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U.S. Reports: Respublica v. Richards, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 224 (1795)

Linen with cotton thread sampler sewn by Sophia Porter in 1796

U.S. Reports: Cochran v. Cummings, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 250 (1802)

U.S. Reports: Mayor v. Mason, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 266 (1803)

J. B. Porter to Thomas Jefferson, August 23, 1814, Receipt

Cpt. D. Porter to James Madison, November 28, 1822.

Jehial Bryan's patent Daily account of time for thirty years. Utica. Northway & Porter printers. [c. 1829].

Admiral David Porter

Special message of the governor, to the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. and to the members thereof ... David R. Porter. Executive Chamber April 16, 1840. Holbrook, Henlock & Bratton, printers.

J'ai des jambes et vous des yeux, moi je vais vous porter, vous vous serez mon guide / Quichon ; J.J. Grandville.

Samuel Humes Porter to Andrew Jackson, April 28, 1843

Samuel Humes Porter to Andrew Jackson, December 18, 1843

Mr. Zadoc Porter, great great grand uncle of Dr. Porter

Interesting facts for the consideration of the citizens of Washington ... It is a fact that Mr. Rufus Porter, of this City, has discovered an apparently feasible plan for aerial navigation, which has been satisfactorily tested, on a small scale

Nominations of the do-nothings of Washington, for 1856. for Mayor. Jas. Robertson, Editor of the Truth. For assessors Ham Hughes. For Common Council George Turner, George Longdon, John McDevitt. For the Board of aldermen. Bill Porter. Beau Hickm

Adm. D.D. Porter

Adm. D.D. Porter

Gen. Fitz John Porter, U.S.A.

Adm. D.D. Porter, U.S.N.

Gen. Fitz John Porter, U.S.A.

Gen. A. Porter

Gen. Robert[?] Porter, U.S.A.

Commander W.D. Porter, U.S.N.

Lt. B.H. Porter, U.S.N.

Fitz-John Porter

Commander W.D. Porter, U.S.N.

Gen. Horace Porter, U.S.A.

The U.S. Commissioners for the 1st Japanese embassy to the U.S., May - July 1860. Commander Sidney Smith Lee, Captain Samuel F. DuPont, Lieut. David Dixon Porter

Our Peace Commissioners for 1865: Sheridan, Grant, Sherman, Porter, Lincoln, Farragut, and Thomas

Our Peace Commissioners for 1865: Sheridan, Grant, Sherman, Porter, Lincoln, Farragut, and Thomas


Acting Master W. Porter, U.S.N.

Hon. Asa Porter Grover of Ky.

[Two sketches: Stonemans battery opens. The gunboat porter?]

Acting Master W. Porter, U.S.N.

Col. Burr Porter

Adm. D.D. Porter, U.S.N.

Hon. Porter Sheldon of N.Y.

Acting Master W. Porter, U.S.N.

[Cairo. Porter]

Adml. D.D. Porter, U.S.N.

Fitz John Porter / Brady, New York.

Lt. B.H. Porter, U.S.N.

Andrew Porter

Our Peace Commissioners for 1865: Sheridan, Grant, Sherman, Porter, Lincoln, Farragut, and Thomas

Adml. D.D. Porter, U.S.N.

David Dixon Porter, Rear Admiral

Andrew Porter to Army of Potomac Headquarters, Monday, September 16, 1861 (Authority of provost marshal in Washington)

[Bv't. Brig. Gen. Horace Porter, half-length portrait, facing right]

Caleb B. Smith to A. G. Porter, Saturday, December 28, 1861 (Military affairs)

Deck of one of Porter's mortar schooners

[Colonel August Willich, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] / from Porter's Gallery, Cincinnati.

Admiral Porter and General Meade.

Commodore Farragut's squadron and Captain Porter's mortar fleet entering the Mississippi River / sketched by an Officer of the "Mississippi".

Commodore Farragut's squadron and Captain Porter's mortar fleet entering the Mississippi River

Andrew H. Foote to William D. Porter, Thursday, January 09, 1862 (Military affairs)

Fitz John Porter to Henry W. Halleck, Sunday, September 14, 1862 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Allen's farm house. Headquarters of General Fitz John Porter. Lafayette's headquarters before the battle of Yorktown

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Allen's farm house near Williamsburg Road. General Fitz John Porter's headquarters. Corps of Sumner and Heintzelman camped in the background

Antietam, Maryland. Lt. Col. Charles B. Norton at headquarters of Gen. Fitz-John Porter

Commodore Farragut's squadron and Captain Porter's mortar fleet entering the Mississippi River

Plan of Fort Jackson, showing the effect of the bombardment by the U.S. mortar flotilla and gunboats, April 18th to 24th 1862 : flag officer D.G. Farragut commanding fleet, Com. D.D. Porter commanding flotilla /

D. Porter / from the original painting by Chappel in the possession of the publishers.

Fitz-John Porter's Hdquarters

Admiral Porter's second dummy frightening the Rebels at Vicksburg

Approaches to Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post, on the Arkansas River : captured by the U.S. Mississippi Squadron, under command of Act'g. Rear Admiral David D. Porter, U.S.N., January 11th, 1863 /

Map showing the route of the late expedition, commanded by Rear Admiral Porter, U.S.N., in attempting to get into the Yazoo River by the way of Steel's Bluff [i.e., Bayou] and Deer Creek.

