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[Printing press of Joducus Badius with three workers in shop]

Boston, April 10, 1729. Reverend Sir, The New-England chronology staying for the remarkables of your place, and the composer being unwilling to send it to the press without them, that so the work may be as compleat as possible --- You are theref

Now in the press, and next week will be published, for the benefit of my fellow citizens and their posterity (In octavo) The true art of mixing every kind of wine and spirits, so as to retain the flavour of either sort you desire ... Also the tr

New-York, April 27, 1775. To the public. As many publications have appeared from my press which have given offense to the colonies, and particularly to many of my fellow citizens, I am therefore led, by a most sincere regard for their favourable

Committee-Chamber, New York, May 12, 1775. Whereas the friends of liberty in the different confederated colonies on this Continent have taken great and just offence at the several publications from Mr. Rivingron's press; and his person and prope

[Passage, in Russian, from A Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow (1790), in which A.N. Radischev cites excerpts from the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 which guarantee freedom of the press]

The President's message on the treaty papers. Gentlemen of the House of representatives ... Geo. Washington. United States March 30,1796 [Boston] [Signed of hand] Done by A. Martin Orrery Press [1796].

The old Ramage press. By Wm. Oland Bourne. [New York? n. d.].

Harvard University, in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The order of the exercises for the commencement, August XXV, M,DCCCII ... Cambridge-- Printed at the University Press, by William Hilliard, Printer to the University. [1802].

Harvard University in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Order of the exercises for commencement. August XXXI. MDCCCIII ... Cambridge, Printed at the University Press by W. Hilliard. [1803].

Harvard University in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement. August XXIX. MDCCIV. Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, by W. Hilliard. [1804].

History of the church in the press, and wil be speedily published by E. Thayer, at the Theological Book-Store, No. 25, Broad-Street, Charleston, (S.oCa.) An historical account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina, from the first

Ennion William's reply to John Rowlett's "Caution to Banks," &c. published in the Democratic Press, dated the 14th and 24th inst. in the National Gazette of the 25th, and in the Philadelphia Gazette of the 25th ... Ennion Williams. 11 mo 28, 182

Erie & junction canal directory; containing a list of the principal places on said canals, with their distance from each other, and from the several collectors' office. By Samuel W. Shepard, Little-Falls. Griffing's Press-1828.

The declaration of seventy-five physicians of Boston ... Ford & Damrell, Temperance Press, Wilson's Lane Boston 1832.

100 dollars reward. Ran away from the subscriber, living near Charlestown, Jefferson County, Virginia, on the night of the 4th instant two negro men Robert & Lewis ... John Lock. October 6, 1834. Charlestown: Printed at the Virginia Free Press O

The rights of conjugal happiness contended By Mary G. Doe. Biddeford, Me. Printed on the "Eastern Journal Fast Engine Press [184-].

Funeral services in commemoration of the death of William Henry Harrison, late president of the United States, on Monday, April 19, 1841--- at Mechanic Hall, Salem. Religious exercises by Rev. Charles Mason ... Salem. Observer Press [1841].

Order of exercises in honor of the memory of Wm. Henry Harrison, late president of the United States, at Roxbury, April 16, 1841. Roxbury. John S. March's Press. [1841].

The death of the Revd. John Wesley A.M. / A. Biggerman del. ; MaGee's Lith Press, 49 So. Third St.

Independent opposition day boat for New-York, & intermediate landings, from the pier foot of Hamilton-St ... The new & splendid steamer Alida ... Albany From the Mammoth Job Press of H. D. Stone [1847].

List of officers for 1849. Troy, Kneeland and Co's steam press. [1849].

The high priest in his robes. Exod. xxviii. 39 / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

Altar of burnt offering. Exod. xxvii / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

American fashions, fall & winter 1849-50, by John R. Shankland, no. 100, Chesnut St. Philadelphia / designed & lithographed by Hoffy, No. 20 Sth. 3rd. Street, Philadelphia ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press, Philadelphia.

The tabernacle in the wilderness, and plan of the encampment. Exod. XI. 2 / lith'y. of A. Kollner Phila ; H. Camp's lith'c. press.

Mendelssohn Quintette Club of Boston (organized 1849) / Armstrong & Co. Lith. 1 Somerset St. Boston and Riverside Press, Cambridge.

Reminiscences of a fancy dress ball, in Philadelphia, February 1850 / drawn from nat: & on stone by C. Harnisch ; P.S. Duval's steam lith. Press, Philada.

