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A new and exact map of the island of St. Christopher in America, according to an actual and accurate survey made in the year 1753. Describing the several parishes, with their respective limits, contents, & churches; also the high ways, the situation of every gentleman's plantation, mills, and houses; with the rivers, and gutts. Likewise the bays, roads, rocks, shoals and soundings that surround the whole.

Plan of the Town of Turner, formerly Silvester Plantation : out side lines and part of the lotts ran out /

In Provincial congress, Watertown, June 17th, 1775. Whereas some of the inhabitants of the new plantation in this colony, not incorporated, and some of the inhabitants of the neighbouring colonies, together with a number of the late inhabitants

State of the Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, December 9, 1776. Whereas great inconveniences, may take place from our not knowing the number of male inhabitants in each town and plantation in this state, from sixteen years old

Port Royal in South Carolina : taken from surveys deposited at the Plantation Office /

A view of the sea & beach, from Mr. James Newbolds plantation, near Indian River / Trenchard sculp.

[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Account of provisions for the Halcyon Plantation; runs from March 1939 to Jan. 7, 1940. March 1, 1839

Plantation melodies / J.H. Bufford's lith., Boston.

[fig. 1 Brazilian plantation; fig. 2, 3 Diamond washing; fig. 4, 5 Brazilian sports; fig. 6, Brazilian planter's family walking to mass; fig. 7 Patagonian camp]

La Plantation des croix à Embrun, au mois de mai / d'après M.E. Guignes.

[Stirrup Branch Plantation, Bishopville, S.C., on the 75th birthday of Capt. James Rembert, June 8, 1857 - rear view of house with slaves arranged by rank]

[Stirrup Branch Plantation, Bishopville, S.C., on the 75th birthday of Capt. James Rembert, June 8, 1857 - front view of house shows Capt. Rembert and family]

Picking cotton on a Georgia plantation

Slave quarters of Jefferson Davis plantation

Plantation view. The cooper's shop

Cotton field, Retreat Plantation, Port Royal Island, S.C. / Photographed by Hubbard & Mix, Beaufort, S.C.

Street and Negro quarters, Retreat Plantation, Port Royal Island, S.C. / Photographed by Hubbard & Mix, Beaufort, S.C.

[Two unidentified young soldiers in Union shell jackets and forage caps in front of painted backdrop showing plantation]

[Large group of slaves(?) standing in front of buildings on Smith's Plantation, Beaufort, South Carolina]

Century plant 85 years old, Seabrook's Plantation

Nursery at Elliot's Plantation, Hilton Head, S.C.

Gwine to de field, Hopkinson's Plantation, Edisto Island, S.C.

Plantation view at Port Royal Island, S.C.

Sweet potato planting, Hopkinson's Plantation

Negro slaves 1862 Edisto Island, S.C. (plantation of James Hopkinson)

[2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment raid on rice plantation, Combahee, South Carolina, and escaped slave named Gordon]

Arrival at Chickasaw bayou of the Negro slaves of Jefferson Davis, from his plantation on the Mississippi

Tomlinson's map of Vicksburg, showing all the surrounding fortifications, batteries, principal plantation, &c.

Port Royal Island - 1. Camp Saxton (Smith's plantation) - the new headquarters of the 1st S.C. Vol. (Colored), Col. Higginson. 2. Mitchelville, the new south village for contrabands, Hilton Head / From sketches by our special artist. Defences of Charleston - the "middle ground" battery, Charleston Harbor / From a sketch by A.P. Palmer, formerly of the Confederate Army. Defences of Charleston - "Folly's battery," near the lighthouse, Charleston Harbor / From a sketch by A.P. Palmer, Co. E, 21st Regt., S.C. (Confederate) Vol. Defences of Charleston - the rebel iron clads in Charleston Harbor - from a sketch [b]y A.P. Palmer, formerly of Company E, 21st Regiment (Confederate) S.C. Vol.

The plantation police or home-guard examining Negro passes on the levee road below New Orleans / from a sketch by our special artist, F.B. Schell.

"Emancipation Day in South Carolina" - the Color-Sergeant of the 1st South Carolina (Colored) addressing the regiment, after having been presented with the Stars and Stripes, at Smith's plantation, Port Royal, January 1

The war in Louisiana--the Battle of Pleasant Hill, between General Banks and the rebel General Dick Taylor, April 9 / from a sketch by our special artist, C. E. H. Bonwell. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Wilson's Plantation, between Gen. Lee and the rebel Gen. Green, April 7. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Mansfield, between Gen. Banks and General Dick Taylor, April 8.

