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Whereas I have reason to apprehend that the government of Pennsylvania, in prosecution of their claim to Pittsburg and its dependencies will endeavour to obstruct his Majesty's government ... I have therefore thought proper ... to order and requ

Plan of the lots laid out at Pittsburg and the Coal Hill.

A handbill has been circulated this morning by a set of men who, to accomplish their objects, stop at no means however villainous. They represent that I am indebted to the United States the sum of 880, 452 dollars, 97 cents, as Quarter-Master Ge

Tariff correspondence. The answer of Messrs. Wilkins, Lynch, Patterson and Craft, to the following letter addresed to them by a number of the Mechanics and Manufacturers of this City and County, having been received and considered ... [Pittsburg

Map exhibiting that portion of the State of Pennsylvania traversed by the surveys for a continuous rail road from Harrisburg to Pittsburg made under the direction of Charles L. Schlatter, c.e. in the year 1839 and 1840.

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic] with proposed extensions to Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis, in connexion [sic] with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois /

Map of the proposed Great Western and Lake Erie Rail Road of Pennsylvania projected for the Sunbury Erie and Pittsburg [sic] Rail Road Convention by James Herron Civil Engineer.

Map of the Reading & Columbia Rail Road connecting New York via the Jersey Central, Reading and Columbia, with Baltimore and Washington, together with Western R.R. connections to Wheeling and Pittsburg [sic]; compiled by S. P. Kase.

Through route west to Pittsburg [sic]

At Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh]

Ohio River at its juncture with the Aleghainy [i.e. Alleghany] and Mononghelu [i.e. Monongahela] at Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh] Penssylvania [i.e. Pennsylvania]

Ohio and Monongahila [i.e. Monongahela] Rivers from the suspension bridge Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh] Pa

Map of the Pennsylvania Rail Road, from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic] and of the Columbia & Lancaster & Harrisburg R.R.s from Philadelphia to Harrisburg. H. Haupt, Chf. Eng., J. P. & J. Lesley, Jr. Topographers, J. G. Shoemaker, engr.

Resumption of the fast express train Through to Pittsburg in 13 hours. Summer arrangement over the great Penna. Central rail road, for Pittsburg ... Thos. Moore. Agent. Pennsylvania railroad company. May 1856. New York Booth & M'Naughton, Steam

Great western & south-western mail route to Cleveland Pittsburg, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Terre Haute, Lafayette, St. Louis and all points south and west The following lines and magnificent low pressure steamers form a nig

View of Pittsburg from the northwest

U.S. gunboat Pittsburg - Mississippi River Fleet

Battle of Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee

The Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Shiloh, Tenn., April 1862]: ...The left wing, Gen. Hurlbut's Div., Apr. 6th; Charge & repulse of rebels at Peach Orchard

The battle of Pittsburg Landing - Retreat of Dressel's battery, Capt. Timony, centre of national position, Sunday morning, April 6

Scene at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee River, Sunday Afternoon, 6th April 1862

Map showing position of Union Army at Pittsburg Landing before and after the battle 6th and 7th April 1862.

Battle of Pittsburg Landing. Tennessee

Scene at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee River, Sunday Afternoon, 6th April 1862

Battle of Pittsburg Landing or Shiloh April 6th and 7th 1862.

Anson Stager to Edwin M. Stanton, Wednesday, April 09, 1862 (Telegram regarding battle at Pittsburg Landing)

The Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Shiloh, Tenn., April 1862]: Burning the dead horses near the Peach Orch.

The Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Shiloh, Tenn., April 1862]: The woods on fire...Sunday, Apr. 6; 44th Regt, Indian Volunteers engaged

Rgt. Rev. Michael Domenec, Bishop of Pittsburg, Pa.

The truth of history. From "The Paper" Pittsburg, Pa. [1871].

Rgt. Rev. Michael Domenec, Bishop of Pittsburg, Pa.

Map of the Pittsburg [sic], Fort Wayne & Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburg [sic], Grand Rapids and Indiana, and Pennsylvania railroads.

Map showing the Pittsburg [sic], Bradford, and Buffalo Railway and its connections, W. R. Bergholz, chief engineer, New York, Feb. 15, 1882.

