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To the Whigs of 1776. Fellow citizens. You cannot but remember the cry in favor of the "men of 1776" which has continuously been kept up by the Democratic party, and which now again begins to be revived ... An old solder. [n. p. n. d.].

Rebell Gratitude, or a representation of the treachery and barbarity of two rebell officers at the Battle of Culloden...(which) greatly heightened the slaughter that was that day made of their party...this battle was fought 16 April 1746

Virginia sc. By the Hon. Francis Fauquier, Esq; his Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in chief of the said Colony and Dominion: A proclamation. Whereas a party of Cherokees arrived at Staunton in Augusta, and intended to proceed from

To the freeholders and freemen, of the City and County of New-York. Gentlemen. From an earnest desire to avoid all occasion of heat and party spirit, at a time when so much depends on our Union and harmony ... But as Mr. Livingston, absolutely r

Fresh advices from the American army. Camp at Cambridge, May 28, 1775. Yesterday a party from the United American army was ordered to take the cattle, hay, &c. from Noddle's and Hog Islands ... [Providence] Printed by J. Carter. [1775].

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

The friends of Mr. John Broome have discovered, during the progress of the poll, that Mr. Pell, and not Mr. Broome, is the candidate held up by the antifederals in the County of Westchester; and that while the same party in this city, under an a

Modern hospitality, or A friendly party in high life

Friends and Fellow Citizens! To-morrow will be an important day indeed; on your conduct will depend, whether or not we are to be overwhelmed, in the language held out by the party, "with the impetuosity of the victorious Buonaparte." [Advocating

Thoughts, on the subject of the ensuing election, addressed to the party in the state of New-York, who claim exclusively the appellation of federalists ... April 1, 1800. {Albany [Printed by Barber & Southwick] [1800]} [Positive Photostat].

The bloody massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th Regt. / engrav'd, printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston.

The State convention of National Republicans of Vermont, which met at this place on the 11th day of July inst. feeling the necessity of a united and vigorous effort, and an efficient organization of the party, to secure success at the approachin

Explanation of an old affair. Fellow-citizens. If you will regard with a dispassionate and intelligent eye the political aspect of this State at this moment, I think you must perceive that the affairs of the Whig party, in part at least, have re

At a numerous meeting of the Democratic Republican electors of the 15th ward, friendly to regular nominations and opposed to the principles and practises of the Loco Foco Party and their pledge candidates, and to the sub-treasury system held at

To the honourable, The Senate and House of representatives of the U. S. of America. The memorial of the Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, without distinction of party, assembled, Wednesday, December 6th, 1837, to hear the report o

The plot exposed! or, Abolitionism, Fanny Wright, and the Whig party! The following sermon, delivered at the African church in Church Street, by the Rev. Moses Parkes, a colored preacher from Canterbury, Conn, drew from Miss Desdamont the letter

Scene in Washington. In which the Presidental candidate of all the decency or respectable Webb "Whig" Party . . .

Mr. Calhoun- Mr. Van Buren- Texas. As the time when the Convention is to assemble seems to be settled, I propose to discuss the opinions of some leading members of our party, who are likely to receive its nomination ... [Signed] Simenes. [1839?]

Map of the River Jordan & Dead Sea : and the route of the party under the command of Lieut. W.F. Lynch, U.S.N. under his superintendence constructed from the joint labours of Lieut. Dale & himself by Passd. Midn. R. Aulick U.S.N. /

Political meeting. A public meeting, for the purpose of discussing the measures of the administration, and the principles of the Whig party, will be held on Saturday evening, at Burdine's rooms near the Navy-yard ... All parties are invited, as

Refutation. To the Democratic party of Allegheny County. A paper called the Aurora, and professing to be Democratic, having made a charge against me ... I published in the morning post, the following plain denial of the charge ... George R. Ridd

Fellow citizens:- It is not to be disguised that we are on the eve of one of the most important elections ever held in this country, and we of the Democratic Whig party ... By order of the Bensalem Clay Club [October, 1844].

The coon party crossing Cayuga Bridge Novr. 1844. Or the effects of Cassius M. Clay's political tour to western N. York

To the liberty party of the County of Madison ... Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, September 15, 1846.

A sketching party taking their repast, drawn on the spot byJ.R. Smith 1817, and attempted to colour in 1846, 29 years after'd

Rules to govern the native American party of the City and County of Philadelphia, in the selection of candidates for city and county offices. Adopted in convention, February 6, 1846.