Capt. Partridge would inform the public that the fall term of the above institute will comme ce on Monday, the 7th of Sept under his personal superintendence ... Hanover Press [185-?].

The grave of my mother Poetry and music composed and respectfully dedicated to Miss Megee of Philadelphia by the author of Mary's beauty / / Queen ; C. Schuessele del. ; P.S. Duval & Co. steam lith. press.

Order of exercises, at the convention, and also at Capt. Partridge's military collegiate institute, at Norwich, Vt., on the 13th and 14th days of August, 1851 ... Hanover Press.

Spring flower polka / Wagner & McGuigans Lith Stream Press.

Middlesex, ss. To Horatio N. Cate, Constable of the Town of Reading. In the County of Middlesex. Greeting. [To notify the inhabitants of the election 8th day of November.] Reading, Oct. 28th, 1852. Selectmen of Reading ... Boston Propeller Press

Order of exercises at the Old South Church, Wednesday, June 16,1852. at the centennial celebration of the separation of Danvers from Salem. Salem Observer Press [1852].

Shankland's American fashions for spring & summer of 1853, 100, Chesnut [sic] St. Philadelphia / P.S. Duval & Co. Steam lith. Press, Phila. ; A. Biegemann, colorist.

York County Agricultural Society for the promotion of agriculture, horticulture, and the mechanic, domestic, and household arts / J. Queen del. ; P.S. Duval & Co. Lith press Phil.

From the Providence Daily tribune February 20, 1855. Editors of Tribune:- After the comments of the Journal, justice to myself seems to require that I should reverse my decision to withold from the press the remarks it censured. The editor of th

Paris, New York & Philadelphia fashions for spring & summer 1855, published & sold by F. Mahan, No. 186 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia / P.S. Duval & Co's Steam lith. Press, Philada.

The Word - Extra. Censorship of the press.-Att'y Gen. Marston, Oliver Stevens, Dist. Att'y of Suffolk Co., and Postmaster Tobey of Boston, say "Leaves of Grass" is obscene; we appeal the case from such narrow-minded judges, to individual citizen

The Princeton Press. Extra. Princeton, Monday Morning, March 12, 1855. Nassau Hall burnt down!!.

Examination of the Lowell High School. Monday, July 21, 1856 ... Daily Courier Steam Press, 27 Central Street.

Anti-slavery fair! The Abington anti-slavery fair will commence on Monday evening, Nov. 9th, at Union Hall, North Abington ... Abington, Nov. 6, 1857. Abington. Standard Press, Vaughan's Building, Centre Avenue.

The committee on exhibition of the Horticultural society, District of Columbia, submit the following schedule of premiums to be awarded at their exhibition on the 30th inst. [Sept. 1857] ... [Washington, D. C.] R. A. Water's steam job press, Sta

Central academy, Corner of E. and 10th street, Washington City, D. C. A select school for boys ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinhorn's steam job press [1858?].

Steamboat line. Stage notice. fare reduced! Cohasset, Scituate & the Glades on and after Tuesday, June 28th ... Cohasset, June 28, 1850. Propeller Job Press, 142 Washington St., Boston.

[Advertisement, September 12, 1859] [Washington] McGill's Steam Press, [1859].

The new and elegant screw steamship Mt. Vernon having resumed her trips, will leave for New York, on Wednesday, Jan'y 25th, 1860 and New York for Washington on Saturday, Jan. 28th, at 3 p. m ... Washington. H. Polkinhorn's steam job press, D. st

William F. M. Arny to Chicago Press, Friday, September 21, 1860 (Cover letter)

Cotton press

Naturalization. C. Humphrey Esq. will attend at No. 16 William Street Boston, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 24, 25 and 26, 1860. From 9 A. M., til 9 P. M., and prepare naturalization papers ... Boston, Keenan's Job press, 104 Washington St

The press gang. Air: Tom Haliard. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Coining press

Rifleman, attention! A company of one hundred men to be selected from the best rifle shots ... Recruits will be received by James D. Fessenden ... Portland, Maine. Bridgton Reporter Press, S. H. Noyes, printer, 1861.

