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Draft of the lands disputed by Philipse Patent against Beekmans & Rambaults.

By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

Judge Thumb, or - patent sticks for family correction: warranted lawful!

The political rat catcher or Jack Renegado's new patent trap's / Annibl Scratch, de.

Map of the patent of Oriskany.

Cooke's Patent Drill Machine

Articles of agreement for conducting the business respecting the land, called the Gore, granted by patent, to Jeremiah Halsey and Andrew Ward, Esquire. [Hartford, 1795].

Spafford's patent, for improved wheel-carriages. This certificate, No. is evidence of the sale of a single right to use the improvement secured by my patent ... Albany Mo. 18.

Stephen Burrowes, March 2, 1801, Printed Saddle Patent

Miscellany -- Mr. Bramah's patent lock ; Mr. Rowntree's patent lock / [...] del. ; Lowry scul.

Tameing [i.e. taming] a shrew. Or Petruchio's patent family bedstead, gags & thumscrews / Williams fecit.

Patent puffs to raise the wind or Dandy steam packets on contrary Jacks! Dedicated to the Society of Arts!

Patent Hay and Grain Rake

Cotton Gins...the machine invented by Eli Whitney, for ginning cotton, politely sent to us from the U.S. Patent Office

[Broadside]: Patent sponge boots, for horses feet. ... James Boyd, 24 Merchants' Row, Boston, June 1, 1825

Jehial Bryan's patent Daily account of time for thirty years. Utica. Northway & Porter printers. [c. 1829].

Dr. Chauncey's patent air tight cooking stoves

To the citizens of Washington. A fellew who signs his name William Elliot; he is a clerk in the Patent Office, a foreigner and opposed to this government, has so far degraded himself, that I am compelled to apply to him the epithets that justly

Political Quixotism shewing the consequences of sleeping in patent magic spectacles The diplomatic Hercules, attacking the poitical hydra / / from a very big picter in the Jinerals Bed-Room, draw'd off from Nater by Zek Downing, Historical Painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Capt. J. D. Woodside's patent pump or ship for measuring correctly the depth of water in the hold of a vessel ... Washington, D. C. August 9th, 1834.

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

Baltimore Patent Flour Cloth to Andrew Jackson, April 26, 1838

Espy's patent conical ventilator. [Description of] James P. Espy. Washington 1842.

Patent Democratic Republican steam shaving shop

The following is a copy of a beautifully written document upon parchment, deposited August 19th, 1845, my Wm. Cleary, Esq., in the National Gallery, over the U. S. Patent Office, and rendered peculiarly valuable by its being the original record

Patent Office

Patent balancing by an amateur

Grand patent India-rubber air line railway to California: competition defied

U. S. Patent office. November 12, 1849. Sir: A copy of the accompanying circular has been addressed to each of the governors of the states and territories of the Union, and I respectfully solicit your co-operation in furthering the objects sough

U. S. Patent office. November 8, 1849. Sir: Endeavoring to trace up the history of American inventions as a duty appertaining to his Bureau and supposing that interesting facts may lie hidden in the archives of the various states ... I respectfu

Zenas C. Robbins to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, April 13, 1849 (Patent)

Hickok's patent cider mill

Ho, for Cuba, [Cut of ship] Liberty for all. Grand meeting Huzzah for Lopes. The citizens of Washington and vicinity, are respectfully invited to attend a mass meeting, to be held in front of the Patent office, on Monday evening, Sep. 1, 1851. T

7 ton hydraulic lifting jack, U.S. Capitol Ex. and Washington Aqueduct, Dudgeon's patent

Harris' patent portable circular saw machine. Patented October 11th, 1853 ... State or County rights, or single machines for sale by Thomas Palmer. No. 83 Dock Street, Philadelphia.

To the public. The undersigned, inventor of the marble slab coffins, having taken the initiatory steps to secure his rights by letters patent of the United States is now prepared to dispose of rights either by license to build or for territory.

Fisk's patent air-tight metallic burial cases are for sale by M. W. White, undertaken, ... [Washington, March 1853].

Avery's patent for locking stones in the foundations of lighthouses ... More information may be obtained by letter addressed to John P. Avery, Norwich, Conn. [1854].

Nasmyth's patent steam hammer, copied by permission of the inventor from the machine in the great exhibition

Jenkins & Knight's patent spoke machine. Awarded the gold medal, at the late fair of the Maryland Institute, in the City of Baltimore ... Kingston, N. Y., November 8, 1854.