Electors of the Western district! Read and consider!!! At a meeting of gentlemen of the Whig party, and of citizens generally, favorable to the election of Hon. Wilkins Updike, to Congress, held at Kingston Court House, Aug. 11, 1847.

Mike Walsh. The people's champion and leader of the yound or progressive democracy, nominated by the Democratic Party in Tammany Hall and elected to the New York legislature in Nov. 1846 / J. Penniman, 1847 ; lith. of G. Snyder 122 Fulton St. N.Y.

The Presidential fishing party of 1848

A tea party will be held by the ladies of the E. Street Baptist church, at Odd-fellows hall, on Wednesday evening, December 6 ... [Washington, D. C.] Dec. 1, 1848.

The available party trying to get their villany endorsed by the every man they have assasinated

[A cartoon] The strufe between an old hunker, a barnburner, and a no party man. [1848].

The strife, between an old hunker, a barnburner and a no party man

Judge Jay's letter. Free soil Whigs and Libery party men, read this! October 1849.

A prospecting party / Lith. & Pubd. by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Emigrant party on the road to California

Col. Fremont's nondescript from California. This animal captured by Col. Fremont and his party, near the River Gila, New Mexico, after a chase of three days, has arrived in this city on its way to Europe, and is to be seen alive at 290 broadway,

Position of the Democratic Party in 1852. "Freemen of America, how long will you be ledd by such leaders"

Terrible rout & total destruction of the Whig Party. In Salt River

Cotillon party. The pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a Cotillon party, to be given at Donivan's Hall, High street, on Thursday evening, November 18, 1852. Tickets admitting a lady and gentleman $1- Single tickets 50 c

To the independent voters of Washington City! You have been earnestly invoked to mingle party politics in the mayoralty election ... [Signed] An old citizen. [Washington, 5 June, 1852].

To the friends of freedom. Sir: Herewith you will receive a copy of The Free State Advocate, a campaign paper, published by direction of a committee of the Republican party ... Orders should be addressed. James B. Swain, 138 Nassau Street, New Y

Astounding developments! Let all Americans judge for themselves! The American party sold to Buchanan! Address of the Republican state executive committee. To the people of Pennsylvania ... Philadelphia, Oct. 20, 1856.

First party of Boundary Commission prepared to embark at Esquimalt for the Frazer River, British Columbia

Remains of the party of Narvaez / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

Citizens of Boston! On Monday next you will be called upon to perform a very important duty. ... On Monday we shall be called upon to perform a different duty, and that is, to vote for worthy men, without regard to party, who shall manage the af

De Soto's party descending the Mississippi after his death / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

Clinton County Illinois Republican Party, Monday, May 03, 1858 (Poster for Republican meeting)

To the voters of the Second senatorial district! Americans! Will you cast your votes for Micah Dyer Jr? who has openly denounced your party and principles!! [1859].

Harper's Ferry insurrection - Interior of the Engine-House, just before the gate is broken down by the storming party - Col. Washington and his associates as captives, held by Brown as hostages

Entrance to San Francisco Bay, California : from a trigonometrical survey under the direction of A.D. Bache, Superintendent of the Survey of the Coast of the United States ; triangulation by R.D. Cutts, Asst. & A.E. Rodgers, Sub-Asst. ; topography by R.D. Cutts, Asst., A.M. Harrison & A.F. Rodgers, Sub-Assts. ; hydrography by the party under the command of Lieut. Comdg. James Alden, U.S.N. Assist.

Harper's Ferry insurrection - the battle ground - Captain Alberts' party attacking the insurgents - view of the railroad bridge, the engine-house, and the village / from a sketch by our special artist.

Virginia Republican Party, Monday, October 01, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

Howard. Hon. Jacob Merritt of Mich. Drew up platform of the first convention ever held by the Republican Party and christened that party in 1854

[Bust of Stephen Douglas over Northern Democratic Party's presidential campaign shield]

Encampment of a party of the Boundary Commission, 1860

[Interior scene showing a birthday party with women preparing tea at left, a group of women on raised platform at center, and children with elders under the Chinese character representing longevity on the right]

Encampment of a party of the Boundary Commission

Maryland Republican Party Executive Committee, Thursday, July 19, 1860 (Printed; Circular Letter)

What a real patriot thought of the "Peace party" ... [n. p.] T. Sinex, printer, [186-].

