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Exhibition. The honour of company is requested at the exhibition in the College Chapel, on Wednesday the 31st instant, at one o'clock, P. M. Rhode-Island College. December 29 1794.

No. [1908] This ticket will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn against its number in the Norfolk lottery for paving the streets, agreeable to the scheme. [Signed Tho. Newton.] Norfolk Willett & O'Connor, printers. [1796.].

Providence Episcopal church lottery No. [6705] This ticket will entitle the possession to such prize as may be drawn against is number, if demanded within six months. By order of the General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island. November, 1797]

Presidential tally, Presented by the Firemans fund insurance company of California. [s. l.]

St. Louis Mo. St. Louis, C. Witter [18--?].

University of Pennsylvania. Lectures on the theory & practice of medicine by N. Chapman. M.D. Nov. 4, 1848. For Mr. Jacob R. Ludlow.

Please observe!! Recommended to the attention of M[blank] by a member of the anti- poking-your-nose-into-other-people's-business-society. Wanted immediately! a person of fair character, (age or sex immaterial,) at a salary of $500 per ann

Mr. Jefferson's last letter. The following letter is supposed to be the last production of the pen of the illustrious Thomas Jefferson, It was written to the Mayor of Washington, in reply to an invitation to attend the celebration of the Jubilee

Boston, June 12, 1804. Having by the advice of a number of friends, determined to publish a map of the United States; and judging it most adviseable to attempt obtaining a subscription for the same, I have accordingly issued proposals for that p

Lexington lottery, second class. Authorized by law of the state of Virginia. This ticket, on payment of five dollars, will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn to its number, if demanded within twelve months. Subject to a education o

No. [4186] Protestant Episcopal Church lottery. This ticket entitles the bearer to such prize as may be drawn against its number, agreeably to the scheme of a lottery for repairing the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Borough of Lancaster. [Si

Certificates. "These are to certify all, to whom it may concern, that Mr. Donald Fraser, of this city, teacher and author of several useful publications;- has been known to me for many years. And as far as I have ever heard has always sustained

Thursday, 181 The American Philosophical Society, hold a stated meeting at their hall, to-morrow evening, at seven o'clock. John Vaughan, Librarian.

The star spangled banner ... Written by F. Key, Esq. During the conflict between Fort M' Henry, and the British Fleet, in 1814. Swain typ. [181-]

By authority of the State of New-Jersey. Queen's College lottery, No. III [blank ticket] New-Brunswick, June, 1814.

William Findlay's inugural address to the Legislature, December 1817. [Harrisburg] Printed by R. B. Wilkins & G. Sweney [1817].

By authority of Congress, and of the state of Maryland. Washington canal lottery. Third class. This ticket will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn to its number, of demanded within twelve months after the draiwng is finished; subje

Grand national lottery. fifth class ... D. Gillespie. The only agent in the United States for the managers ... Washington City, Jacob Gideon, junior. printer. 1821.

... Washington canal & Rhode Island state lottery. Class No. one, for 1826. This ticket will entitle the holder to one quarter of such prize as may be drawn by its numbers, if demanded within twelve months after the drawing, Subject to a deducti

Funeral invitation. Yourself and family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of Maria Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. John Winwright, this morning at 10 o'clock, from his residence on Sycamore between fourth and fifth streets. Cincinnat

In honor of the election of our distinguished fellow-citizen General Andrew Jackson, to the presidency of the United States, you are respectfully invited to attend a ball in Nashville ... Nashville, December 10, 1828.

[Cut of broom] To sweep the Augean Stable. For President Andrew Jackson for Vice-President John C. Calhoun. [16 names of candidates] [1828].

Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore. June 13th, 1829. Sir Your note of the 22d April, addressed to me through your private secretary, accompanying the return of my papers ... [Signed] Mary Barney. Curtis, Pa. [1829].

[Checks dated 183-].

State rights & nullification ticket. For State convention. Samuel E. Nelson. Thomas G. M'Fadden. John L. Felder. [1832?].

... The U. States bank will pay on demand five dollars in panic, distress, or famine at their office of discount in the U. S. Senate Chamber, Washington City ... [Washington, D. C. June 10, 1834.].

[Photostats of $1, $20, $50, and $100 bills of currency issued by the Republic of Texas, 1837-1841].

Plan of the Senate chamber of the United States by D. H. Burr. 2d session 25th Congress. 1837 & 1838.

Senate chamber of the United States. Engraved & published by J. V. N. Throop, C. W. Missouri Avenue between 4.5 and 6th St. [1839?].

[Valentine. n. p., 184-?].

The eagle of liberty strangling the serpent of corruption. True American ticket. For president. Wm. Henry Harrison. For president Francis Granger Ohio electors of president and vice-president of the U. States. [1840?]

