August, 1849 / John R. Isaac, draughtsman, lithographer & c.

[Print speciman of stock certificate for Loudon Park Cemetery Company and letterhead for Semi Anthracite Coal Company] / Engraved & printed by A. Kollner, Phila.

Lady Suffolk and Lady Moscow: hunting park course, Phila. June 13th 1850

Park Row from Tryon Row, the City Hall Park on the right. Showing the Times Building and a distant view of St. Paul's Church

[Fountain surrounded by benches in the Alameda Central park, Mexico City, Mexico]

View of the nave of the great exhibition building, Hyde Park

[Picadilly omnibus boarding passengers to the exhibition at Hyde Park; coach in front of Pinchins & Co. bar and ale]

Machinery Hall: grand United States centennial exhibition 1876, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Old Houses in Chatham Street, opposite the Park [N.Y.C. street scene]

Grand United States centennial exhibition 1876: main building, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Japanese women, Simoda / dag. by E. Brown, Jr. ; T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Horticultural hall: grand United States centennial exhibition 1876. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Virginia water Windsor Park

Third day of the great sale at Hyde Park & Fairmount, Monday, Oct. 11. Free trains on the Boston and Providence, and the Boston and New York Central railroad from the Summer Street and Providence stations, at 2 1-2 P. M ... [1857?].

Hamburg Park. Tuesday, July 26th, 1859, at 4 o'clock Trial of speed Mile heats, best three in five, to saddle ... Also exciting match time ... E. Eastman. Philadelphia U. S. Steam-Power Job printing office, Ledger Buildings [1859].

Franklin Trotting Park North Chelsea, near Boston. A purse of $100 two miles and repeat, to harness! on Monday, October 10, 1859 ... Admission 50 cents. S. Emerson, proprietor. Boston .Farwells & Forrest, Steam Job printers, 5 Lindell Str

Central Park Skate Emporium. Skates to suit everybody, from 50 cents to $25

Lemon Hill, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Algeria. Biskra. Garden of Allah

Homburg. Kursaal from park

The drive in the Central Pa[rk,] New York, September, 1860 / W. Homer.

Vienna. The Stadt Park

Park Benjamin to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 07, 1860 (Congratulations)

[Central Park, N.Y.]

Out of door sports - the Caledonian and Thistle clubs playing the Scottish national game of curling upon the frozen pond in the Central Park, New York / from a sketch by our own artist.

Grand procession of Wide-Awakes at New York on the evening of October 3, 1860. Republican Wide Awakes in N.Y. - Lincoln-Hamlin Campaign [Printing-House Square (Park Row and Nassau St.)]

Calvert, Hon. Chas. Benedict, M.C. from MD. Founded the 1st agricultural research college in America (now Maryland Agr. College) at College Park, Md., chartered in 1856

William B. Wadman, dealer in furnaces, ranges and stoves, would respectfully inform the citizens of the South End that he has taken the store formerly occupied by Francis Howard, at 1011 & 1013 Washington, (Corner Union Park Street.) ... W. B. W

Map and directory of Camp Patterson Park [Baltimore, Maryland] One Hundred and Tenth Regiment of New York Volunteers. Col. D. C. Littlejohn, commanding

Map and directory of Camp Patterson Park [Baltimore, Maryland] One Hundred and Tenth Regiment of New York Volunteers. Col. D. C. Littlejohn, commanding

Washington, District of Columbia. Park of artillery (Excelsior Brigade) at Washington Arsenal

Central Park, the lake

Patterson Park Barracks, occupied by the National Guard (90th regt, p.v.) col. Petro Lyle

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park

Wagon park, Brandy Station, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park. [New York, July 1863].

A visit to the "Central Park" in the summer of 1863 / photo by Thos. C. Roche.

Recruiting for the war--scene at the recruiting tents in the park, New York

Wagon park, Brandy Station, Va., May 1864

Recruiting for the war - Scene at the recruiting tents in the park, New York

Broadway Landing, Appomattox River, Virginia. Park of artillery

Broadway Landing, Appomattox River, Virginia. Park of artillery

Broadway Landing, Appomattox River, Virginia. Park of artillery

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend. Vidy iz sada nakhodiashchagosia pri domie glavnago nachal'nika kraia

Park of artillery, Broadway Landing, Appomattox River, Va., April 1865

Park of captured guns at Rocketts, Richmond, Va.

Broadway Landing, Appomattox River, Virginia. Park of artillery

State Insane Asylum, from the Park, Stockton, San Joaquin County

South Park from 3rd Street, San Francisco

The Miel Institute, South Park, San Francisco

South Park, San Francisco

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Aerial voyages over London Ashburnham Park, King's Road, Chelsea.

Topographical sketch of the environs of Washington, D.C. : (survey of locality for public park & site for a presidential mansion) /

Narragansett Park. Manufactured of the finest selection of Vuelta Abajo tobacco by Reynolds & Salisbury, ..., Providence, R.I. / Lith. of F. Heppenheimer, N.Y.

Won by a neck: Lady Thorn Goldsmith Maid and American Girl, in the first heat of their great trotting contest on the Prospect Park fair grounds August 28th 1869

The brush on the homestretch: Between American girl, Lucy, Bashaw Jr., Goldsmith Maid, Rhode Island and George Wilkes. In the last heat of their great trot on the prospect park fair grounds May 29th 1869

Fashionable "turn-outs" in Central Park

The Squatters of New York--scene near Central Park / sketched by D.E. Wyand.

The squatters of New York--Scene near Central Park / sketched by ... E. Wyand.

The Central Park. A delightful resort for the toil-worn New Yorkers

Grand drive, Central Park, N.Y.

[Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, with well-dressed people promenading on a terrace]

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Eroded rocks monument park.

American Tablet, Jerome Park Pearl

[William Shakespeare monument, Central Park, New York City. Rendering] / R. M. Hunt architect, J. Q. A. Ward sculptor.

Eroded rocks monument park.

Statue of Morse, Central Park

Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Md.

Views of Fair Mount Park Philadelphia

Drinking fountain, Prospect Park

Emancipation Monument, Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C. - Thomas Ball, sculptor

The queen of the turf "Lady Thorn" driven by Dan Pfifer: trotting a mile heat in harness in 2:08 3/4, at Narragansett Park, Providence, October 8th, 1869

Jerome Park Race Course

[William Henry Jackson and another man with photographic equipment on mountain near Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, 1871-1878]

Long's Peak, from Estes Park / W.H. Jackson photo.

Celebrated trotting horse Henry, driven by John Murphy: As he appeared at Prospect Park, L.I. June 27th 1872, in his trot with Goldsmith Maid and Lucy

Cooley's Park, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Central Park, N.Y. The first ride

Whirligig in Shützen Park, Philadelphia, Pa., Sep. 1873

Central Park, N.Y. Feeding the swans

Park near head of Conejos Cañ̃on, Col. / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Manitou and Vicinity. Pike's Peak from Thornton Heights, Manitou Park

Head of Mountain Park, Conejos Valley.

Manitou and Vicinity. The First Settlers, Manitou Park

Manitou and Vicinity. The Oldest Inhabitant, Manitou Park

Celebrated trotting horse Henry, driven by John Murphy: As he appeared at Prospect Park, L.I. June 27th 1872, in his trot with Goldsmith Maid and Lucy

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