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To the King and Queen's most excellent majesties. The humble address and petition of the Governour, council, and convention of representatives of the people of your majesties collony of the Massachusets, in New-England [Regarding general restora

To his highness William Henrick, Prince of Orange, the most humble petition of George Lord Chancellor Jefferies. Most humbly sheweth; that your petitioner who was once Lord Chancellor of England is now become the lowest of your suppliants, and f

To His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; Captain-general and Governor in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, and Vice-Admiral of the same. And the Honourable His Majesty’s Council. The petition of Ri

Virginia Colony Councilmen, Burgesses and Representatives of the Virginia Colony to George III of England, April 14, 1768, Petition Against Taxation by Great Britain; Repeal of Stamp Act

The Irishmen's petition, To the Honourable c-mm-ssi-n-rs of excise, &c. The humble petitition of Patrick O'Conner, Blany O'Bryan, and Carney Macquire, to be appointed inspectors and over-lookers for the port of -- ... Printed by desire. [New Yor

The Irishmen's petition, to the Honourable C-mm-ssi-n-rs of Excise, &c ... Patrick O'Conner, Blany O'Bryan, Carney Macquire. Lawrence Sweeney. [Printed by desire.] [n. d.].

Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

Virginia Colony to George III of England, May 17, 1769, Petition Against Deportation of Prisoners

The Lord Mayor's speech and the city petition about excise [on tobacco. Speech with illus. of meeting of the Common-Council of London]

Virginia Colony to George III of England, April 1, 1772, Petition Against Importation of Slaves from Africa

A petition to the people of Halifax. We the inhabitants of the District of Halifax. To all charitable and well disposed Christians of every denomination, send greetings … Signed at a legal town meeting, November 11, 1773.

New-Haven, March 11, 1774. At a meeting of the select-men in this town, on Monday last, the following petition, signed by more than two hundred of the inhabitants of the town was presented to them. To the select-men of the town of New-Haven [Pet

To the freeholders, freemen, and inhabitants of the City of New-York; and particularly to our steady friends and associates, the children and negroes of the said City. The petition of Isaac Sheer-off, Alexander M'Doubtful, Peter Vander-fight-not

New-York, September 8, 1775. The Ship Samson, Capt. Coupar, arrived here this morning in 8 weeks from London, by whom we are favoured with the following petition, which was to have been delivered to His Majesty the 14th of July, by the Lord Mayo

A petition to the Honourable the Committee of safety for the Colony of New-York. We the subscribers, inhabitants of said colony, humbly beg leave to represent that the unhappy contest which has long subsisted between Great Britain and the Americ

The address, petition, and remonstrance of the city of London, to the King, in favour of the Americans, and their resolves, presented to his Majesty, July 5, 1775.

To the Right Honorable Richard, Lord Viscount Howe, of the Kingdom of Ireland, and to his Excellency the Honorable William Howe, Esquire ... The humble representation and petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of Queen's County, on the Isla

John Allison and John Lee to Virginia General Assembly, May 1776, Petition by Marines to Join Virginia Land Troops

Thomas Jefferson, 1776, Memorandum on Virginia Presbyterian's Petition about Night Meetings

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Wednesday 26th of Octob. inst. at Ten o'clock A. M. then and there to consider the petition

To the honorable the Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The petition and remonstrance of John Fitch, of the City of Philadelphia ... John Fitch. Philadelphia, September 26, 1789.

Thomas Jefferson, November 21, 1791, Jacob Isaacks Desalinisation Petition, Incomplete

U.S. Reports: Hayburn's Case, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 409 (1792)

Copy of a petition now circulating for subscription, humbly offered for the perusal of the members of the Honourable the House of Assembly. To the Honourable the representatives of the Freemen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Assembly met;

To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled. The memorial and petition of the subscribers, merchants, respectfully sheweth: That, among the multiplied injuries inflicted by the belligerent

To the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the memorial and petition of the subscribers, in behalf of themselves and of others, citizens of other of the United States, and of the state of Pennsylvania. Your m

To the Honourable superior court to be holden at Hartford, within and for the county of Hartford, on the second Tuesday of February, A. D. 1813; sitting as a court of chancery. This petition of Joseph Kelsey, of Hartford, in said county, humbly

Thomas Hart Benton et al., October 25, 1814

To the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General assembly met: the petition of the subscribers, Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, respectfully sheweth [Regarding as Steam Frigate for the d

To the honorable the Legislature of the State of New-Jersey. The petition of the subscribers, several of whom are owners of fisheries upon the river Delaware, in said state, respectfully sheweth ... January 21st, 1818.