The first ecumenical council of Nice; a world's Christian convention. A. D., 325 By Dean Dudley 8 vo. Price $1.00 A liberal discount made to the trade. Published by T. O. H. O. Burnham, 143 Washington Street, Boston. Opinions of the Press

The Quaker gun, now on exhibition, was brought from the rebel works at Manassas, and wishing the public to witness the artillery used by the aforesaid rebels, it will be exhibited for a few days only at the old "Press" office, 417 Chestnut Stree

Philadelphia Press, Friday, September 26, 1862 ("Colonization of the Negroes")

J. B. Gough. Presentation of a silver cup. The Boston young ladies' total abstinence society will give an entertainment at the Tremont Temple! on this Wednesday evening Oct. 23d ... [Boston] Mail steam press. [1862].

Barnard to Washington D. C. Associated Press, Monday, March 10, 1862 (Telegram reporting evacuation of Winchester)

Oppression!! Suppressing the press

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton &c., Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. results)

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton and Craig, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton &c., Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, Lawrence A. Gobright &c., Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, et al., Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Pennsylvania election results)

Rivers & Derious' combination circus! and Bedouin Arab troupe for a short time only, on lot cor. of New York Avenue and 6th Street, commencing Thursday, September 29, 1864 ... [Washington, D. C.] M. Polkinhorn & Son's steam job press. [1864].

Cincinnati Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Ohio election results)

The press, the field, the sketchbook / Th. Nast.

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

Union Press. A daily newspaper to represent and advocate the views of unconditional union men ... Louisville, Ky. [1864].

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton &c., Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton and Lawrence A. Gobright, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

New York Press.

Abraham Lincoln to Friends of Union and Liberty, Monday, May 09, 1864 (Press release announcing success of Grant's army)

Our Mexican frontier - cotton press at Piedras Negras, on the Rio Grande, the centre of the rebel trade / from a sketch by our special artist, C.E. Bonwill.

Philadelphia Associated Press to Charles C. Fulton, Wednesday, October 12, 1864 (Telegram reporting Penn. election results)

L.A. Gobright, Pres of Associated Press

Representatives of the press, with the excursion

Governor Cummings. Reply to his letter in the "Press of November 8 - Review of his "Performances" first as the Negroes' Moses, and next as the Copperheads Aaron He wants to save his bread and butter.

Lincoln and cabinet. Annual greeting of the carriers to the patrons of "The Press." For January 1st, 1866.

Daily Press and times. Extra. Saturday May 16, 1868. Impeachment. The vote on the 11th articles. The President found not guilty.

Sale of overcoats for cash only! All our overcoasts marked down ... Lawrence & Co. National Rockland Bank Building .... Boston. Propeller Press. 21 Cornhill [1868].

The greatest blessing of the age! Prof. Kayton's great remedy for pains and aches: The oil of life! ... Savannah, Ga. Power press, E. J. Purse. [c. 1869].

The Pictorial spirit of the Illustrated European Press

Scenes in cotton land: The cotton press

Our book bulletin- No. 11. Immense success of Buffalo land. Sixth thousand already in press! ... A word to our army of agents. E. Hannaford & Co., Publishers of first-class subscription books. Cincinnati, June 28, 1872.

"I will not ask to press that check"

[Wall Paper Printing Press, Machinery Hall at the centennial, 1876, Philadelphia]

The Centennial -- wall paper printing press, Machinery Hall / photographed by the Centennial Photographic Company.

Beware of the following counterfeits. Latest official report. Corrected from list furnished by the comptroller of the currency, Issued quarterly by Geo. Hoag & Co. New York. Press of Bromell & Nottage. New York. December 1877. New York. Press of

Oil press

[The powder press at the Imperial Gunpowder Factory] / the photograph studio of the Imperial School of Engineering.

[The powder press with a roller at the Imperial Gunpowder Factory] / the photograph studio of the Imperial School of Engineering.

The siege of New York, or the American battle of Dorking

[Grover Cleveland as fisherman helping "The Post" girl with "presidential policy" oar on "ship of state"]

Walking the plank

Grover Cleveland as fisherman helping "The Post" girl with "presidential policy" oar on "ship of state"

Walking the plank

Memorial services. James Abraham Garfield, born November 19th, 1831. Died September 19th, 1881 President of the United States. Petrie's Grove, Griggsville, Monday, Sept. 26th, 1881, 2 p. m. Exerciese ... Griggsville, [Ohio] Independent press. [1

Mr. Whistler's "ten o'clock," as delivered at Prince's Hall, February 20th, 1885 Opinions of the press, 1885.

An address to cutters, tailors and others engaged in the manufacture of clothing and cloaks ... Vote for Harrison and Morton and protection to American industries ... New York: Press of De Leeuw & Oppenheimer. [1888].

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