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Magisterial vigilance, or the picket guard civilly clearing Cornhill of a few old apple women

Ravine occupied by the picket reserves, of Brig. Gen. Joseph Hooker's division, Heintzlemans corps d'armee, at the seige of Yorktown, April, 1862

[White frame house with white picket fence at Cambridge, New York, with horse and buggy in front

[Winter picket duty]

Captured steamer used as a picket boat St. Johns River

[Map of the lower Potomac River showing picket lines, January 1862]

Co. - , 170th New York Infantry on reserve picket duty

Rifle pits on the picket line in front of Petersburg, Va.

Federal picket line in front of Fort Steadman

The Union army encampment at Hampton, Virginia Showing picket lines and Fortress Munroe [sic].

A Confederate picket post near Charleston, S.C., 1861

Map of Mount Vernon, Virginia and vicinity : shewing [sic] Union picket lines, March 186[1].

Map of Falls Church and vicinity of Lewinsville, Virginia : shewing [sic] Union picket lines October 30th 1862.

A Confederate picket

Picket posts on Orange & Alexandria R.R. 1862

Official map of the lower Potomac River picket lines Jany 1862.

The picket

The picket guard. "Who goes there?" "Friends." "Dismount one friend, advance and give the countersign"

Picket station on Potomac Creek

The picket guard. Johnson, Printer, No. 7 North Tenth st

On picket, Rappahannock Station, Va.

Petersburg, Virginia. Federal picket line in front of Fort Mahone

Petersburg, Virginia. View showing how close picket lines to each other

On picket guard

The Cavalry picket

Illinois National Guards picket in the streets of Chicago at night / / Frederic Remington. The Chicago strikes--United States infantry in the stock-yards / Frederic Remington

[Houses with picket fence on unpaved road in Georgia]

[Exterior view of house with picket fence, man and dog seated on porch and a dog lying on the sidewalk]

[House with picket fence next to "Lee Bros. Family Groceries"]

[African American man standing at tall picket fence in front of house]

Caloocan, Philippine Islands: On picket duty

[House with picket fence and trees]

Saliva, Slow Bull (in background), Picket Pin's arm

Picket Pin

Strikes, ladies tailors, N.Y., Feb. 1910, picket girls on duty

British Going on Picket -- Mesopotamia

Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch. When suffragists returned from White House, when Pres[ident] [Woodrow] Wilson declared he would receive no more suffrage deputations, Mrs. Blatch called for volunteers (picture made as she spoke) to join her on a picket line to stand each day before the White House until he came out for suffrage.

Miss Beulah Amidon, "The Prettiest Picket"

[Picketing in all sorts of weather. N.Y. Day Picket]

The first picket line - College day in the picket line



Miss Berta Crone of San Francisco on the CUWS [Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage] picket line at the White House gates.


Women Voters Day on the Picket line-- Feb. 14, 1917

[Suffragists picketing with banners in the rain during the Grand Picket] Mar. 4, 1917.


Mrs. Alexandra Shields, Born West Point, Ga., Home Amarillo, Texas. On picket line July 4, 1917.

Some of the picket line of Nov. 10, 1917. Left to right: Mrs. Catherine Martinette, Eagle Grove, Iowa. Mrs. William Kent, Kentfield, California. Miss Mary Bartlett Dixon, Easton, Md. Mrs. C.T. Robertson, Salt Lake City, Utah. Miss Cora Week, New York City. Miss Amy Ju[e]ngling, Buffalo, N.Y. Miss Hattie Kruger, Buffalo, N.Y. Miss Belle Sheinberg, N.Y.C. Miss Julia Emory, Baltimore, Md.

Minnesota Day on the picket line. In center, Miss A.H. Potter of Minneapolis, Minn. State Chairman, 1917


Miss Hazel Hunkins of Montana on the picket line.

Picket banners at Cameron House Hdqters-- Lafayette Sq.


