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An exact draught of the island of New Providence one of the Bahama Islands in the West Indies.

Cumberland, (Colony of Rhode Island) April 16, 1763. To the public [An address against the official conduct [An address against the official conduct of Governor Ward. Signed] A Freeman. [Providence: Printed by William Goddard, 1763].

An account of the remarkable recovery of Mrs. Mary Read, of Rehoboth, to the use of her limbs, of which she had been deprived three years. [Probably printed in Providence 1769].

Fresh advices from the American army. Camp at Cambridge, May 28, 1775. Yesterday a party from the United American army was ordered to take the cattle, hay, &c. from Noddle's and Hog Islands ... [Providence] Printed by J. Carter. [1775].

An express just arrived from General Washington. Camp at Cambridge. Oct. 24, 1775. Sir. The inclosed information being of the highest importance, I thought it proper to transmit it to you with all dispatch. I am Sir Your obedient servant George

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, March session A. D. 1777. This Assembly being under great concern that no attempts hath as yet been made against the enemy upon Rhode-Island, which they consider as a great d

State of Rhode-Island and Providence plantations. In General, Assembly, Feb. session 1778. Whereas the fines for non-attendance of jurors, at the several courts within this State are found insufficient for the purpose intended ... It is further

Providence, July 26, 1779. Sir By the annexed vote of the Town of Providence, you will perceive the anxious desire they possess of having the purposes therein expressed carried into execution. The absolute necessity of a common circulating mediu

State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations. In council of war, March 12, 1779 ... a true copy: witness, William Coddington, Clerk. Providence: Printed by John Carter.

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, July session, 1781. Whereas the Council of war, on the sixteenth day of June last, did pass a resolve for relieving the militia of this State; and on the twenty sixth of the

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, 1781. An act for incorporating and bringing into the field five hundred able-bodied effective men, of the militia, to serve within this State, for one month,

Providence, October 25, 1781. Three o'clock P.M. This moment an express arrived at his honor the deputy-governor's from Col. Christopher Olney, Commandant on Rhode-Island, announcing the important intelligence of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, A. D. 1781. An act for proportioning the supplies of beef to the several towns in this State for the support of the army for the months of October and Novembe

State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations. In General Assembly, February session, 1782. Whereas great frauds have been committed, and the recruiting service greatly injured by designing persons engaging recruits for the continental servic

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, December session, A. D. 1783. Whereas the most Honorable the Congress of the United States, in and by a certain resolution passed the fourth day of September, A. D. 1782, did

State of Rhode-Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly June session, 1783. An act laying an impost of two per centum, ad valorem, upon certain articles herein mentioned, for the purpose of paying the annual interest arising upon t

To the freemen of the state of Rhode-Island &c. Gentlemen. Well convinced that the supporters of the present opposition have already exerted, and will continue to make every possible effort, to render that opposition successful, and among the mi

State of Rhode-Island, &c. To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island, &c. Whereas the subscribers, were by the Honorable General Assembly of said State at their session at Providence, in October last, appointed a Committ

State of Rhode-Island, &c. In General Assembly, October session, 1787. An act for the more effectually punishing persons who shall be convicted at Larcenies, and for preventing of thefts. [Providence, 1787].

A s.w. view of the Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I. / S. Hill sculp.

Congress of the United States, begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday, the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. The Conventions of a number of the states having, at the time of their adopting the constitutio

The following is a copy of a bill, which was introduced and read in the Honorable General Assembly of this State, at their session last week at Newport--- the consideration of which is postponed to the next session. September 21, 1789. An act fo

Rhode Island and Providence plantations united to the great American family. Providence, Monday, May 31, 1790. Saturday night, at eleven o'clock, an express arrived in town from Newport, with the important intelligence, that the convention of th

By His Excellency Arthur Fenner, Esq; governor, captain-general, and commander in chief, of and over the State of Rhode-Island and Providence-plantations. A proclamation. Whereas the sixth article of the constitution of the United States of Amer

Exhibition. The honour of company is requested at the exhibition in the College Chapel, on Wednesday the 31st instant, at one o'clock, P. M. Rhode-Island College. December 29 1794.

