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Wij Christina medh Gudz...

The Capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Commonwealth. By the Court, in the years 1641. 1642 ... Printed first in New-England, and reprinted in London for Ben Allen in Popes-head Allen. 1643.

Wij Christina medh Gudz ...

To all persons whom these may concern in the several townes, and plantations of the United Colonies in New-England. It is hereby declared, that his highness the Lord Protectour of the Common wealth of England &c. hath commissioned and impowered

Boston in New England. August 9th 1667. The Governour, deputy-governour and sundry of the magistrates. Being assembled, do judge meet to comment to their beloved brethren and neighbours the inhabitants of this colony this following proposed ...

Whereas the lawes published by the Honourable General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76 Sect. 3 Do require all townes from time to time to dispose of single persons and inmates within their towns to service, or otherwise. [Massachusetts, 1668] [Positive Ph

Boston. March 22. 1672/3 The Deputy Covernour and magistrates adjacent being assembled in Council, to consider of the late awful hand of God, consuming our Castle by fire the one and twentieth of this instant, thereby taking away that part of ou

At a General Court held at Boston in New England the second day of October 1678. [A proclamaton for a day of fasting and prayer November 21, 1678] [Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green 1678].

At the second sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England. Whereas it hath pleased his most excellent Majesty our gracious king, by his letter bearing date the twenty seventh of April 1678 ... that the oath of allegiance as it is

The London Gazette: Published by authority. From Thursday February 5th to Monday February 9th 1684 … Printed by Thomas Newcomb in the Savoy 1684. And Reprinted at Boston in New-England by Samuel Green, 1685.

The General Courts answer to Joseph Dudley esqr. &c. This was pas'd by the whole court. Nemine non confentiente. Gentlemen:- [Refusing their assent to his Commission for governing the Colony and other places therein mentioned]. [Boston: Printed

An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New England: who was disharged from his work and office, to be admitted into Heaven, April 20th 1686. [Boston: Pri

Two addresses from the Governour, council and convention of the Massachusets Colony assembled at Boston in New-England. Presented to his majesty, at Hampton-Court, August 7, 1689. By Sir Henry Ashurst Baronet.

From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

At the Convention of the Governour and council, an representatives of the Massachusets Colony [A proclamation setting apart September 19, 1689 as a fast day]. [Cambridge Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].

To the King and Queen's most excellent majesties. The humble address and petition of the Governour, council, and convention of representatives of the people of your majesties collony of the Massachusets, in New-England [Regarding general restora

His majesty's most gracious letter to his government of the Massathusets Colony in New-England ... Printed at Boston in New-England, by Richard Pierce for Benjamin Harris Anno Domini M DC LXXX IX.

To the king and queens most excellent majesties. The humble address of the president and council for the safety of the people, and conservation of the peace. [Regarding restoration of charter and English liberties] Boston in New-England, May 20,

To his highness William Henrick, Prince of Orange, the most humble petition of George Lord Chancellor Jefferies. Most humbly sheweth; that your petitioner who was once Lord Chancellor of England is now become the lowest of your suppliants, and f

Anno Regni regis & reginae Gulielmi& Mariae secundo. By the Governour, & council [An order for enlisting men in the expedition against Canada] Boston March 24 1689. [Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green 1690].

At the General Court of their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting in Boston by adjournment, December 10th, 1690 [An order for the granting forth of printed bills for seven thousand pounds] Cambridge: Printed by Samu

At a General Court for their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting at Boston, upon adjournment, December 22th, 1691 [A proclamation relating to various matters] [Cambridge Printed by Bartholomew Green 1691].

[Arms] By His Excellency the Governor. Whereas it hath been of absolute necessity, that a certain number of men should be impressed, for the service of their Majesties, in defence of this their Province, both at sea and land, against the common

By His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governor in Chief of their Majesties Province of New-York, Province of Pennsylvania, County of New-Castle, and the Territories and tracts of land depending theron in America, and vice-admi

The earthquake Naples: September 21, 1694. Boston, N. E. Preprinted by B. Green, February 21 1694,5.