[Military encampment at plantation house]

William P. Fessenden to Crafts J. Wright, Tuesday, September 13, 1864 (Oakland Plantation in Louisiana)

[African American workers on Cape Fear River rice plantation, N.C. Threshing]

Crevasse on Chim's plantation, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [Flood from a break in the levee, with four black men fishing with nets in foreground]

[African American workers on Cape Fear River rice plantation, N.C. Reaping]

[African American workers on Cape Fear River rice plantation, N.C. Weeding]

What shall we do with John Chinaman? [2 illustrations: 1. Irishman throwing a Chinese man over cliff towards China; 2. Southern plantation owner leading him to cotton fields]

Chinese cheap labor in Louisiana - Chinamen at work on the Milloudon Sugar Plantation

"Chinese cheap labor" in Louisiana - Chinamen at work on the Milloudon Sugar Plantation

Johnson's plantation, section and township maof Tensas Parish, Louisiana : showing the several wards, roads, levees and ferries and the change in the river since 1828 /

Plantation banjo player

Bufford's plantation cards, nos. 446

A group on a plantation

Scene about a cotton plantation

Banana plantation, Indian River

Group on a cotton plantation

Scene on a plantation

Richland Cotton Plantation, Miss.

[Plantation House, Fla.]

Richmond cotton plantation, Mississippi

Plantation residence, Louisiana

Bales of plantation rubber, Brazil

[Blacks on tobacco plantation, Jamaica]

Coffee plantation

Jamaica, irrigation canal on sugar plantation

[The Plantation, Exmouth, England]

Plantation or small village

[A sisal plantation, Nassau, Bahama Islands]

View of Ardvenu tea plantation from mountain

Tea plantation with mountains in background

Tamil coolies picking tea at the Maria Watta plantation

View of Galboda tea plantation

Tamil coolies picking tea at the Maria Watta plantation

Palm plantation in the Jordan Valley

On "La Union" sugar plantation, San Luis, Santiago Province, Cuba

Trinidad -- sorting cocoa beans plantation

[Cotton plantation activities]

[Residence, cabin, on James River, Tuckahoe Plantation, Goochland County, Virginia]

Cultivated Bamboo - a Plantation at Nanking, China

Gathering cane on a Cuban sugar plantation

Cane cutters on a Cuban sugar plantation

Logging in the alluvial lands of the Mississippi River. Cotton plantation in the Arkansas River Valley

Latest model rotary pump on Kaffir Plantation, South Africa

[Scene from stage production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", 1901]: crowd scene in front of plantation house; Uncle Tom standing between girl in pony cart and couple in carriage

Prodigal nature; a pine-apple plantation in Hawaii / Universal Photo Art Co.

Modern sugar mill, plantation Rosario at Aguacate, Cuba

Plowing on a Cuban sugar plantation

A Load of cane on a Cuban sugar plantation

Plantation Rosario, modern sugar mill, Aguacate, Cuba

Cutting cane on a Cuban sugar plantation

Boiling coppers, Weltz pan and Crane in an old style Sugar Mill, Mona Sugar Plantation, Jamaica

The Mona sugar plantation - sugar cane in the foreground - near Kingston Jamaica

Four Oaks, old plantation home, New Orleans, La.

Old plantation villa, New Orleans, La.

Old plantation villa, St. Charles St., [Saint Charles Avenue], New Orleans, La.

Stripping hemp on a hemp plantation, Philippines

Houses on stilts where laborers' families live - cacao plantation, La Clementina, Ecuador

Ready for the harvest - an extensive tea plantation at Ashikubo, Japan

Banana plantation, Costa Rica

A coffee plantation, Sao Paolo, Brazil

[...] plantation [...]

Japanese on Sisal Plantation, Hawaii

[Scene on a pineapple plantation, with harvested pineapples, Hawaii]

Sugar plantation. Hawaii. Showing shipping port in distance

Filling, weighing and sewing sacks of raw sugar at Plantation mill, Hawaiian Islands

Plantation scenes. Kealia Kauai, Hawaiian Islands

Louisiana Flood - J.M. Parker's plantation three days after crevasse

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