In the session of 1821, the Committee of pensions and revolutionary claims made the following report on the petition of Sarah Dewees and others ... [Washington, 1822].

To the honourable General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, now in session. The petition of the Hampshire and Hampden canal company, by their agents ... respectfully sheweth ... Dated at Boston January 13th, 1827.

Anonymous to Unknown, 1830, Petition

Notice. All citizens who wish to sign the Memorial to the State Legislature, to abolish the municipal court of this City, are requested to call at the Alton house, Piasa House of at the store of Messrs Stevens & Trenchery, where the petition has

To the Honorable Senate and House of representatives of the United States in Congress assembled: The memorial of the undersigned, of Providence, in the State of Rhode Island, merchant, respectfully sheweth, that he preferred his certain petition

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General court assembled. The petition of the undersigned respectfully prays, that they and their associates may be incorporated under the authority of the Commonwealth, with authority to la

To the citizens of Reading. The subscribers have received a petition from citizens of Reading, stating that they "have reason to believe that intoxicating liquors are sold in large quantities, contrary to the statutes in such cases made and prov

Waterbury, Nov. 1st, 1859. Dear Sir: - A petition was presented to the General Assembly of this State at their last session, (May 1858,) asking for division of the County of Litchfield, or the establishment of two half shire towns in that County

New Hampshire Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, December 19, 1860 (Petition recommending Amos Tuck)

Simeon S. Jocelyn to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 21, 1861 (Sends petition)

John G. Fee to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, October 03, 1861 (Sends petition)

House of Representatives Republicans to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, January 19, 1861 (Petition protesting appointment of Cameron)

David E. Stout, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 11, 1861 (Petition supporting Cameron)

New Market New Jersey Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, January 09, 1861 (Petition opposing Cameron and recommending William Dayton for cabinet)

San Francisco Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, February 1861 (Petition of recommendation)

Ohio Delegates Chicago Convention to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 11, 1861 (Petition recommending David K. Cartter for cabinet)

Ohio Legislature to Abraham Lincoln, January 1861 (Petition recommending Robert Schenck for cabinet)

New York Volunteers to Edwin D. Morgan, Tuesday, May 07, 1861 (Petition to from brigade under command of Schurz)

Truman Woodruff, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, June 15, 1861 (Petition recommending U.S. Commissioner)

Brooklyn New York Congregational Church to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 14, 1861 (Printed Resolution [or Petition])

Vigo County Indiana Republicans to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 18, 1861 (Petition of recommendation)

George Bishop, et al. to E. P. Bland, Tuesday, January 08, 1861 (Petition recommending E. M. Joslin as Librarian of Congress)

Henry F. Johns to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, January 01, 1861 (Petition for employment as White House steward)

New York Senate to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, February 14, 1861 (Petition recommending Colfax for cabinet)

Citizens of Greensburgh Pennsylvania to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, February 22, 1861 (Petition recommending Cameron for cabinet)

James Y. Davis, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, March 08, 1861 (Petition of recommendation)

Elijah Sells, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 10, 1861 (Petition recommending Fitz Henry Warren for cabinet)

Kansas Army of Freedom to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, January 01, 1861 (Petition of volunteers to preserve the Union)

Luther Hanchett, John F. Potter, and A. Scott Sloan to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 10, 1861 (Petition recommending Judd for cabinet)

Joseph Bailey, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, February 06, 1862 (Petition recommending military appointment)

Burlington Iowa Bar Association to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 10, 1862 (Petition recommending David Davis)

Samuel S. Cox to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, December 05, 1862 (Sends petition)

The petition of certain non-conscripts, respectfully presented to the Confederate states Congress. To the speaker and members of Congress of the Confederate states of America ... The petitioners. By their counsel, John H. Gilmer. Richmond, Aug.

