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[Method of raising sunken ship with five ropes and ships, diagram of curved pipe in water, and surrounding text]

Man smoking a long pipe, seated at table with book, candle and 2 more long pipes

[A traveler, seated, wearing a robe, boots, and rounded-top conical hat, smoking a long pipe; a small bag is on the ground next to his feet]

The pipe dance and the tomahawk dance / F. Barinsou ; painted at the treaty of Prairie du Chien 1825 by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

[Head and shoulders portrait of a man, possibly a plasterer, seated, smoking a pipe]

Arrangement of pipe connections to boilers and pumps, south wing

Washington Aqueduct, auxiliary pipe vault

[U.S. Marine smoking pipe as drawn by Japanese artist]

Rufus P. Eaton of Pipe village, Lake Winnebago, Wis. A scoundrel! a knave! a liar! and a coward! I the undersigned hereby for reasons which will hereafter appear, publish and publicly post Rufus P. Easton ... as a scoundrel, a knave, a liar and

Ball's patent indestructible water and gas pipe, made of wrought iron, lined with & laid in hydraulic cement, manufactured by the "Water & gas pipe co.," at Jersey City, N. J ... The company are prepared to take and execute contracts to construc

[Pipe valve for the Washington Aqueduct]

[Elderly Chinese man, possibly a scholar, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front, holding pipe in right hand; includes Chinese language characters on back]

[An old Chinese man with his pipe, half-length portrait, facing front, sitting at a table, holding a pipe]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with pipe]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with pipe]

[Unidentified soldier in Union cavalry uniform with banjo, sword, and pipe]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and state of New York belt buckle with revolver and side knife and smoking pipe]

Hydraulic Mining--The Pipe and Tank

[A kiln or furnace with fire heating coal in a retort to the point of decomposition, the resulting gas passing through a pipe to a system of pipes used to illuminate the Boulton and Watt factory in Soho] / P. Broux.

[Man with pipe and rifle leaning up against a tree]

[Bearded man with pipe on horseback]

[Stock form for tobacco label; girl in apron leaning on broom and smoking pipe]

Picco's Sardinian Shepherd's Pipe

The head of the nation's nightmare - see what dreams may come from too free an indulgence in the "pipe of peace" [caricature of Ulysses S. Grant in bed dreaming; visions of African American revolt in Louisiana and Modoc Indian massacre in Oregon]

[The lead pipe factory]

[Brass pipe factory]

[Irishman (?) gesticulating to German with tankard and pipe who has taken over yard while Uncle Sam argues with German (?) ruler about "extra-territoriality"]

[Man posed on rocks, nude, playing pipe (Pan)]

[Old peasant with dagger and long smoking pipe, Mestia, Svanetia, Georgia (Republic)]

Effect of the pipe on Sandy

Effect of the pipe on the freemen

[Dutchman dancing in wooden shoes with pipe]

[Dog in hat, ruff, and pipe in mouth, begging]

Man at table with pipe and mug under "Pabst - Milwaukee" sign - C.C. Jones

[Man standing in front of bookcase with pipe in hand]

[Man standing and gesticulating with pipe to seated man]

[Peddler with cart, fashionable woman, military man and servant with perambulator, and man with pipe]

[Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina. Banquet hall. Pipe organ. Elevation]

Goldes woman, wife of village chief, smoking pipe

Pilar Morin as clown/mime: Full length, standing, facing right; smoking pipe

Pipe dreams, Chinatown, San Francisco

Pipe dreams, Chinatown, San Francisco

[Nude youth with pipe seated on leopard skin, in nature]

[Two men seated in front of building, one with rababeh (a single string instrument) and the other with a pipe]

Auto extension pipe, Fire Department, N.Y.

[Red Cloud, Chief, three-quarters length portrait, standing, facing slightly right, holding pipe]

[Samuel Langhorne Clemens, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing slightly right, holding pipe]

Eskimo smoking pipe

[Nude woman seated in tree playing a pipe]

A contented old farmer [seated with bare belly and smoking big pipe] and his rice field, near Honam, China

Walter J. Travis, smoking pipe

N.Y. Fire Department. Auto Extension Pipe

[Girl playing horn, owl smoking pipe, boy in uniform conducting dog playing harmonica]

Eskimo smoking pipe

Beggar, holding pipe, with dog, Hoboken, N.J.

Eskimo smoking pipe

French requisition iron pipe in Ruhr

Connecting steam pipe to NC-1

[Man smoking water pipe]

[Bust portrait of bearded man with pipe facing front]

[Girl lighting pipe for old fisherman in boat]

"Dope!" Will John Bull's "pipe dream" ever come true? / F. Opper.

[Girl lighting long pipe of old bearded man]

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910, full length, lying on sofa, facing right, holding pipe and book

[Young woman in traditional clothing, smoking pipe, in Igorot village of Louisiana Purchase Exposition]

Southwest Pass, Mississippi Delta: Dredge pipe

[Samuel Clemens, full-length portrait, seated, facing left, smoking pipe]

Cheyenne, Wyo.--Indian and cowboy have buried the hatchet and smoked the pipe of peace

[Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910, three-quarters length portrait, facing left; holding pipe]

The Pipe of peace

[Swallow Bird, Crow Indian, Montana, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, painted pompadour, Apsaroke headdress, flannel shirt, beads on chest, studded pipe held in front of right arm]

Pipe bags

Police Commander Bingham, seated, with pipe, New York

[Atsina Indian, Red Whip, half-length portrait, seated, facing front, wearing feather, beaded buckskin shirt, holding pipe in left hand]

Making reinforced concrete pipe, Durango, Mex.

[Crane, owned by the District of Columbia Water Department, Washington, D.C., being used to lay pipe]

Glamorgan Pipe Works, Lynchburg, Va.

[American Indians "enjoying the comforts of home"; posed family group outside tepee; one smoking pipe]

American pipe transported by pack mules in Mexico

Offering the pipe to the Earth--Cheyenne

[Pipe Organ at Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C.]

Two of the Boys Working in Phoenix American Cob Pipe Factory, Washington, Mo. Smallest boy is Joe Krummel. See sign, "Wanted--Men and Boys." Around corner was a sign, "Girls Wanted." Couldn't get any photos of girls. Location: Washington, Missouri.

[Arapaho Indian smoking pipe]

[Pipe organ at the Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C.]

[Pipe organ at the Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C.]

Offering pipe to the skull--Cheyenne


Gone -- gone is my poached egg, my pipe, my dreams


The legend of the peace pipe

[Rudolph Valentino, half-length portrait, facing left, holding pipe]

[Chief Red Cloud, half-length portrait, seated, facing front; holding peace pipe]

[Sculpture of the deity Pan playing a pipe]

Jerusalem water works. Stand pipe at Damascus Gate

1917-1918, reference prints from negatives. Man standing on bridge smoking a pipe

[Newspaper reporters listening through pipe for sounds of life at the scene of an aqueduct tunnel cave-in]

Costumes, characters, etc. Bedouin smoking long pipe

Agriculture, etc. Shepherd scenes. Study of a 'Ghawarni' shepherd boy. Of the Jordan valley. A close up playing his shepherd pipe

Portrait photographs. Man smoking a pipe standing in front of an automobile

[Tatra mountaineer smoking pipe; head; Poland]