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. By the honorable, the Lieutenant council & assembly: convened at Boston, upon Wednesday the 27th of May 1696, in the eighth year of His Majesties reign. for better encouragement to prosecute the French and Indi

London, Septemb. 27, Yesterday morning arrived three Holland mails, which bring the following advices ... London, Printed by J. Dawks, Re-printed at Boston in N. E. by B. Green & J. Allen, 1697.

The Turkish fast, out of the Monthly Mercury for December, 1697. [blank] Boston, in N. E. Re-printed by B. Green, and J. Allen. May 13, 1698.

Pennsylvania, ss. I Prothonotary of the Supream Court of the Province of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify, that at a Supream Court held at Philadelphia, for the said Province of Pennsylvania, the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven

State of Georgia. By His Excellency Captain-General, Governor, and commander in chief in and over the said State, and of the militia thereof. To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Know ye, that in pursuance of the act for opening t

[Circular to County assessor. 170-].

Nun will ich valedieren nun so will ich. [12 stanzas of verse] [New York? 17- ?].

By the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Whereas hath been recomended to us as a sober and fit person to keep a house of entertainment; and being requested to grant a license for the same, We do hereby license and al

Hints to Elder Pottle, on the necessity of mortifying the deeds of the body:-- By Jonathan Plummer, a travelling preacher, physician, poet and trader. [17- ].

To the Whigs of 1776. Fellow citizens. You cannot but remember the cry in favor of the "men of 1776" which has continuously been kept up by the Democratic party, and which now again begins to be revived ... An old solder. [n. p. n. d.].

By His Excellency Richard Earl of Bellomont Captain General and Governour in Chief of His Majesties Province of New York ... A proclamation Whereas in the moneth of November last past, one Henry Munden, commander of a merchant ship, called The J

[Blank form of a diploma 17--].

By the Honourable John Nanfan, Esq; His Majesties Lieut Governour and Commander in chief in and over the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas I have thought fit, upon mature deliberation, to dissolve the late Assembly ... believed it

By the Honourable John Nanfan, Esq; His Majesties Lieut. Governour and commander in chief in and over the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas in the confirmation of the treaty with Algiers, and the additional article made the sevent

By the Honourable John Nanfan, Esq. His Majesties Lieut. Governour and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New York ... A proclamation [Offering to stay prosecution of Rip Van Dam, if he will appear before the royal council and acknow

An ordinance for erecting & establishing a High Court of Chancery in the Province of New York. Fort William Henry, the 28th August, 1701. By order of Council. New York: Printed by William Bradford, Printer to the King's most excellent Majesty 17

By the Honourable John Nanfan, His Majesties Lieut Governour and Commander in chief in and over the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God in the time of my absence from this Province, to take unto himself

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation [Dissolving the General Assembly and that another General Assembly shall be called] Given at New York this

By His Excellency. Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God for our sins, immoralties and prophaneness to visit the city and pro

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas the Supreme Court of Her Majesties Province of New York ought by the constitution, there of to be

To his excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Governour of said province … Boston. Printed by Bartholomew Green, and John Allen, Printers to His Excellency the Governour and council 1702.

An ordinance of His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... For suspending the proceedings of the High Court of Chancery of the Province of New York. Given at Fort William Henry in Ne

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A Proclamation [Calling the General Assembly to meet in the town of Jamaica on Oct. 14th instead of the City of New York o

By His Excellency. Edward Lord Cornbury, Capt, General and Governour in Chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas the inhabitants of this Province, by their immortalities and prophaneness have provoked Almighty God to anger a

Copie of the election [for councillors for Massachusetts] made May 27, 1702. [n. p. 1702] [Positive Photostat.].

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas sundry persons within the city of New York have made a common practice of heaping together great q

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas I am credibly informed that Thomas Weaver Esq ... hath by many fraudulent and indirect practices,

July 14th, 1703. Prices of Goods supplyed to the Eastern Indian, by the several truckmasters; and of the peltry received by the truckmasters of the said Indians.