Ball's patent indestructible water and gas pipe, made of wrought iron, lined with & laid in hydraulic cement, manufactured by the "Water & gas pipe co.," at Jersey City, N. J ... The company are prepared to take and execute contracts to construc

Shingle machine! Skinner's patent shingle machine is now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute fair. The machine, well managed, will rive and shave 20,000 shingles in ten hours ... Purdy & Skinner. Washington, Feb. 23d. 1855. H.

W. F. Shaw's patent gas cooking & ironing apparatus. Gas smoothing-iron and miniature gas furnace. W. F. Shaw's patent ... 174 Washington Street Boston. [1858].

Adams' patent bean and seed separator

Adams' Patent Coal Sifter

Old Patent Office - model room (1861-65)

[Patent medicine labels for Perry Davis & Son, showing view of Providence, R.I., and four patent medicine bottles] / Kilburn & Mallory sc., Boston.

Caleb B. Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, April 06, 1861 (Patent Office appointment)

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with Gardner patent canteen and haversack]

Sleeping-bunks of the First Rhode Island Regiment, at the Patent Office, Washington / Sketched by our special artist.

Ball in Honour of President Lincoln in the Great Hall of the Patent Office at Washington

Sleeping bunks of the First Rhode Island Regiment, at the Patent Office, Washington

Circular. Great improvement in marking linen. Indelible pencil with or without cloth holder! Clark's patent, 1859; Improved 1861 ... Boston. B. L. Mitchell, Printer, 24 Congress Street [1861].

The original rubber store, under Goodyear's patent. Established in 1839 ... C. Hayes, 26 School St., Boston [1861].

[Adv. for Wishart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial (patent medicine) in small type; large type reads "Great Excitement in South Carolina! Beauregard himself might as well be a Prisoner!"; no illus]

The gardener's patent locomotive seat ... E. Whittlesey. Patentee and manufacturer ... Philadelphia Quinn, Pr. 3d & Market St. [1863?].

Patent sofa-back folding seat school desk. This desk was patented by R. Cruikshank of Pottstown. Pa. May 24th, 1864 ... [Pottstown, Pa. 1864].

Panorama of Wash., 1865 [Patent Office]

Monroe's patent pie meat - prepared beef for pies

Patent Office, Washington, D.C. - examiners at work

Tract no. 1, plat of Wm. T. Mann, 1,147 A. patent : according to patent calls, corrected by lat. & dep.

MacNiven & Cameron's patent steel pens. They come as a boon and a blessing to men, the pickwick, the owl, and the waverley pen

Plat of the James Barbour patent of 5,012 A.

Gale's patent horse hay rake! [Albion, Mich. : Gale Manufacturing Co., 1875?]

[Folding box label for Windsor Boneless Herring, with illustration, cooking instructions, and patent warning]

Map showing location lot no. 10 of Moore & Beckley patent, Raleigh Co., W. Va. (10,000 a. included).

Moore & Beckly [i.e. Beckley] patent, lot no. 10, Atlantic & North Western R.R. land.

Map of the N.C. Morse patent of eighty-six thousand acres of coal, timber, iron, etc. lands in Pike County, Kentucky ; Map of part of Kentucky and Virginia, W. Va., and Ohio showing location of coal and timber lands /

U. S. Patent Office

Patent office, Inauguration, Wash., D.C.

[United States Patent Office building, Washington, D.C.]

Gramophone : No. 534,543, patented 1895 Feb. 19 photocopy

Patent Building, Washington, D.C.

U.S. Patent Office, Washington

Copy of first patent

Wheat streaming into wagon, showing patent apparatus for measurng the grain, Illinois








"Lyons patent for moving trunks, stoves, etc. down stairs"

[Stacks of documents in Patent Office, Washington, D.C.]

Patent ofc.

Patent Ofc., [Washington, D.C.]

Int. Patent Office

Int. Patent Office

Patent Office

Wrights Get Long Sought Patent on Stabilizer; and Mr. Wright Leads Air Safety Race [Herald, 8 December 1913]

Oiling - Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co. - Hartford, Conn.

[Shoppers looking at window display of Brown's Drug Store, advertising "Digestit," a stomach relief patent medicine; product is being endorsed by a pianist, "Mr. Thomas," who has been playing in the store window non-stop for 60 hours and 45 minutes; Mr. W.L. Brown in standing behind Mr. Thomas.]

Patent Ofc., [Washington, D.C.]

Patent Ofc., [Washington, D.C.]

U.S. Patent Ofc., [Washington, D.C.]

U.S. Patent Ofc., [Washington, D.C.]

Patent Ofc.

U.S. Patent Office building, Wash., D.C.

U.S. Patent Office building, Wash., D.C.

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