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Dude sweet music, superb costumes.


Déesse 16, rue Halévy, Paris / / PAL.

Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

Autographic Kodak - write it on the film - at the time.

Recruting poster for the Mass. state train of Artillery, Boston, 1776

The tiger lilies

Professor Cummings, the celebrated magician, vocalist, and comedian!!

Repeated to-night grand combination Swiss bell ringers and Continental Vocalists at the public hall

[Poster offering fifty dollars reward for the capture of a runaway slave Stephen.]

Clinton County Illinois Republican Party, Monday, May 03, 1858 (Poster for Republican meeting)

Aerial voyages over London Ashburnham Park, King's Road, Chelsea.

Arrah-Na-Pogue, or The Wicklow wedding

Four graces

Positive sale of the mansion with ample grounds attached, and eighty-five building lots, being the estate of the late George W. Keating : situated in the county just beyond Boundary Street and fronting Lincoln Avenue, at auction : [part of Eckington, Washington D.C.] /

[Devils and floating girl, circus stock poster]

[Man posting an advertisement for "La publicité en France par Emile Mermet" on a city wall between a poster of two people captioned "les femmes" and a poster of a "Montgolfier" hot-air balloon]

[Aerial balloon performance with tents and audience below]

[Balloon show bill]

[Drug poster]

Receivers' subdivision of part of a tract of land in county of Washington, D.C., called Friendship, St. Philip, and Jacob, and re-survey of Jacob.

[Portraits of Kiralfy family and lead dancers with scenes from productions]

Kiralfy's grand spectacle of Paradise lost

Hand & glove a new & powerful domestic drama of original incidents : written & constructed by Geo. Conquest and Paul Meritt of London.

Plantation banjo player

Negro double song & dance

A Voltaire: vêtements tout fait, vêtements sur mesure / / J. Chéret.

Rose Eytinge

Diplôme avec médaille dʹor grand module

Champagne and oysters

Rice's Extravaganza Combination

The little duke


Les cloches de Corneville

Babes in the wood

The Victoria Loftus British Blondes

Champagne and oysters

Adah Richmond's Operetta Bouffe Troupe

Birch, Wambold & Backus, San Francisco Minstrels from their Opera House, Broadway & 29th Street, New York

Clinton Hall's Strategists

Robson & Crane as the knaves of Shakespeare

Leonzo Bros. sensational artists and the great dog, Tiger

Robson & Crane in Shakespeare's "Comedy of errors"

The chimes of Normandy

Saville English Opera Company

Juvenile Pinafore

The banker's daughter

Arnold Brothers' Great Novelty Troupe original big 12.

Beula Merton, solo cornetist

H.M.S. Pinafore

Jennie Yeamans as "Mitt"

H.J. Sargents Comedy Company (organization no. 4) in Dion Boucicault's farcical comedy, "Contempt of court"

Thro' the dark

F.C. Bangs as "Daniel Druce"

Ella Zuila, the Australian funambuliste

Rice's Surprise Party in the great musical extravaganza, "Horrors"

Miss Jane Coombs

Streets of New York thrilling fire scene.

Effie Johns

Chelsea, the nearly new handsome contents, comprising an ebonized & gilt drawing room suite ...

Rice's Evangeline extravaganza company

Little Maggie Benson the original "Baby Benson."


Padgett & Bassett's Bric-a-brac

Rice's Surprise Party

The galley slave Bartley Campbell's picturesqe [sic] drama.

H.M.S. Pinafore Rice's extravaganza combination.

Saville English Opera Company

Miss Alice Placide

Kate Thayer Grand Concert Company

Gotthold Octoroon Combination


Miss Jane Coombs, "School for scandal"

Miss Rose Goodall

Alice Oates

The Old Dominion Colored Vocalists with the Gotthold Octoroon Combination

M.M.O.P. H.M.S. Pinafore.

Frank I. Frayne as Si Slocum

The human canon ball

[Woman in burlesque costume in front of rocky outcrops]

Robt. McWade as Rip Van Winkle



The little duke

The banker's daughter

H.M.S. Pinafore

Coming! Prof. H.B. Reynolds the world renowned sorcerer, necromancer, and magician will appear in Freaks ....

[Balloon labeled "H. Lachambre," with two men riding in the basket]


Ascensione del cave. Emile Julhes, capitano areonauta [i.e. aeronauta]

The voyagers

Oliver Twist - Nancy Sikes

Janauschek as "Meg Merrilies"

The original mystery man of India, the great Kara the world's foremost mind reader and crystal gazer and his $50,000 production of Oriental splendor "A night in the Orient."

American triumph. A. Marschall & Co. American extra dry champagne / National Bureau of Engraving, Philadelphia.

Abbey's Humpty Dumpty

5th annual tour, B.A. Bamber's Dime Show travels, art, history, astronomy, fun, electricity : grand stereoptical dissolving views : scenes in many lands.

The Hutchinson Family tribes of John and Jesse.

De Wolf Hopper