Danville Illinois Republican Party, Friday, August 24, 1860 (Circular Letter)

[Pencil sketch of the route of scouting party from Monterey, Highland County, Va. toward Beverly, Randolph County, W. Va.].

"The forlorn hope" - volunteer storming party, consisting of portions of the 7th Michigan and 19th Massachusetts, crossing the Rappahannock in advance of the Grand Army, to drive off the Rebel riflemen, who were firing upon the Union pontoniers, Wednesday, December 10 / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

The Army of the Potomac - a foraging party

The grand [Lincoln] presidential party at the White House, Washington, D.C. February 6th [1862]

Antietam, Maryland. Picnic party at Antietam bridge

To all voters who love their country better than party ... By order of the City Executive committee of the National Union Party. Philadelphia 1862.

English party at Rejkjavik

Philadelphia National Union Party to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, February 25, 1863 (Printed Memorial)

The copperhead party - in favor of a vigorous prosecution of peace!

Stone wall at foot of Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg, Va. at the front carried by 6th Maine Infantry, May 3, 1863. Photographed twenty minutes after storming party had [...] up the hill

Little Mack and his party "going up" Salt River on a gunboat. Terrific explosion of the "Quaker gun" and destruction of the entire party.

I assure you my friend, that you can safely vote our ticket, for we have no connection with the Abolition party, but our Platform is composed entirely of rails, split by our Candidate.

Brandy Station, Virginia. A breakfast party at headquarters. Army of the Potomac

Kentucky Union Party, Thursday, December 01, 1864 (Printed circular)

To every patriot irrespective of party.

Presidential electioneering in New York--a street scene ; Presidential electioneering in New York--torchlight procession of the M'Clellan party

A burial party on the battle-field of Cold Harbor

The Union forever! The members of the National Union party are hereby called upon to meet in their respective districts on Saturday, 14th of October ... George H. Richardson. Chairman Union State Central Committee for Worcester County, September

Campbell, Hon. Alexander of Ill. Was called the "Father of the Greenback Party"

Stumps of trees cut by the Donner Party in Summit Valley, Placer County

An epitaph in memory of the Democratic party. Died November 7, 1865. New York. Published and for sale at the office of the Soldiers Friend. [1866].

Excur. party, 275 ms. W. of Omaha, Oct. 24 '66 (2)

The Salt River Gazette --- Extra. Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1867. [Cartoons] The Great Negro party --- born, 1856 --- Died, Oct. 9, 1867.

Shaking hands across the bloody chasm - The Greeley party on the record - official statement of the two democratic senators and six democratic members of the house. [n. p. 1867?].

Sixteen reasons why our Republican party should not run Gen. Grant for president in 1868. [Sixteen reasons] American Republicans. [n. p. 1867?].

Cheyenne Indians attacking a working party on the Union Pacific Railroad, August 4, 1867 / sketched by T.R. Davis.

Let the American people ponder. Ku-Klux diabolism. Eleven pregnant facts brought to light by the Congressional investigating committee. Its Democratic paternity, its hellish features and party purpose. [n.p. 1867?].

Leaders of the Democratic Party

Proclaim the truth! Financial management of the Republican party ... [n, p. 1868].

[First page of first issue of The Revolution, "the organ of the National Party of New America...Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Parker Pillsbury, Editors; Susan B. Anthony, Proprietor and Manager" New York, 8 Jan 1868]

Destroy not man's faith in man! Accept the right man, whichever party nominates him! ... G. S. Peterboro June 12, 1868.

Men who wish to lead the party. Shielding themselves by the cry of stop thief! Men who prate about honesty ... A fine brace of reformers. New York [1868?].

The situation in Georgia - The vital issue - Congress and the Republican party. From the Atlanta New Era. November 26th [1869?].

Miss Alexandria Tinne, the celebrated African traveler, recently murdered by a party of Arabs [Miss Tinne seated, full lgth., (3); Black girl standing behind her]

Mount Washington in the winter. During the past winter (1869-70) a party of scientific observers occupied the summit of Moosilauke- 4950 feet above the ocean - under the auspices of the Geological Survey of New Hampshire ... Subscriptions are so

Yo-Semite Fall, (2634 feet high) from near Sentinel House, P.T. Barnum and party

Yo-Semite Fall, (2634 feet high) from near Sentinel House, Boston excursion party

Yo-Semite Fall, (2634 feet high) from Hutchings', with horseback ex. party

Yo-Semite Fall, (2634 feet high) from near Hutchings', with excursion party