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Baby mine

My girl from Dixie

When Mother used to sing that song

My girl from Dixie

A little boy in blue

The meaning of U. S. A

A little boy in blue

The man in the overalls

The man in the overalls

Easy Street

Come take a skate with me

Songs of the past, no. 4

Please mister burglar man, won't you go away?

don't ask me to give up my mother

In the moonlight with the girl you love

Playing the game of love

The suffragette's boy : song

Since Uncle Sam has joined the allies

She's just like a mother in France

The sammies return

See old glory proudly waving!

Sammy, my boy, come victoriously home over the rolling ocean

For our great democracy song

Freedom's flag song

He's one of a million soldiers, but he's all the world to me song


When democracy wins

When the boys go over the top!

Our soldier boys

Home memories, or, The American soldier behind the lines song

Freedom, we demand--that's Uncle Sam song

The star bangled banner--the emblem of peace

America at war

Our Uncle Sam is patient

Lift up your hat boys--as the flag goes by song

A mother's prayer for her boy over there

Thinking of home in the trenches

You are a yankee--i am a yankee, too!

God save us all! song

Victory's song

Don't forget that I'm a soldier's sweetheart!

Oh, how we love the union!

Red Cross flowers

Yankee boys

The U.S.A

Across the sea with me

Somewhere in France (Reagan)

Fall in reveille! Fall in! Fall in! song

Our native land--we love it well!

Come, beautiful peace! song

Loyal American pals song

Peace, liberty and democracy--that's what we're fighting for

The farmerette song

When we reach Berlin

Then we'll all come back to home sweet home

Will you be mine when I come back?

It's your land and my land song

From the American women to Sammy in France song

When Uncle Sam gets Germany

You're the one and only flag we ever had!

Sometimes think of me

Red, white and blue

Over and over

America's boys, we love you

Old glory

The meaning of the flag song

Welcome to our boys

Our country

The yankee soldier's bride

The old fighting sixty ninth

The gold star in the service flag song

When I'm somewhere in picardy

The United States of the world

I'll return to you, sweet Geraldine song

My dear old yankee home

Hurrah for Old Glory! song

Good bye, America! Hello, France! (Shaw)

Good bye mother! I'm off to France song

Let us sing this song for the U.S.A song

Will you answer the call of the bugle?

Soldier boys - we love you

Uncle Sam is calling

We dream, dream of you across the ocean

I have given them to you, dear Uncle song

When they have downed the Kaiser

It's a long long way from the U.S.A song

Sure, we're going back to Ireland

Victory song

When Uncle Sammy calls

The soldier's farewell

Daddie's dixie hero song

A soldier's farewell

Comin' through Berlin song

Pleasant memories

The soldier lad in khaki clad of nineteen seventeen

In the great world war for all liberty song

Dawn of peace (Sycks)

Back in the dear old U.S.A

The yankee doodle boys

Do it now! song