The first suffrage picket line leaving the National Woman's Party headquarters to march to the White House gates on January 10, 1917. From left to right: Miss Berta Crone, of San Francisco, Miss Vivian Pierce, of San Diego, Miss Mildred Gilbert of San Francisco, Miss Maude Jamieson, of Norfolk, Va., Miss Joy Young of New York, Miss Mary Dowell of Philadelphia, Miss Gertrude Crocker of Chicago, Mrs. Bessie Papandre, of San Francisco, Miss Elizabeth Geary, of Chicago, Miss Frances Pepper of Washington, D.C., Miss Elizabeth Smith of Washington, D.C., and Miss Pauline Floyd of El Dorado, Ark.

The Suffrage Picket Riots, Aug. 1917

Section of Working Women's Picket --Feb. 17 [18], 1917

Mrs. J. H. H. [Alison Turnbull] Hopkins, of New Jersey, on the Woman's Party Picket Line.

Peaceful Picket - The great interest of people in the picket line - but no blocking of traffic until arrests began-- Feb. 1917.

Picketing in all sorts of weather. N.Y. Day Picket. Jan. 26, 1917

[Grand Picket at the White House, eve of President Woodrow Wilson's second inauguration.]

Miss Elsie M. Hill, of Conn[ecticut], a Congressional Union picket at the gate of the White House.


Penn[sylvania] on the picket line-- 1917.





[Suffragists marching in rainy street during the Grand Picket, March 4, 1917.]


Miss Kate Heffelfinger of Shamokin, Pa. A picket who served time in prison during the campaign of the National Woman's Party

Girl steel workers [in automobile] on picket duty on steel mill property

Miscellaneous houses. Copy photograph of two-story house with wood siding behind picket fence

Striking Seamen naps as mates picket Commerce Department. Washington, D.C. Jan. 18. Tired and weary this striking seaman found the running board of a nearby auto a comfortable place to sleep as his mates picketed the Commerce Department today as a protest against provisions of the Copeland Safety-At-Sea Act

A political amnesty picket at the White House today

Political Amnesty picket at White House, Washington, D.C.

[Four adults and six children, from Passaic, N.J., picket the White House following President Coolidge's refusal to listen to their complaints about wage cuts in the textile industry]

Group of Mexican women bound for the picket line. Corcoran, California

Picket line, Mexican workers. Corcoran, California

A picket on 7th Avenue, New York City

Mrs. Cordell Hull, wife of the Sec. of State; Sallie Picket, former club president; Mrs. Charles Evans Hughes, wife of the Chief Justice

He came from an Oklahoma farm in April, 1938. Became a migratory farm worker in California, joined the United Agricultural Packing and Allied Workers of America (Congress of Industrial Organization-CIO) at the beginning of the cotton strike of October, 1938 and became the leader of the "Flying Squadron" which attempted to picket the large fields of corporation farms by automobile caravans. He drove the first car. Kern County, California

Gardens. Garden with white picket fence and white house

Picket fence near Paulina, Louisiana

Members of the picket line at the King Farm strike. Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Master prints. Alexander M. White, residence in Oyster Bay, Long Island, picket fence and Walt Whitman cottage

Girl in the picket line at the King Farm strike. Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Picket line at the King Farm strike. Near Morrisville, Pennsylvania

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Photograph

Picket of striking oil workers union. Seminole, Oklahoma

Garden enclosed by picket fence to keep out rabbits, pigs, dogs, chickens, etc. near Marshall, Texas

Picket oil plant at Muskogee, Oklahoma

Picket, oil workers' union. Seminole, Oklahoma

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Photograph

Picket's sign outside copper mine during strike. Ducktown, Tennessee

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Photograph

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Photograph

Peace & Democracy group present protests to Italian Embassy. Washington, D.C., April 8. While members of the Washington branch of the American League for Peace and Democracy walked with signs in a picket line a block away, a group of demonstrators walked up to the front door of the Italian Embassy and rung the bell. The door opened briefly, a protest was handed to the unknown attache who glanced at the demonstrators, took the letter, then hastily closed the door. While the group waiting, the door stayed closed, and seeing no answer was forthcoming, they rejoined the pickets who kept at a distance of 500 from the Embassy by police. The group was protesting totalitarian invasions of minority nations in Europe

Picket's sign outside copper mine during strike. Ducktown, Tennessee

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Photograph