A friendly address to the inhabitants of the town of Providence. Friends, brethren, and fellow-citizens. Impressed by a sense of duty, and actuated by motives of charity to our fellow men, we the clergy of this town, beg leave to arrest your att

1794. His Excellency Arthur Fenner, Esq; Governor. The Honourable Samuel J. Potter, Esq; Deputy-governor. 1. Thomas G. Hazard, Esq. assistant [and 9 other assistants] Henry Ward, Esq; Secretary. Ray Greene, Esq; Attorney-general. Henry Sherburne

The Committee to whom was referred the several petitions of the Quakers of New-England, of the Providence Society for the abolition of the slave-trade, and the petition from the delegates of the several societies for the same purpose, in Convent

At a General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence plantations. In the House of representatives, June 18, A. D. 1796. The underwritten representatives dissent from the bill for establishing an estimate of the value of rateable pro

U.S. Reports: Olney v. Arnold, 3 U.S. (3 Dall.) 308 (1796)

Providence Episcopal church lottery No. [6705] This ticket will entitle the possession to such prize as may be drawn against is number, if demanded within six months. By order of the General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island. November, 1797]

U.S. Reports: Jennings v. The Perseverance, 3 U.S. (3 Dall.) 336 (1797)

Rhode-Island college. September 1, 1802. Exercises of commencement. [Province, 1802].

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, May session, A. D. 1812. An act for furnishing the quota of this state of the detachment of militia ordered by Congress.

Providence, October 20, 1815. Sir. The cotton manufacturers of this town and its vicinity have, at two several meetings, taken into consideration the present situation of the cotton manufacturing interest, and the difficulties arising from the c

A representation of the great storm at Providence, Sept. 23d 1815 / painted and engraved by J. Kidder.

The town of Providence, Indiana. This town is situated on the bank of the Ohio River - directly opposite the towns of Portland and Shippingport, Kent'y, about half a mile above the town of New-Albany - and about the same distance below the Town

Map of the town of Providence : from actual survey /

[Title page - no illus. - from Life and remarkable adventures of Israel R. Potter, Providence, 1824]

Republican meeting. At a primary meeting of the Republicans of the town of Providence, on the evening of the 13th of August, A. D. 1825 to consult on the propriety of holding another meeting, and devosing measures to be pursued in the approachin

Plan of a survey for the proposed Boston and Providence Rail-Way.

Immorality. Fellow Citizens. Can we vote for the man who openly sets the laws of the great Jehovah at defiance, thereby showing a bad example to our children? Some few Sundays past, Mr. Adams passed through Providence galloping and running his h

The Jackson or Fenner pamphlet .... [Providence, April 1831].

Map of the city of Providence and town of North Providence

To the freemen of Providence. To day you will vote for members of Congress and elect your own Representatives to the General Assembly .... [Signed] Franklin. Pov. Aug. 29, 1837.

1839. Democratic republican and farmers' prox. For Governor, Nathaniel Bullock, of Bristol. For Lieut. Governor Benjamin B. Thruston of Hopkinton. For Senators [10 names] Dexter Randall. Secretary. Albert C. Greene, Attorney-general. John Sterne

To the freemen of Rhode-Island. The Executive Committee, appointed by the Liberal convention in July last, for certain reasons, have not till now thought proper to publish their ticker for representatives to the next Congress. We have now the ho

For governor, Thomas F. Carpenter, of Providence. For Lieut. Governor Nathaniel Bullock, of Bristol. For Senators. [ten names] ... 1840.

French laundry - Kendall Mfg. Co. Providence R.I.

Death of Wm. Harrison. [poem of 10 stanzas] Night of the grave. [Poem of 4 stanzas. America. 57th Psalm. Whereas, it has pleased and all-wise providence to remove by death William Henry Harrison, the venerable President of the United States ...

"The mountain labored and brought forth a mousê" Providence, April 19, 1842.

By His Excellency Samuel Ward King, Governor ... of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence plantations. A proclamation. Whereas I have this day received from his Excellency John Tyler, President of the United States, a communication touching t

Citizens of Rhode-Island! Read! Mark! learn! From the following extract from Article 2d of the so called "People's Constitution," it will be seen who have and who have not a right to vote under that Constitution ... Providence, Feb. 18, 1842.

A horrible plot discovered!! ... Providence, May 14, 1842.

An act to provide for ascertaining the condition of the public schools in this state, and for the improvement and better management thereof. Passed October session, 1843 ... To the people of Rhode Island. In pursuance of an Act "to provide for a

By His Excellency Samuel Ward King, Governor ... A proclamation ... I do therefore in pursuance of the foregoing resolution, issue this my proclamation, announcing that the Constitution aforesaid has been adopted by a majority of the qualified e

To the Honorable Senate and House of representatives of the United States in Congress assembled: The memorial of the undersigned, of Providence, in the State of Rhode Island, merchant, respectfully sheweth, that he preferred his certain petition

A Dorrite falsehood nailed to the counter ... Dated at Providence, March 29, 1843.

Important resolutions suppressed!! After all the gasconade at the meeting last evening, agaisnt the liberation of Dorr, and all the abuse heaped upon the Whigs and upon James F. Simmons, by Messrs, Whipple, Ames, and others, they refused to pass

Democratic convention nomination. For governor. Thomas F. Carpenter, of Providence ... To the Democratic Republicans of Rhode-Island ... Providence, Feb. 28, 1840.