[Valentine] N. Y., Strong [184-?].

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform. 4th may 1840. Published by J. S. Horton, corner Baltimore and South St. Baltimore, Md.

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

In memory of President Wm. H. Harrison, who departed this life, April 4, 1841, Aged 68. Deeply lamented by 16 millions of people.

[Temperance pledge filled in by Neil James Sweeney, 28 of March, 1844].

Bunker Hill monument. [Cut of monument] Commenced June 17, 1825. Completed June 17, 1843 Battle June 17, 1775.

Young men's whig national convention held in Baltimore May 2d 1844. [Campaign badge printed on satin].

Campaign ribbon. [n. p.] [c. 1844].

Sir. The late Whig convention of Indiana at the suggestion of the Whig Central Committee of Tippecanoe, deemed it advisable to hold "another Whig Convention upon the Tippecanoe Battle ground" ... invite you to be present and assist at the Conven

[Election ballot for 1846].

Finn & Rockwell's counting-house calendar! for time without end. Auburn. N. Y. c. 1850.

Regular line of clipper ships for San Francisco. Elegant California Clipper ship!! ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

Your note for dolls. will be due at the Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria, Va. [185-?].

For San Francisco with certain dispatch. the splendid, first class clipper ship George Green ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

Cotillon party. The pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a Cotillon party, to be given at Donivan's Hall, High street, on Thursday evening, November 18, 1852. Tickets admitting a lady and gentleman $1- Single tickets 50 c

[Election ticket for the second and third ward] [Washington, June 1853].

Whiskey, or fight Fourth ward. Collector, Bull Robinson. Register Ben. Beveridge, Sr. Alderman. Ham. Hughes ... [Washington, D. C.? June 1853].

First ward [Election ticket 1853].

Second ward. Register. William J. McCormick Z. K. Offutt, Peter M. Pearson. Collector. Robert J. Roche. Surveyor. Henry W. Ball. Alderman. Beniah Willett ... Common Council. Nicholas Callan ... Assessor. George H. Plant ... [Boston 1853].

Grand ball. Your company is respectfully requested at a ball to be given by Ellen Grant, at Schwartz' Hall, on G street, between 17th and 18th streets, October 16th, 1854.

Musicians' military & civic ball, complimentary to the Lowell cornet band, at French's Hall, on Thursday evening. Nov. 16th, 1854.

$500 reward. A fraud was committed on the chemical bank, in this City, on the 30th inst. by means of forged checks ... J. Q. Jones. President of the Chemical Bank. New York, Aug. 30th, 1854.

Nominations of the do-nothings of Washington, for 1856. for Mayor. Jas. Robertson, Editor of the Truth. For assessors Ham Hughes. For Common Council George Turner, George Longdon, John McDevitt. For the Board of aldermen. Bill Porter. Beau Hickm

Affectionately dedicated to father J.B. Byrne. There is no profession in the world more honorable than that of a good priest ... St. Matthew's, August 23, 1857. [Washington, D. C. 1857].

[5 labels from soap and perfume pasted on sheet of paper with copyright entry, Deposited in Clerk's office, Southern District of New York, September 30, 1858].

Excursion to Mount Vernon. by the American medical association, Friday, May 7th, 1858. per steamer. Admit the bearer.

Boston, March 18, 1858. Dear Sir.- We have removed our office from 26 and 28 Phoenix Building to No. 17 Washington Street ... Cowles & Company.

Republican ticket. For President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. For Vice President Hannibal Hamlin of Maine. Electors of President and Vice President [11 names] For Governor Richard Yates ... 1860. [s. l.]

The ladies' choice. 3d Ward For Mayor. J. G. Berret, Alderman, J. F. Brown. Councilmen L. Tree, T. Scheckeds, P. M. Martin. Assessor. J.W. Rane. [Washington, D.,C. 186-].

Rockwell & rollins. steam power printers and stereotypers, 122 Washington Street. Boston [186?].

To President Andrew Johnson. Whereas, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States ... have recently left Washington for the City of Chicago, to participate in the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the monument to America's favorite son

Union Ticket. First, second, fourth ward. For Collector, James F. Haliday, for Register, William Morgan, for Surveyor William Forsyth. [Washington, D. C., s. n 1861.]

Union Ticket. Fourth, fourth, sixth ward. For Collector, James Haliday, for Register, William Morgan, for Surveyor, William Forsyth. [Washington, D. C., s. n., 1861]

Union ball. 1861. The honor of Mrs. Lewis S. Haydens' company is requested at the Union Ball on Monday evening March 4th at Washington, D. C. Washingtong, D. C. Philip & Solomons, Metropolitan book store [1861].

Republican ticket [1865].

Democratic ticket [1865].

National inauguration ball, March 4th, 1865 The honor of Mrs. Joseph Wood company is requested.

