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DCM 0997: Augustin Grenser I; Jeremias Schlegel Flute in C

DCM 0405: Potter Flute in C

DCM 0767: Tuerlinckx; Heinrich Grenser Flute in C

A cotilion sic

DCM 0949: Augustin Grenser I Flute in C

DCM 0386: Johann Georg Otto Flute in C

The Duke of Yorks march

The cockney's travels

DCM 1051: Claude Laurent Flute in C

Burton Bernstein to Leonard Bernstein, August 30, 1979

DCM 1293: H. Faveryear Flute in C

DCM 0475: Claude Laurent Flute in C

Defence of Fort M'Henry

DCM 0772: Claude Laurent Flute in C

DCM 1198: Monzani Flute in C

DCM 0450: Claude Laurent Flute in C

DCM 1404: Claude Laurent Flute in C

DCM 0347: Louis Drouet Flute in C

DCM 0317: Louis Drouet Flute in C

DCM 1373: Claude Laurent Flute in C

DCM 1261: Whitaker Flute in C

DCM 0301: Monzani Flute d'amore in A

Corections [sic] de la Sonate pour piano 109, [i.e. 111]

DCM 1410: Rudall & Rose Flute in A (A-flat?)

There is an hour of peaceful rest

DCM 0670: Claude Laurent Flute in C

My country! 'Tis of thee

Grand pot pouri brillant

DCM 1191: Willis & Goodlad French Flageolet

DCM 1039: S. Koch Flute in C

DCM 1304: Allen R. Jollie Flute in C

I love the night

The puzzle waltz

Cincinnati march

A Swiss waltz

Cremona waltz

The fairy waltz

La Norma waltz

Ohio waltz

London pride

Elohssa waltz

DCM 0505: Martin frères Flute in C

DCM 0012: Clair Godfroy, aîné Flute in C

Indiana waltz

The old hero's quick step

Faut l'ourlier, romance

Trumpet waltz

The carrier dove

Eleanora waltz

Clay gallopade

DCM 1094: R. Burghley (Burleigh) Flute in C

DCM 1096: R. Burghley (Burleigh) AltoBass Flute in G (See Physical Description.)

DCM 1091: R. Burghley (Burleigh) Piccolo in C

March marocaine

Andante, op. 21

Aeolus gallop

Augarten waltz

Volksgarten waltz

DCM 1097: R. Burghley (Burleigh) Alto Flute in G(?) (See Notes.)

The emerald gallopade

La libert,̌ op. 40

Tarand polka

DCM 1092: R. Burghley (Burleigh) Flute in C

Eight small progressive chorusses, part III

The Arnaud waltz

The amateurs quartette club, no. 1

L'hľiotrope, op. 2

Twelve preludes and voluntaries for organ, or piano with aeolian attachment, book 1

Paddy Carey polka

Selections from Leonora, part IV

The Indian's prayer

Joy is a bird

Fantasia and variations on the Ethiopian air The rose of Alabama, op. 2

Grand sliding thirds waltz

Rough and ready quick step

Sled waltz

DCM 0652: Theobald Boehm Flute in C

Tom Thumb's grand march

Ah! With rapture my heart is beating [from] Linda di Chamounix

Idol mio = Oh return love, aria

Camp march

The rifle brigade quadrilles

DCM 1237: Theobald Boehm Flute in B-flat

Twiggs rifle-men's quick step

Declaration polka

DCM 1398: Theobald Boehm Flute in C

DCM 0099: Theobald Boehm Flute in C

Barnum's polka

Amelia polka

La famille Sřieuse polka

Villanova College quick-step

Morganton polka

The national airs of Sweden

DCM 0782: Theobald Boehm Flute in C

Uncle Ned

Uncle Ned

My Mary dear

Captain Sutton's grand march

DCM 0188: Jean-Louis Tulou Flute in C

Medley overture