Whiteside Illinois Bar Members to Abraham Lincoln, 1862 (Petition recommending appointment of David Davis)

Champaign County Illinois Bar Association to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 30, 1862 (Petition recommending David Davis)

William B. Campbell and Jordan Stokes to Emerson Etheridge, Tuesday, December 16, 1862 (Sends petition concerning Emancipation Proclamation)

Boston Clergymen to Abraham Lincoln, September 1862 (Petition supporting Emancipation Proclamation)

Richard Yates, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, May 15, 1862 (Petition on behalf of Paul Selby)

Lancaster Missouri Citizens to J. T. Hayward, Saturday, January 17, 1863 (Petition requesting military protection)

S. Morrow to Ambrose E. Burnside, Saturday, August 01, 1863 (Petition)

North Carolina Citizens of 2nd Congressional District to Abraham Lincoln, September 1863 (Petition requesting representation in Congress)

John M. Fleming to Ambrose E. Burnside, Friday, July 31, 1863 (Sends petition)

J. H. Lathrop to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 01, 1863 (Printed petition in support of John McNeil)

John M. Richardson to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 23, 1863 (Sends petition in support of General Curtis)

Kentucky Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 09, 1863 (Petition requesting S.S. Fry be given a command in Kentucky)

Andrew J. Rogers, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 29, 1864 (Petition on behalf of General Joseph Revere)

New York Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, February 03, 1864 (Petition on behalf of Abram Wakeman)

Abraham Lincoln to Mary Mann, Tuesday, April 05, 1864 (Petition urging Lincoln to free slave children)

Notice! Notice is hereby given that persuant to the resolutions of the board of town auditors, and also of the petition of twelve or more electors of the town of German Flatts of this date, a special town meeting will be held at the Mohawk House

Sandusky, Ohio, Citizens to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 21, 1865 (Petition concerning case of Charles W. Frazer)

Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio to Congress, [January 1865] (Printed petition)

John Williams to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 20, 1865 (Sends petition on behalf of George Miller)

Alleck C. Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, January 10, 1865 (Sends petition)

To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States: The undersigned, by authority of the Board of directors of the American colonization society ... respectfully submit to your body the following statement and petition

Memorial to the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the Congress of the United States, now in session in the City of Washington, the petition of the Board of Trustees of "The Protestant University of the United States," humbly s

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Middlesex, ss. To either of the constables of the Town of Reading. Greeting: Upon petition of William Parker and nine others legal voters in the Town of Reading, you are hereby required in the name of the Commonwea

Petition. To the House of representatives: Gentlemen:- We, the undersigned, a sub-committee of a Committee of one hundred resident citizens and taxpayers of South Washington, District of Columbia, beg to all your attention to Senate bill No. 298

Petition for a Woman Suffrage Amendment

Auburn Petition Needed

Petition to the Chairman and Members of the Senate Cities Committee

Petition to the Chairman and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to support suffrage amendment

Equal Suffrage Petition Will Go to Congress

Petition to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States

Instructions to Workers for the Woman Suffrage Petition to Congress

Procession Summer 1913. Delegation Coming in from Hyattsville to present petition from all parts of the U.S.


[Suffrage envoys from San Francisco greeted in New Jersey on their way to Washington to present a petition to Congress Suffrage envoys from San Francisco greeted containing more than 500,000 signatures.]

Deputation Leaving Headquarters to Take Petition to Senator Jones of New Mexico [Annie Fraher, Bertha Moller, Berthe Arnold, Anita Pollitzer].

Colby recieving Armenian petition, 4/14/20

2 million 500 thousand Americans signed a petition asking that Lt. [...]oven Griffis be pardoned from a prison term in Germany. Petition was presented to [...] Otto Wiedfeldt