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captain general and governour in chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, &c. in New-England. A proclamation. Whereas Her Majesty by Her royal proclamation for settling and ascert

By his Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captain general and governour in chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of Massachusetts-Bay, &c. in New-England. A proclamation for the better regulation of seamen and marines … Boston. Printed by Barth

By the Honourable Col. Francis Nicholson, and Col. Samuel Vetch. A proclamation. Whereas Her Majesty hath been pleased to instruct us with Her Royal commands and instructions to the governours of Her several provinces upon the Continent of Ameri

B-n, Dec.8, 1713. To the honourable the Society for prorogating the gospel in foreign parts. The representation and request of the ministers, church wardens and vestry of the Church of England in B---n … [Boston 1713].

An elegy in memory of the worshipful Major Thomas Leonard Esq. Of Taunton in New-England: who departed this life on the 24th day of November, AnnoDomini, 1713. In the 73d year of his age. [Boston. Printed by B. Green? 1713].

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. At a session of the great and general Court, held at Boston, October 14, 1713. Resolved that it is for Her Majesties service there be some townships regularly planted and setled in the most defensive manner, in

From the London Gazette published by authority. From Tuesday November 23. To Saturday November 27, 1714. By the King, a proclamation. Declaring His Majesty’s pleasure for continuing the officers in His Majesty’s plantations, till His Majesty’s p

Advertisement. Whereas there was an advertisement in the Boston News Letter the 4th & 11th days of this instant October, giving notice to the subscribers in the partnership for circulating bills or notes, founded on land-security, for meeting on

Map of Livingston Manor Anno 1714.

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captain General and Governor in Chief, in and over His Majesties Provinces of the Massachusetts-Bay and New-Hampshire in New-England. A proclamation against commerce & trade with the French of Canada, Cape

By the governour, a proclamation Whereas at the General Court holden at New Haven, the thirteenth day of this present month, ... it was agreed and resolved by the following act, that the several laws formerly made for the suppressing and punishi

His Majesty’s most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Monday, March the 21st, 1714/15 [blank] Boston: Re-printed by T. Fleet and T. Crump. In Pudding-Lane. Sold by Nicholas Buttolph and Samuel Gerrish 1715.

Copy of the fifth & sixth articles of the Treaty of neutrality in America, between England and France, in the year 1686. Late sent in orders to His Majesty’s frigots attending the government of this Province, to be put in Execution to effect. [b

John Charmion’s latin epitaph from his ardent love to learning and learned men on Mr. Pemberton, who dyed at Boston, the 13th of February, 1716,7 in the 45th year of his age, translated into English. Sacred to the lasting memory of the Reverend

Words of Consolation to Mr. Robert Stetson & Mrs. Mary Stetson, his wife on the death of their son Isaac Stetson, who perished in the mighty waters November 7th, 1718. Aged 22. [1718].

By His Excellency Samuel Shute, Esq. Captain Ganeral and Govenour in chief in and over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. &c. a proclamation [to apprehend seven escaped transported felons] Given under my hand … in Bo

A lamentation occasion'd by the great sickness & lamented deaths of divers eminent persons in Springfield composed by Mr. Jonathan Burt, (an old disciple,) in his fourscore & fifth year. (since deceases,) left as a dying legacy to his children a

Some funeral verses occasioned by the death of the pious and much lamented Mr. Jonathan French of Wollentown, in Connecticut-Colony; who departed this life February the 17th, 1720, 21 in the thirty-second year of his age. [s. l.]

Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4, 1721.

By the honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq; Governour of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut in New-England, a proclamation for a publick thanksgiving .... New-London: Printed by Timothy Green, printer to his honour the governour and company. 172

Upon the drying up that ancient river, the river Merrymak. [36 lines of verse] s.s. January 15, 1719, 20. [And] Connecticut's Flood, on Merrymak's Ebb. [38 lines of verse] Anthrops, Extempore, March 10, 1720, 21. [n.p. 1721].

To His Excellency, William Burnet, Esq; Captain, General and Governour in chief of the Provinces of New-York, New-Jersey and territories depending thereon in America and Vice Admiral of the same, &c. The humble address of the General Assembly of

A poem on the much-lamented death of Mr. Edmund Titcomb, who died May 26, 1722, in the 31st year of his age. By Jonn Calef. [Massachusetts 1722].