Geological map of the Potomac basin west of Blue Ridge, Virginia and West Virginia : showing the relations of its upper Potomac coal basin and the iron-ore bearing areas in reference to the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg [sic] R.R., and its connections and extensions /

Bowman's, Pittsburg Division

Ohio Pyle, Pittsburg Division

[The River Monongahela at Pittsburg]

The Homestead riot / drawn by W.P. Snyder after a photograph by Dabbs, Pittsburg.

Bessemer Steelworks, Pittsburg Div.

"City of Paducah" (steamer), St. Louis & Tennessee River Packet Co., Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. Aug. 1892 near Battlefield (Shiloh)

Aquaduct [sic] on old Penn'a Canal at Johnstown, 1845 / Storm ; Geo. W. Storm, Pittsburg, Pa.

McCreery's Dept. Store, Pittsburg, Pa.

Exposition building, Pittsburg, Pa.

J.F. Burke, Pittsburg, N. Longworth

Washington statue, Northside [i.e. North Side], Pittsburg, Pa.

[Pittsburg, Pa., New Presbyterian Hospital]

A Mill street, Pittsburg, Pa.

[Pittsburg, Pa., Fifth Avenue, looking north]

Mining experts in Pittsburg, Victor Watteyne, Belgium

Phipps Conservatory, Schenley Pk. [Park], Pittsburg, Pa.

Pittsburg by night

[The Monongahela wharves, Pittsburg, Penn.]

Road in Riverview Park, Pittsburg, N.S. [i.e. North Side], Pa.

[Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburg, Pa.]

Monongahela wharves, Pittsburg

Pittsburg, Pa., 1904

Stock exchange, Pittsburg, Pa.

The Bank of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pa.

Post Office, Pittsburg, Pa.

Union Station, Pittsburg, Pa.

Fifth Avenue, South Pittsburg, Pa.

Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

Entrance to Highland Park, Pittsburg, Pa.

Loading slag, blast furnace, Pittsburg, Pa.

Making the moulds for pig iron, blast furnace, Pittsburg, Pa.

Filling moulds with steel, Pittsburg, Pa.

The opening, Pittsburg vs. Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 14, '05, attendance 18,287

The Opening, Pittsburg vs. Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 14, '05, attendance 18,287

Iron ore and coke cars, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A.

The Citizens Americus Club of Pittsburg in the inaugural parade, Washington

Shoot the Chutes, Luna Park, Pittsburg [sic], Pa.

Monongahela Incline, Pittsburg, Pa.

[Penna. Pittsburg - Coke ovens: "coke ovens & their smoke consumers, on Monongahela River"]

A quarter front view of ladle puring [sic] off molten metal into pig iron machines, Pittsburg, Pa.

Western Pennsylvania Institute for the Blind, Pittsburg, Pa.

The Lake, West Park, Pittsburg, north side, Pa.

Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

A Shelter in Schenley Park, Pittsburg, Pa.

St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburg, Pa.

Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

At the bottom of the charging incline, Pittsburg, Pa.

Carrying away and loading the pigs (pig iron), blast furnace, Pittsburg, Pa.

Operators at their levers handling converters and ladles, steel works, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A.

Monongahela Incline, Pittsburg, Pa.

Monongahela Incline, Pittsburg, Pa.

Entrance to Luna Park, Pittsburg, Pa.

Luna Park, Pittsburg, Pa.

Stock yards showing cords of pig iron, blast furnace, Pittsburg, Pa.

Soldiers Monument, Pittsburg, north side, Pa.

Yard of steel works, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A.

Modern steel plant along the Monongahela River, Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A.

Huge converters in operation, steel works, Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh], Pa., U.S.A.

Wabash Station, Pittsburg, Pa.

Pittsburg vs. New York, Saturday, Aug. 5, 1905

Polo Grounds, New York, Pittsburg vs. New York, May 20, 1905, attendance 24,620

Post Office, Pittsburg, north side, Pa.

Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, north side, Pa.

The Lake, Kennywood Park, near Pittsburg, Pa.

Wonderland, Kennywood Park, near Pittsburg, Pa.