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Home, sweet home

Maryland, my Maryland

Hu-la hu-la cake walk

Medley of plantation songs

Medley jig

The girl from Maxim's


Canción nacional chilena

American valor march

Second Connecticut march

Die beiden Zeiserl

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The colored major

When you were sweet sixteen

Monarch Minstrel, first part, no. 2

The night alarm

When you were sweet sixteen

Where was Moses when the light went out?

Day by day

While the leaves came drifting down

The battle cry of freedom

Rose mousse

The blue and the gray patrol

Farmyard medley

Sing me a song of the sunny south

The whistling Bowery boy

The forge in the forest

Old black Joe

Good-bye Dolly Gray

Second Connecticut march

The invincible eagle march

Song and dance, pretty queen

For freedom and Ireland

Good morning Carrie


I'll wed my Willie when his ship comes in

Love me, Phoebe

The Star Spangled Banner

The sleighing party

First comes your duty to your flag

On the beach

Marching through Georgia

The sleighing party

Those are the songs I love

La gazelle

The man behind the gun

Tell us pretty maidens

My black Pearl

Second Connecticut march

Home, sweet home

Pickanniny polka

The man behind the gun

Ein modernes Hochzeitsgast

I'll be your rainbow

La paloma

Monarch Minstrel, first part, no. 1

Under the Double Eagle march

Nancy Brown

In the city of sighs and tears

Home, sweet home

United Service passing in review

The Washington Post march

A rag-time skedaddle

For all eternity

Patrol, rose, thistle and shamrock

The birds and the brook

The old church organ

My Carolina lady

A dream

Down where the Wurzburger flows

I too, was born in Arcadia

Levee revels

A bunch of mischief

King Cotton march

Pinky panky poo

Stars and stripes forever march

Dew drops

Just because she made dem goo goo eyes

Jennie Lee

The mansion of aching hearts

Just next door


Mr. Black Man

The whistling girl

The harp that once thro' Tara's halls

Reminiscence of Prague

Entry of the gladiators march

Steamboat medley

The ghost that never walked

Navajo two-step

Yankee Doodle

Heidelberg medley

Sweet little Rosey Posey medley

Honolulu Tom boy

Down in the subway

Amour et printemps

Golden slippers medley

The bride of the waves

O promise me

Goodbye little girl, goodbye