Route of the late expedtion [sic] commanded by Act'g. Rear Admiral D. D. Porter U.S.N. attempting to get into the Yazoo River by the way of Steels Bayou and Deer Creek

Aquia Creek Landing, Virginia. Group of officers: Col. [Rogers], Lt. Col. Sawtelle, Dr. Whyte, Capt. McGraw and Capt. J.W. Forsyth, Provost Marshal, Major A. Parker Porter

Theodore Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, December 18, 1863 (Case of Benjamin Porter)

Admiral D.D. Porter and staff on board flag-ship, Malvern, Norfolk, Va., Dec. 1864

Lt. Porter tries spherical case, and shell

Address of welcome to Rear Admiral David D. Porter, on his temporary return to his home, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 27th, 1864.

Admiral D. D. Porter

The war in Louisiana--Commodore Porter's fleet before Alexandria, March 26 / from a sketch by our special artist, C.E.H. Bonwill. - The war in Louisiana--Battle of Crump's Hill, April 2, between Gen. Lee's cavalry and the rebels / from a sketch by our special artist, C.E.H. Bonwill. - The war in Louisiana--Fort De Russy, Red River, captured March 14 / from a sketch by Owen G. Long.

Porter, Hon. Allen of Mich

David D. Porter / photographed by Brady, expressly for this work.

Order of attack on Fort Fisher by the Squadron under command of Rear Admiral D. D. Porter, U.S.N. in the combined naval and military operations which resulted in the capture of the Rebel defences at New Inlet, N.C. January 14th & 15th 1865.

Line of rebel works, Smith's Island, N.C. Evacuated January 16th, 1865. Taken possession of by naval and military forces January 17th, 1865. Surveyed by J. S. Bradford, U.S. Coast Survey, A.D.C. to Admiral D. D. Porter

Porter, A.J. (U.S. Treasury Dept)

Gen. C. L. Kilburn / From Porter's Gallery, 106th Fourth St. Cincinnati.

Porter, General Horace, U.S.A.

Washington, D.C. - President Grant signing the Ku-Klux Force Bill in the President's room with Secretary Robeson and Gen. Porter, at the Capitol, April 20

"Children of William Porter Thomas and Margaret Stafford Thomas taken about 1871 near Logansport, Indiana"

Hon. Henry Wilson, U. S. Senate. Sir:- My attention has been called to your remarks with reference to Gen. John Pope, as published in the Globe of March 26, 1871 ... Your obedient servant Fitz John Porter. Morristown. N. J. April 1st, 1871.

[Exterior view of fish market with several people, shoppers and merchant(?), holding fish, also a porter with large bundle on his back, and a woman playing a shamisen]

[Porter wearing protective outer garments made of straw]

[Medallion honoring Maj. Gen. Peter Buel Porter: obverse shows profile bust; reverse shows patriotic allegorical illus. and "Resolution of Congress, November 3, 1814" for 3 battles in War of 1812 - Chippewa, Niagara, and Erie (July-Sept. 1814)]

Factories of the Wheeler & Wilson M'F'G. Co., Bridgeport, Conn. / Wils. Porter, del., 81.

Works of Eaton, Cole & Burnham Co., Bridgeport, Conn. / Wils. Porter, del., '81. ; Charles Hart, lith., 26 Vesey St., NY.

[Factory of Hotchkiss' Sons, hardware manufacturers] / Wils. Porter, del., '82.

Letter from Samuel Porter to Alexander Graham Bell, April 9, 1882

Wash. High School, 1886 (Porter)

James Porter and family, northeast Custer County, Nebraska.

Porter, northeast Custer County, Nebraska.

Forbes' improved system for the manufacture of ale, beer and porter of the finest quality and flavor ... George W. Forbes, brewer, 180 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio [c. 1887].

Albert G. Porter / PCD.

[Porter with shoulder pole, full-length studio portrait, standing, facing front]

Porter's fleet passing the dam at Alexandria

Admiral Porter's fleet at the mouth of the Yazoo

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