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View of Lower Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, September 11, 2001

Ambrotype house of James & Co., No. 4. Summer Street, .... Boston. Where pictures are taken for 25 cents and upwards ... Dauguerreotypes copies to Ambrotypes or photographs, in the best style, and satisfaction guaranteed. [185-?].

[Print of the "lost ambertype" of Lincoln.]

Alfred Beckley's Private Memorandum Book, 1856-1865, including "Statements of Agency for the Mssrs Francis and John A Granger"

Limpia - Wild Rose Pass


Pimo women


[Framed photograph of Lincoln by Samuel Alschuler.]


[Portrait of Lt. Edwin J. Sweet, 40th New York Infantry, USA]

Hdq. Petersburg, Va. 1864-5

[White House, East Room]

Old Winder Bldg. 17th & F. St. N.W. Wash. D.C.

Old War Dept. 17th St. side (1st photo?)

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

White House, earliest [sic] known view (made in 1860's)

[Portrait of Lt. Col. William H. Luse, 18th Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A.]

[Portrait of a Federal soldier]

[Portrait of a musician, 2d Regulars, U.S. Cavalry]

[Portrait of Pvt. Andrew F. Skidmore, Mount Vernon Guards, Company E, 17th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.]

Old Christ Church, Alexandria, VA (where George Washington attended church). Photographed in the 1860's (?)

John C. Breckenridge / E. Saintin, N.Y., 1860 ; from phot. by Brady ; E. Saintin, del.

[Hesler photograph of Lincoln.]

U.S. Treasury before completion. Washington, D.C.

Ford's Theatre, Wash., D.C.

Old Navy Dept., Wash., D.C. (1st photo)

Treasury Dept.

[Portrait of Pvt. George Henry, Virginia Regiment, killed at Brandy Station, Va.]

Middleton Strobridge & Co. to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 20, 1860 (Sends photographs)

[Brady & Hesler portrait of Lincoln.]

Lt. Hidden Placque

U.S. Treasury. Washington, D.C. Showing old Riggs Hotel, 15th & G. N.W.

Slave pen, Alexandria, VA. (Civil War time)

[Lieutenant Colonel Thomas D. Chamberlain of Co. G and I, 20th Maine Infantry Regiment in uniform]

[Reproduction print of Lincoln with signature insert at lower left.]

White House interior, Old Green Room (1st interior photo?) President's study

[Rear view, statue of Washington, with view of U.S. Capitol building in background]

Treasury Dept. in Lincoln's time (cash room - behind the desks).

Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.

U.S. Treasury before completion. Washington, D.C.

Church of Petersburg, Va, built by 50th N.Y. engineers

[Hesler portrait of Lincoln.]

[Portrait of Lt. Bartley Pace Bynum, C.S.A., also Chaplain in the Confederate Army]

[Portrait of Col. John S. Mosby, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A., and friend]

[Portrait of Pvt. Walter Miles Parker, 1st Florida Cavalry, C.S.A.]

Lt. Hidden Placque

Old Navy Dept. (1st photo of Brady)

View - Reform School. Bladensburg Rd., Wash. D.C.

[Portrait of Maj. Edmonds (of Virginia), C.S.A.]

White House Landing, Virginia. Michigan & Pennsylvania Relief Association camp

Starboard Battery of Pawnee

[Quarters of Dr. David McKay (Army of the James), interior view withi men playing cards]

Camp on beach

Bay Point, South Carolina. Fort Beauregard

Soldier group. (Corn harvest)

Sanitary office

Review of Col. William Dwight's "Excelsior Brigade."

Lincoln arrival at B&O Station, Feb. 23, 1861 for his innauguration, Lincoln Memorial Assn. J.W. Hill. Copy

[Brady portrait of Abraham Lincoln & "Tad" published by Richards.]

[Unidentified soldier in Union Zouave uniform with cased photograph in front of American flag backdrop]

Alexandria, Virginia. Marshall house

[Unidentified young soldier in Union uniform with rifle musket]

Falmouth, Virginia (vicinity). White Oak Church occupied by Christian Commission

Washington, District of Columbia. Brigade headquarters at Fort Lincoln

Camp of 71st New Vols. Cook house Soldiers getting dinner ready. (200 Excelsior)

Col. Ernest M.P. Von Vegesack, 20th New York Infantry (Captain in Swedish army)


Army Hospital near Washington, D.C, 1861-1865

Army Hospital near Washington, D.C., 1861-65

Fort Totten, [Washington, D.C.], 1861 to 65

The cabinet of the Confederate States at Montgomery / from photographs by Whitehurst, of Washington, and Hinton, of Montgomery, Alabama.


River battery

Soldier Group




Virginia. Winter quarters of Capt. Bissel, Army of the Potomac

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Hospital camp. Kendall Green

Aiken's Landing, Virginia (vicinity). Negro group at Aiken's farm

Headquarters 6th Army Corps. Warren Station, in front of Petersburg, Va.

Headquarters 6th Army Corps. Warren Station, in front of Petersburg, Va.

Sam. A. Cooley, photographer Tenth Army Corps

Ambulance train, 1st Division, 2d Army Corps.

City Point, Virginia. Soldiers winter quarters. Inside first line of fortifications

Alexandria, Virginia. The Marshall house

Soldiers' Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

[Unidentified woman holding a cased photograph of an unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform]

[Unidentified boy holding cased photograph of soldier in Confederate uniform atop a Bible] / Rees.

[Portrait of Abraham Lincoln in thermoplastic case]

[Headquarters, 6th Army Corps, Warren Station, in front of Petersburg, Va.]

State Capitol Connecticut


Captain Ballerman's kitchen. Tasting the soup

Non-commissioned officers, 19th Iowa Infantry, exchanged prisoners from Camp Ford, Texas. Photographed at New Orleans on their arrival


Hilton Head, South Carolina. Graves of sailors killed during the bombardment of November 7, 1861

Bull Run, Virginia. Robinson's house near center of battlefield

Alexandria, Virginia. Slave pen. (Price, Birch & Co. dealers in slaves)

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