The divine name humbly celebrated on occasion of the translation to Heaven of the bright soul of the pious and veruous Madam Susanna thacher late consort of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher, pastor of the Church of Christ in Milton, September 4 An

To the Honourable Patrick Gordon, Esq; Lieutenant Governour of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware. The address of the Mayor and commonalty of the City of Philadelphia, in Council the sixteent

By the Honourable William Dummer, Esq; Lieut Governor & commander in chief, in & over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England a proclamation for apprehending John Pittman. Boston: Printed by B. Green Printer to His Hon. Th

Province of the Massachusetts Bay. Jeremiah Allen, Esq; Treasurer and receiver general for His Majesties said Province. To [blank] constable or collector of the Town of [blank] Greetings, &c. … Given under my hand & seal at Boston, the fifth day

A covenant for reformation assented to in Long-Meadow, in Springfield, August 22d 1728.

Boston, April 10, 1729. Reverend Sir, The New-England chronology staying for the remarkables of your place, and the composer being unwilling to send it to the press without them, that so the work may be as compleat as possible --- You are theref

[Arms] By the Honourable Patrick Gordon, Esq; Lieutenant Governour of the Province of Pennsilvania, and Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex upon Delaware, A proclamation [to quell and reduce by force all tumults, riots, and disorders] Given

A perpetual almanack: the prime, epact, cycle of the sun, dominical letter, moon's age, high water, day of the month, day of the week, what days of the month all the Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, &c in any month of any year fall on lea

A country treat upon the second paragraph in His Excellency’s speech, Decemb. 17, 1730. [Boston, 1730] [Positive Photostat].

The Catholic remedy. An excellent new ballad To the tune of, To all you ladies now at land, &c. [Boston] America: Printed in the year 1732.

An elegy occasioned by the sudden and awful death of Mr. Nathanael Baker Dedham; a young man just upon the point of marriage and son to Lieutenant John Baker. He fell from his horse on Monday night the 7th of May, 1733. And died the Wednesday fo

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

An elegy upon the much lamented deaths of two desireable brothers the two eldest sons of Capt. Joshua and Mrs. Comfort Weeks, of Greenland; who departed this life in February 1735,6 the youngest whose name was Ichabod, died the 3d day, in the 22

The life of faith: exemplified and recommended in a letter found in the study of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Belcher, late of Dedham, in New-England, since his decease. An answer to his question. How to live in this world so as to live in Heaven? to whi

Arms By the Proprietaries of Pennsylvania Notice of quit rents By order of the Proprietaries, Richard Peters, Secry. Philadelphia, Nov. 23, 1738. Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin, 1738

This indenture made the ninth day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and forty … by and between [blank] on the one part … Directors of the Manufactory Company of Boston … [Boston? 1740] [Positive Photostat].

The speech of the Honourable William Gooch, Esq; [At the opening of the session Aug. 21, 1740] [Williamsburg, 1740] [Negative Photostat.].

A sober reply in Christian love to a paragraph in Jonathan Edwards's discourse, delivered at New Haven, Sept. 10th, 1741. [New London, Printed by Timothy Green, 1741?].

Instructions for masters of transports, captains and commanding officers of military commissaries, that are of shall be employed in His Majesty’s service in the province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Directing how supplys of provisions, cloathing an

[Arms] By His excellency Benning Wentworth, Esq; Captain-General and Governour in chief, in and over His Majesty's province of New-Hampshire, in New England. A proclamation. Whereas the Gen-Assembly of this Province, upon due consideration of th

Advertisement, Perth-Amboy, September 17, 1745, Whereas sundry of the purchasors at Romopock, have neglected to come to the Trustees of the Council of Proprietors at Perth Amboy to get their deed ... By order of the Council of Proprietors. Laur.

Supplement to the Pennsylvania Gazette, No. 867. Philadelphia, July 25, 1745. Monday evening the General Assembly of this Province met, having been called by the Governor; who the next morning sent them the following message ... Philadelphia: P

A brief journal of the taking of Cape-Breton, put in metre, by L. G. one of the soldiers of the expedition. Anno Domini, 1745.

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