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A Race from Preston Pans to Berwick

Brentford Sweepstakes. All coursers the first heat with Vigour Run. But 'tis with whip & spur the race is won

[Population chart of Rhode Island, June 1774, showing breakdown by age, sex, race and community]

The aristocracy of color

An Indian encampment near Fort Niagra, in the time of the Revolution. The boy, Frederick Schermerhorn, is seen to the left, just starting on the periolous race of the gauntlet

Slavery abolished by the laws of nature!!! Negroes not of the same species with white men!!! The mulatto race will soon cease to exist!! [Regarding course of lectures in aid of the abolition of slavery in the United States to be given by Robert

Race between Bennett and Greely for the Post Office stakes

Governors race in New Jersey. Young Hyson riding over the backs of the people. Stratton going ahead in the popular Jersey style

Dear Sir: Having purchased the celebrated stallion and getter of race horses Monmouth Eclipse ... he will make his first season in Kentucky, on the farm of W. W. Bacon ... Frankfort, Kentucky. [1850?].

The blessings of liberty or how to "hook" a "gentleman of color"

The New Democratic Doctrine. Slavery not to be confined to the Negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the Laboring classes of Society. 1856.

White slavery. The new "Democratic doctrine." ... Slavery not to be confined to the negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the laboring classes of society ... [1856].

The great presidential race of 1856.

The great Presidential race of 1856

Ode to liberty. Cordially dedicated to all the human race

Mayor's Tiemann's race to the voting-place as the escort of United States soldiers / J.M.L.

Mayor's Tiemann's race to the voting-place as the escort of United States soldiers / J.M.L. The voting-place, No. 488 Pearl Street, in the Sixth Ward, New York City.

To Thomas J. Gantt, Esq. Respected and dear Sir: We are by birth citizens of South Carolina. In our veins flows the blood of the white race - in some, half, in others, much more than half, whit eblood. Our attachments are with you ... our allegi

Slow & steady wins the race

Slow & steady wins the race.

[Club house race course, where Federal officers were confined, Charleston, S.C., April 1865]

Jeff's Race for the Last Ditch!

Club House at the race course, where the Union Officers were confined, Charleston, S.C.

Hydraulic Mining - The Tail Race in the Creek - French Corral, Nevada County

The celebrated trotting Stallion George Wilkes, formerly "Robert Fillingham": by Hambletonian, dam Dolly Spanker, by Mambrino. As he appeared in his great Wagon Race against Lady Thorne. Over the union course L.I. June 14th 1866,-match $1000 mile heats best 3 in 5 to Wagons

The celebrated trotting Stallions "Young Woful" and "Abdallah Chief": On the last quarter of their great five mile race, in Harness. Over the Fashion Course, L.I. Nov. 4th 1865. Time: 13:53

The Curragh race course, County Kildare Ireland

Ethan Allen and Mate and Dexter: In their wonderful race, over the fashion course, L.I. June 21st 1867

Goldsmith Maid and American Girl: in the "brush home" of their capital race of six closely contested heats over the Union Course L.I. July 4th 1868

The African race in Congress - Hon. John Willis Menard addressing the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., Feb. 27th

Great international yacht race, August 8, 1870: from the club house, Staten Island, around the S.W. Spit to and around the light ship and back, 40 miles For the queen's cup won by the America at Cowes, in 1851.

The great race on the Mississippi: from New Orleans to St. Louis 1210 miles

Jerome Park Race Course

Dexter, Ethan Allen and mate: In their wonderful race, over the fashion course, L.I. June 21st 1867. Match for $2,000 mile heats best 3 in 5

The great race at Baltimore, Oct. 24th, 1877: between the three grand champions of the American Turf, Parole, Ten Broeck & Tom Ochiltree

The great "scullers race" on the St. Lawrence, between Chas. E. Courtney of New York and Edward Hanlan of Toronto

There's a holy race to run

[Race by Keifer, Beringer, Carlisle, Randall and Cox for the speakership]

American federation of labor endeavors to unite all classes of wage-workers under one head, through their several organizations to the end. 1 That class, race, creed, political and trade prejudices may be abolished. 2. That support, moral and fi

[2 sulky race]

Corinthian race: A high toned start

Corinthian race: A low toned finish

What the colored race have to be thankful for / Th. Nast.

Coaches at Jerome Park on a race day

A good start, like a fine race; but this is just the way with these tiresome donkies! always eating thistles!

A hot race to the wire

Horse race

R.G. Carr building a mill race at West Union, Nebraska, taking water from Middle Loup.

The celebrated Yachts Coronet and Dauntless: Starting March 12th 1887 on their great ocean race from New York to Roche's Point, Ireland

Start, Goelet Cup Race

Start, Goele[t Cu]p Race

Start, Goelet Cup Race

Start, Goelet Cup Race, August 5, 1887

Goelet Cup race

The horse race

Destiny of the black man ... Muldrow, Ind. Ter. [blank] 189 [blank] There will be a meeting held at [blank] by [blank] on [blank] 189[blank] Brothers and sister of the colored race! Let us begin to notice our conditions in the United States befo

Dory race, I.H. Reg.

Mill race, Wissahickon

[Monument of the ancient Mayan race, Quirigua, Guatemala]

Merlin winning Goelet Cup race

A Hurdle race, U.S. Naval Academy field day

L.A.W. Bicycle Race --Ordinary--the finish

L.A.W. Bicycle Race. Safety--the finish

Gloriana, Goelet Cup Race

Mayflower, Goelet Cup Race

Iroquois, Goelet Cup Race

Gracie and Barbara, Goelet Cup Race

The Volunteer, Goelet Cup Race, August 7, 1891

View at start, Goelet Cup Race, 1891

Fortuna, Goelet Cup Race

Start of 46 footers, Goelet Cup Race

Gloriana, Goelet Cup Race

Gloriana, Goelet Cup Race

Gloriana at finish, Goelet Cup race

Gracie, Goelet Cup Race

[Advertising poster showing two men in classical dress riding four-horse teams during race while spectators in grandstand watch; two vignettes show chariot racing and horse jumping]

Before boat race, Columbian Naval Review, 1892 [i.e. 1893]

Valkyrie II [and] Vigilant, turning mark in last race

Start, American cup race

Start of trial race

VIGILANT [sailing yacht] winning the race

Under tow to boat race, Columbian Naval Review, 1892 [i.e. 1893]

Start, American Cup Race

Great match race ( a dead heat) between Dobbins and Domino, for $10,000 a side: over the Coney Island Futurity Course, Sheepshead Bay, Long Island, August 31, 1893

[Before the boat race, Columbian Naval Review]

The greatest race of the yachting season / Dalrymple.

Before boat race, Columbian Naval Review, 1892 [i.e. 1893]

Start, American cup race

Washington Club Race Course, Chicago

Defender, Valkyrie III, finish of 2nd race

[Bicycle race scene]

[Steamboats: The RICHARD PECK at the boat race - bow in left foregrd. and crowd on 3 decks]

Saghaya, trial race

The automatic race track

Race battles

Free-for-all race at Charter Oak Park /

Start of trial race

At start of trial race

[Sailboats sailing]: Corinth Y[acht] C[lub] Race, Boston, 6 Aug. 1898

Relics of an ancient race, pueblo of San Juan, N.M.

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