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The Republican deluge

The Republican deluge

Uncle Sam's neglected farm / J. Keppler.

Democracy's opportunity / J. Keppler.

The rivals in Ohio / Gillam.

Democratic harmony under the Jeffersonian banner / J. Keppler.

Nursing our infant industries / F. Graetz.

Let the political army have new drums also! / Gillam.

A new way of "waking" the Democratic shaughraun / Gillam.

Blundering again! / Gillam.

The original political dude out-duded / F. Opper.

Too many leaders / Gillam.

"A unit" / F. Opper.

Nothing but wind! / F. Opper.

Building the ark / Gillam.

Democracy's disastrous egg-dance / J. Keppler.

Delilah Randall betrays the democratic Samson / Gillam.

Why they dislike him -- he will not prove himself a cat's-paw in the enterprise / Gillam.

Gulliver-Cleveland takes possession of the enemy's fleet and deprives them of their strength / Gillam.

Consistent civil service reform / F. Opper.

Good men on a bad platform / Zimmerman.

A hard job with the hogs / Gillam.

False weather-prophets / F. Opper.

Two political paths / J. Keppler.

Harmony and envy / K. after Garnier's "Jour de Fête."

Barred out from the promised land / Gillam.

The new leader and the old chorus / Gillam.

Mr. McKinley presents a counter attraction to his "all wool" suit of clothing

The people's party platform Ohio

The people's party platform Ohio

Not in it

Not in it

An old fable brought up to date / Keppler, Jr.

The bounty jumper of 1894 / Dalrymple.

In the cyclone cellar, - waiting for fair weather / Ehrhart.

An unpromising pair of racers / F. Opper.

A dead failure so far / Dalrymple.

Coxey'[s ... patern]alism" / C.J. Taylor.

New York's Republican "standard-bearer" / F. Opper.

Puck's presidential possibilities. No. II, Old-man-ready-to-be-struck / F. Opper.

In the pantheon of the sun / Dalrymple.

Cause for worry / J.S. Pughe.

Republican harmony in Ohio

For Party honesty

Waiting for the good times to blow over / Dalrymple.

Among the silent ones / C.J. Taylor.

Just what might have been expected / J.S. Pughe.

The neglected idol / Dalrymple.

Not this time! / Dalrymple.

For Party honesty

Silly old women! - their little brooms can't sweep back the great big ocean / Dalrymple.

Uncle Sam's summer girl for '95 / Dalrymple.

Fun for the politicians, but rough on the business man / C.J. Taylor.

The silver-tongued ventriloquist and his dummies / F. Opper.

We despise him for the friends he has made / J.S. Pughe.

Shoulder to shoulder / J.S. Pughe.

"Blowing" himself around the country / J.S. Pughe.

The Supreme Court, - "as it may hereafter be constituted" / F. Opper.

We are not a nation of swindlers! / C.J. Taylor.

A painful position for nurse McKinley / F. Opper.

Distressing predicament of the honorable John Boyd Thacher ...

The true inwardness of it / K.

May the country be spared this pitiful sight! / Dalrymple.

Senator Hill says he would rather see the Democratic Party in ...

His latest effort / C.J. Taylor.

Well protected / C.J. Taylor.

Some casual cartoonlets

Thanksgiving / Dalrymple.

Buncombe and Boodle / Dalrymple.

Pioneer Cleveland / Dalrymple.

The wind won't hold out / J.S. Pughe.

A noisy mob; - but the sound money police are closing in on them / Keppler.

Making-up for a new rôle / Dalrymple.

Bryan is the ablest worker for sound money / F. Opper.

Poor Tammany! / F. Opper.

Last ghost-dance of the free silver tribe - just before being sent to the Salt River Reservation / Dalrymple.

Political pirates / C.J. Taylor.

Distressing predicament of the honorable John Boyd Thacher ..

Gone crazy / J.S. Pughe.

History repeats itself / Dalrymple.

Senator Hill says he would rather see the Democratic Party in ..

His triumphal progress / Dalrymple.

Put in his place / Dalrymple.

They both claim him / Keppler.

Some casual cartoonlets

Trying it on / F. Opper.

A down-hill movement / C.J. Taylor.

He couldn't read / J.S. Pughe.

Bryan's gas

"All aboard for the millennium!" / Opper and Keppler.

He did not think so in '92 / Keppler.

Out of a clear sky comes a fierce nor'wester! / Dalrymple.

In battle array, - and there's not much doubt about the result / Dalrymple.

The foolish resurrectionists / Keppler.

"McKinleyism" / Keppler.

A hint to the fifty-sixth Congress / Keppler.

Still a donkey

Sweet dreams / Keppler.

In a hole; - and no "issue" / J.S.P.

Deserting the old idol / Dalrymple.

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