Letter from Hon. William Woodbridge, United States Senator from the State of Michigan. It is with great reluctance, that I furnish the following letter to the public and yet I do not feel at liberty to withhold a document from so high a source,

By the President of the United States. It has pleased Divine Providence to call hence a great and patriotic citizen. John Quincy Adams is no more ... I direct that all the Executive offices at Washington be placed in mourning, and that all busin

Map of the route surveyed from the Mississippi at Lake Providence in Louisiana to the great bend of Red river at Fulton in Arkansas /

Map of Providence County, Rhode Island, with some of the adjacent towns /

The slander nailed! The testimony of four ministers of the gospel against Mr. Whipple's slanders. To the people of Rhode Island. ... Providence, Oct. 30th, 1852.

To the people of Rhode Island, Election of delegates ... A Democrat of '42. Providence June 24, 1853. The above able article was written by Gov. Dorr, and appeared in the Post of 24th inst.

Messrs Henry Staples & co. will sell at auction, at the Law Library Rooms, College street in this city on Thursday, July 14th, at 12 o'clock M. the law library formerly belonging to the Hon. Dutee J. Pearce, of Newport ... Providence, July 9th,

Railroad reform, from the Providence Daily Post, September 5th, 1854.

Supplement. Editor of Providence Journal, Dear Sir: On the 18th, instant, you published a statement signed and sworn to by Mr. C/Gowan … will inevitable reduce us.

From the Providence Daily tribune February 20, 1855. Editors of Tribune:- After the comments of the Journal, justice to myself seems to require that I should reverse my decision to withold from the press the remarks it censured. The editor of th

Supplement. Editor of Providence Journal. Dear Sir: On the 18th, instant, you published a statement signed and sworn to by Mr. M'Gowan … Yours &c., R. G. Hazard.

Third day of the great sale at Hyde Park & Fairmount, Monday, Oct. 11. Free trains on the Boston and Providence, and the Boston and New York Central railroad from the Summer Street and Providence stations, at 2 1-2 P. M ... [1857?].

Mary & Lizzie - Segars Manufactory of the best vuelta-abajo tobacco by W.S. Huntoon & Son, Providence, R.I.

[Patent medicine labels for Perry Davis & Son, showing view of Providence, R.I., and four patent medicine bottles] / Kilburn & Mallory sc., Boston.

Address of the Republican state central committee to the electors of Rhode Island ... Providence, Aug. 10th, 1860.

Map of the Shore Line Rail Road route between New York and Boston, showing its rail road and steamboat connection with New York, New Haven, New London, Stonington, Providence, Newport, and Boston.

Providence Rhode Island Daily Post, Friday, August 24, 1860 (Clipping)

[Unidentified sailor in Union uniform] / From Chase's Ambrotype & Photograph Gallery, 69 Westminster Street, Providence, R.I.

State of Rhode Island, &c. Adjutant General's office. Providence, April 7, 1862. General orders No. 23.

Atlantic Building, [Providence, Rhode Island]

Cutting the levees at Providence [Vicksburg, Miss., Campaign]

Proclamation of the Governor to the people of Minnesota: The great rebellion has been crushed, and peace, so long prayed for, has at length been vouchsafed by a kind Providence to our bleeding country ... There remains to us the sacred duty of h

[Subscription letter for National Testimonial of $100,000 for the Lincoln family, as suggested by the New York Tribune.]

Narragansett Park. Manufactured of the finest selection of Vuelta Abajo tobacco by Reynolds & Salisbury, ..., Providence, R.I. / Lith. of F. Heppenheimer, N.Y.

Miss Ida Lewis, the heroine of Newport / photo by Manchester Bros., Providence, R.I.

The queen of the turf "Lady Thorn" driven by Dan Pfifer: trotting a mile heat in harness in 2:08 3/4, at Narragansett Park, Providence, October 8th, 1869

Map of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

[Color cover of album Souvenir of Providence, R.I.; illus. with flowers on thorny branch]

Providence, Pennsylvania 1892.

Sitting in the sun / Sarah J. Eddy, Providence, R.I.

Staff of Providence Hospital

[Private ward in Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C.]

[Private room in Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C.]

Military drill for boys. From editorial in New York nation, April 11, 1895.

View of the city of Providence as seen from the dome of the new State House.

[Robinson Hall reading room, Brown University Library, Providence, R.I.]

Boat house, Roger Williams Park, Providence, R.I

House of Providence, Holyoke, Mass.

[Providence Athenaeum, Providence, Rhode Island]

W.L. Coop, Providence, R.I.