Jeffie Davis the belle of Richmond. New York The American News company, 119 & 121 Nassau St. [1865].

Admit bearer to the soup & bones convention, at the Shenanagan Wigman. By order of the Bread and butter brigade. J. Davis, Cor. Sec'y. [n. p. 1867?].

Workingmen's ticket. For Governor. Joseph R. Hawley, of Hartford. For Lieut. Governor: Oliver H. Perry, of Fairfield ... [1867].

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Good to bearer. for one dollar to be applied to the payment of any bill for advertising ordered through us in any newspaper or newspapers at publishers cash rates. Geo. P. Rowell, New York, May 1868.

U. S. Senate. Impeachment of the President. Admit the bearer. April 25th, 1868. Gallery. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant at Arms. Wash., Philip & Solomons [1868].

Union Republican ticket. Grant and Colfax. Electoral ticket for presidential electors. Joseph R. Hawley, William Fitch, Clark Holt, Luther Boardman, Henry Bill. George Dudley. [Nov. 1868].

U. S. Senate. Impeachment of the President Admit the bearer April 1 1868. Gallery,.

Gallery of the U. S. Senate. Inauguration Day, March 4th, 1869. Admit the bearer. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Wash., Philp & Solomons, [1869].

San Domingo Pen pictures and leaves of travel, romance and history, from the portfolio of a correspondent in the American tropics.

Union Republican ticket for constitution State officers for governor Gen'l R. K. Scott ... [South Carolina] [187-].

Republican ticket. Grant and Wilson. For electors of President and Vice president .... For Governor. William B. Washburn of Greenfield.. [1871].

First annual reception of the Illinois state Republican association at Music Hall, Masonic temple. Friday evening, February 6th, 1871. Complimentary. Admit gentlemen and ladies [Washington, D. C. 1871].

Union Republican ticket. Grant and Wilson. Electoral ticket for presidential electors. Henry P. Haven, Henry Farnam, Julius Converse, Charles Benedict, Lucius Briggs, Oliver Hoyt. 1872

The two dollar shirt, the best in the United States. New York M. Thalmessinger, stationer 1875.

Directions for restoring persons apparently dead from drowning ... Circulated by the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1875.

The United States centennial commission and the Centennial board of finance respectfully invite you to be present at the closing ceremonies of the International exhibition of 1876, on the 10tn of November, at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. To ___

To the people of the United States. Well founded apprehensions that the civilization of our state is in danger of being utterly overthrown, and an over-ruling sense of duty to ourselves, our posterity, and the country at large, impel us to make

Counting the vote for President and Vice-President. Admit bearer to gallery of House of representatives. 557 March 2, 1877.

Garfield memorial hospital to be erected in the City of Washington. This is to certify that S. Denden Gallaudet has contributed one dollar towards the establishment of the Garfield memorial hospital ... New York Homer Lee Bank Note Co. [188-?].

[Invitation to be present at the ceremonies attending the reinterment of the remains of John Howard Payne at Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D. C] [Washington, D. C. 1883].

Washington, D. C. January 2, 1885. Dear Sir: The Jackson Democratic association organized Oct. 1829, will celebrate the sixty-ninth anniversary of the battle of New Orleans by a public meeting in Masonic Temple, Thursday Eve'ng January 8, at 7 o

Our lost friend. P. J. Mahon. Indianapolis, December 1, 1885.

"American woods." a publication in book form of authentic specimens of American woods. Wooden cross-section cards, elegant for calling cards, wooden wedding invitations, etc. Stereopticon and microscopic preparations of woods. Romeyn B. Hough. P

Funeral services of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, 10:30 A. M., Plymouth Church, March 11, 1887. Non-member ticket.

Wide awake 1860. Hartford Veterans 1892.

Greetings Harriot Stanton Blatch Daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Lafayette opera house, Washington, D. C. February 15, 1900. I bring to you, Susan B. Anthony, the greetings of your friend and co-worker, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, greetings full

[Invitation to see a nearly completed canvas, entitled The Relation of the individual to the State] [New York, 1905].

[Invitation to the inauguration of the President of the United States, 1905.].

Dear Sir. The Presidential campaign is approaching and there is much discussion of the question:" Who is the best man for the Democrats to nominate for President? ... A prompt reply will oblige. Yours truly. Campaign Council. [Bethesda, Md. 190

To the members of the Oregon State Pioneer Association. Greeting. The Third annual Rose Festival will take place in Portland the week of June 7-12 ... [Signed] Seneca Stouts, Chairman Home Coming day Committee Portland Rose Festival. June 7-12,

Be sure to read this notice. Special attention is called to the fact that the doors of Convention Hall ... will be opened at 7 o'clock on the evening of the address, and will be closed at 8:15. The closing of the doors at 8:15 is necessary in or