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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

Andrew Jackson, president of the United States / painted by W.J. Hubard ; C.G. Childs Lithr.; drawn by A. Newsam, pupil to C.G. Childs.

Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Dude sweet music, superb costumes.


Man of sorrow

Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

[Mobile tank-like fortress in the shape of a dragon]

[Portable siege ladder]

Des Humeurs et qualites

[Earth-centered universe, with orbits of moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the firmament in concentric circles]

The marriage of St. Catherine

St. Philip (or Andrew?)

The Tiburtine sibyl and the Emperor Augustus

St. Philip

The Virgin, St. Sebastian and a holy bishop



The flight into Egypt / PHL.


Diogenes with the featherless cock

[A philosopher]

Apollo and Marsyas


An apostle (Paul?)


Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey's - from the original painting in the collection of Mr. John Wolfe, New York / C.T. von Piloty, pinx. ; gravure Goupil & Co.

[The visitation]

The death of Ananias / Raphael Urbinas, perugo da carpo.

Venus and cupids / perugo da carpo.

St. Peter preaching the gospel

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

The resurrection

The Virgin in an oval

The virgin, child and St. John

The rest on the flight into Egypt

The sacrifice of Abraham

The sacrifice

[Four views of heads with proportions delineated in perspective grids, and surrounding text]


St. John


The philosopher

The philosopher Diogenes and the allegory of astronomy

[Man seated, seen from behind]

Diana hunting the stag

[Telescoping siege machine]

[Underwater breathing apparatus]

[Air mattress made from animal skins]

Haec est forma vivaque torqueti mago suis, et numeris, ...

Christ healing the paralytic man


[The story of the first men]

The adoration of the Magi / F.[...].

The holy family with St. Margaret and a bishop



[Page with mathematical essay in Greek, decorated initial, and mathematical drawing]

[Title page of Opera quae ad nos extant omnia, with Froben family device of caduceus clasped by two hands]

Exemplum balistæ quadrirotis

Expositio liburnæ

Expositio thoracomachi

[Title page of Dipnosophistarum, siue Coenae sapientum libri XV]

La historia del mondo nvovo ...

Graveur sur bois au XVIe siècle / d'aprés Jost Amman.

Calcearius, der schuhmacher

Aurifaber - der goltschmit

Planimetriam, hoc est, longitudinum mensuram per astrolabium experíri

Mutius Scaevola

The entombment

Virtue / Iacobus Ligozzus Verones inuenit ac pinxit, Andreas Andreanas

The entombment / Raff. da Reggio invent. Andrea Andreano Mant. intagliator.

The Virgin, Child, and saints / Iacopo Ligozia Veronese pittore del Sereniss [...]; Andrea Andriano Mant. intagliatore 1585.

Eve after the Fall / Mecarino inventore, Anda. intagliat[o]re Mant[ua]no.

Stage design for L'Ortensio, 1589

All day long are we counted as sheep for the slaughter, Psal. 44 - how long Lord, holy and true? Apocal. Cap. 6, verse 10

The Blessed Virgin

[Indian seated in hut]

The Virgin, Child, and a bishop / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Mantuano intagliatore in Siena 1591.

Christ carrying the cross / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Andreani intagliatore in Siena 1592.

[Manfred seated and pointing to two knelling men with falcons]

Temperance / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani].

Surprise / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani].


Sculptura in æs / Ioan Stradanus invent. ; Phls Galle excud.

Disigno dell' isola de Gerbi con le seche che la difendeno dall' inondatione del mare, ...


Jason returning with the golden fleece / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani] in Mantoua 160.

St. Cecilia / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani].

Circe / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani].

The fumbler's clubb

The battle of Zama

Ritual in honor of Psyche / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani] in Mantoua 1602.

The adoration of the Magi / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani] MDCV.

Carro delle zaffosina

Christ curing the lepers / Ain mantoua, 1608.

The miraculous draught of fishes / Raphelurb inven. AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani] in Mantoua 1609.

Christ at the table of Simon the Pharisee / Raphel VRB in Ven, In Mantoua, 1609.

The Virgin and child surrounded by saints and kneeling donor / AA, in Mantova, MDCX.

Das von süsser Friedens Ruh ...

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