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Carius, an Indian from a different tribe, is slaughtered and eaten by the Tuppin Inwa, who are keeping Johannes Staden in Prison, 1554

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

The following was written with and expectation that I should have the liberty to lay the same before the Court of Enquiry, before whom I was impeached as and enemy to my country, and cast into prison, (in Boston 6th August 1776) but it has been

Hesper appearing to Columbus in prison / drawn by Smirke : engraved by Anker Smith.

State of New-Hampshire. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty one. An Act for impowering the sheriff of the County of Cheshire to release from prison sundry of the good subjects of this State, imprisoned by certain evil-

A view of the guard-house and Simsbury-mines, now called Newgate - a prison for the confinement of loyalists in Connecticut

Bold Dighton. Being the account of an action fought off Guadaloupe, in 1805, where ninety-five Americans and near three hundred Britons made their escape from the prison at that place [180-?].

[Cut of ship] The constitution & Guerriere. Tune. - Landlady of France. [Followed by A new song, written in Dartmoor prison. [1813].

The awful beacon to the rising generation [Cut] Powers killing Kennedy. We here present the public with a view of the wretched Powers in the act of murdering the unfortunate and unspecting victim of his revenge…[Cut] Powers in prison. And his d

Annual report of the number of convicts in the Massachusetts state prison, their employment, &c. with a view of the expences and income of the institution for one year ending Sept. 30, 1828 ... [Boston] G. Davidson, printer [1828].

[Prison (project). Elevation]

Interview of Gen. Lafayette with his wife & daughters in the prison of Olmutz

Corridor of the prison in which Mr. Sickles is confined

Lt. Col. James M. Sanderson. [...] Prison

To the inspectors, directors, wardens, chaplains, &c. of penitentiaries, houses of correction, jails, and other penal institutions, and officers of prison reformatory societies ... Baltimore, Sept. 1st, 1860.

Returned Federal prisoners from Andersonville (i.e. Belle Isle) prison

The old Capitol prison

Andersonville Prison

Castle Reed, prison for federal officers at Andersonville, Georgia

The old Capitol prison, Washington, D.C.

Francis P. Blair Jr. to Montgomery Blair, Thursday, October 03, 1861 (Release from prison)

[Five unidentified prisoners of war in Confederate uniforms in front of their barracks at Camp Douglas Prison, Chicago, Illinois]

[Soldiers, other people, and tents of Confederates outside of Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia]

Prison at Andersonville, Ga.

John H. Waring to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 15, 1864 (Appreciates release from prison)

Plan of the prison. March 1, 1864.

[Elmira Prison, Elmira, New York]

Plan of Camp Lawton, or the rebel prison near Millen, Georgia ... November 1864.

Erastus H. Boyd to Sempronius H. Boyd, Wednesday, November 30, 1864 (Seeks release from prison)

Bird's eye view of Confederate prison pen at Salisbury, N.C., taken in 1864.

Andersonville Prison, Ga., August 17, 1864. North-west view of stockade

Andersonville Prison, Ga., August 17, 1864. South view of stockade

Andersonville Prison, Ga., August 17, 1864. Issuing rations, view from main gate

Old Capitol prison Washington, D.C. circa 1864

The escaped refugees from the Libey [sic] Prison

Plan of Andersonville Prison or "Camp Sumter," April, 1864.

Plan of the Rebel prison pen at Savannah Georgia, Lt. S. R. Davis, C.S.A., Commandant, Sept. 1864.

Plan of Andersonville Prison, Sumter Co., Georgia.

Andersonville Prison, Ga., August 17, 1864. Bird's eye view

Andersonville Prison, Georgia in July 1864.

Andersonville Prison, Ga., August 17, 1864. South east view of stockade

Plan of Andersonville Prison, Georgia 1864.

Map made at Andersonville Prison [Sept. 1864].

Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia

Libby Prison, Richmond, Va., April, 1865

Greenhow, Mrs. & Daughter (imprisoned in old Capitol Prison in Wash. D.C.) Confederate spy

Execution of the conspirators, Mrs. Mary E. Surratt, Lewis Powell, (Alias Payne) George Ahzerodt and David E. Harold . . . the prison yard of the old penitentiary, Washington, D.C. July 7

Libby Prison, Richmond, Va., April 1865

Relics of Andersonville Prison from the collection brought from there by Miss Clara Barton and Dorence Atwater, August, 1865, and photographed by Brady & Co. for the great National Fair, Washington, June, 1866.

Clara Barton Papers: Subject File, 1861-1952; Civil War; Andersonville Prison, Georgia; Miscellany, 1865, undated

H. H. Harman to Thomas W. Harman, Monday, January 23, 1865 (Seeks release from prison)

Andersonville prison. Georgia

Richmond, Virginia. Castle Thunder. Warehouse used as a prison

Richmond, Virginia. Libby prison on Cary street

Castle Thunder Prison, Petersburg [i.e. Richmond], April, 1865

Andersonville prison. Georgia

Richmond, Virginia. Libby prison on Cary street

Views of Libby Prison, Richmond, Va., April, 1865

Home views. No. 15, Rebel prison - 1865

Group of Union officers who escaped from Confed. prison at Columbia, S.C., in the fall of '64 also three guides procured in the mountains of Tennessee

Old Capitol Prison, Washington / negative by Wm. R. Pywell, positive by A. Gardner.

State Prison and Warm Springs, near Carson City

"Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make" - Old Song. "No prison is big enough to hold the Boss." In on one side and out at the other / Th. Nast.

Libby Prison, [Richmond, Va.] / photographed and published by E.S. Lumpkin & Co., 1011 Main Street.

Prison at Cintra

[Libby Prison as it appeared on August 23, 1863]

"Libby Prison." The only picture in existence. As it appeared August 23, 1863 / A. Hoen & Co. Richmond, Va.

Andersonville Prison, Camp Sumter, Ga., as it appeared August 1st 1864 when it contained 35,000 prisoners of war / drawn from memory by Thomas O'Dea, late private Co. E. 16th Regt. Maine Infi. Vols ; on stone by T. J. S. Landis.

[Prison Pond, Altstadt, Dresden, Saxony, Germany]

[Chillon Castle, interior, Bonivard's Prison, Geneva Lake, Switzerland]

[Prison, Portland, England]

New York - the proposed new state prison and its site in the town of Esopus, Ulster County

Andersonville Prison pen, looking Northeast from the Southwest corner

[The Royal Prison and the St. Sophie Church, Altstadt, Dresden, Saxony, Germany]

Rebel prison experience, by H. Boaze, late sergeant Co. E. 44th Indian Vol. Inf. Taken in action at Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 31, 1862. Old Libby. Neenah, Wis. Blair & Huie, printers [c. 1891].

Homestead Steel Strike - 2 images: 1. The Mob Assailing the Pinkerton Men on Their Way ot the Temporary Prison (drawn by Charles Mente); 2. The Burning Barges

Revolt in prison, Damascus

Convict prison guards at gate of building - Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk - sleeping room of detention prison

Prison Reform

Moyamensing Prison, Philadelphia

Tombs Prison, New York City

Florence military prison series--"Lt. Barrett firing into the crowd" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Dance at the dead-line" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Bringing the log into camp" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Garvey and Iverson" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Caught by the dogs" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Counting us off" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Drawing a shirt" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Leaving Florence" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Discovering the beans" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Rejected" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Drawing rations" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Persuading Dang" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Washing up" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series - "Fiddling for wood squad"

Florence military prison series--"On board the old transport" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Coming into the Union lines" / J.E. Taylor.

Florence military prison series--"Dressing my wounds" / J.E. Taylor.

Costumes and characters, etc. Courtyard of the prison in Jerusalem