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Ann Bonney and Mary Read convicted of piracy...

An account of the remarkable recovery of Mrs. Mary Read, of Rehoboth, to the use of her limbs, of which she had been deprived three years. [Probably printed in Providence 1769].

In the House of representatives, January 16, 1776. The committee appointed to consider what further measures are necessary to be taken for furnishing hay for the army reported … William Cooper, speaker pro tem. In Council January 20, 1776. Read

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, March 15, 1777. Whereas it is of great consequences to prevent the soldiers that are or may be raised for the Continental Army ... In Council March 15, 1777. Read and concurred. John A

An abstract from resolves containing the encouragement offered by the Continental congress, and by the State of Massachusetts-Bay, to such as shall inlist into the Continental army ... In Council. Jan. 28, 1777. Read and concurr'd John Avery, De

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In Council. January 9, 1777. Whereas by a resolve of this Court, passed December 10, 1776. all persons are prohibited from exporting from this state any sugars ... In the House of representatives. January 9, 1777 Read

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In Council. July 7, 1777. Resolved, that all such men as may inlist as non-commissioned officers and private soldiers into the Continental regiment ... In the House of representatives, July 8, 1777. Read and concurred

An act to establish an Executive department to be dominated the Department of war ... 1789, June 27. Read the third time and passed the House of representatives. New York: Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, [1789] [Positive Photostat.].

Thomas Jefferson to George Read, Jr., April 1, 1791

U.S. Reports: Miller v. Leonard, et al., 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 237 (1795)

11th February, 1800. Read the first and second time, and committed to a Committed to a committee of the whole House, on Friday next. A bill to allow a drawback of duties on goods exported to New-Orleans, and therein to amend the act intituted "A

February 6, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill to extend to aliens who arrived and became residents in the United States before a certain period, the benefits of the act

3d April, 1802. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill, for the relief of Paolo Paoly ... [Washington] Duane printer [1802].

American commerce in Flames! Americans! See the execution of Bonaparte's orders to burn, sink, and destroy your ships! [Cuts] American! Look on this picture! Read the transactions on which it is founded; and then vote for Sullivan, or any other

Battle of Plattsburg / Read sc.

To the freemen of Maryland. Read, pause, and reflect. facts! Stubborn facts! ... [Signed] Anthony Wayne. [blank] [1828]

Serious appeal! Read and reflect!!. Fellow-citizens- The following letter, being one of a series from the pen of a distinguished statesman of Virginia, is recommended to the serious consideration of every man who has a stake in the welfare of hi

Read electors! The sentiments of the firm friend of liberty, Dr. William James Macneven. New York, 29th March, 1834.

Citizens of Rhode-Island! Read! Mark! learn! From the following extract from Article 2d of the so called "People's Constitution," it will be seen who have and who have not a right to vote under that Constitution ... Providence, Feb. 18, 1842.

Read! Wake up before it is too late! Speech of Mr. Updike upon the resolution to discharge the Committee selected by a Board of Managers to report upon the "Registered state debt" May session, 1842.

Electors of the Western district! Read and consider!!! At a meeting of gentlemen of the Whig party, and of citizens generally, favorable to the election of Hon. Wilkins Updike, to Congress, held at Kingston Court House, Aug. 11, 1847.

Read, ponder, and reflect. Astounding disclosure! A voice of warning to the people of the South. General Scott proved by one of his own supporters (an abolitionist) to be in favor of the repeal of the fugitive slave law, and that he will if elec

Hon. Geo. Read Riddle

Read and remember! ... "Buy me and I'll do you good." Dr. Langley's root and herb pills ... Boston [1855?].

Geo. Read Riddle

Hon. Geo. Read Riddle of Delaware

John M. Read Jr. to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 07, 1860 (Telegram of congratulations)

Hon. Wm. Brown Read[?] of Ky.

John M. Read to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 07, 1860 (Telegram reporting election results)

John M. Read to Lyman Trumbull, Tuesday, May 29, 1860 (Campaign efforts in Pennsylvania)

Civil War in America : Read's grand panoramic view of the free and confederated slave States of America : showing all the important cities, forts, harbours, rivers, railways &c. : from the Gulf of Mexico to the British North American possessions /

Charles H. T. Collis to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 31, 1861 (Judge Read's illness)

Read this! Let the following extract from a patriotic letter by Gen. Hovey and his Indiana Colonels stationed at Helena, Ark., to the democracy of Indiana, sink deep into the heart of every lover of his country. "In this dark hour of our country

Union men! Read this before you vote. George Wilkes on Horatio Seymour ... Loyal men of New York!!! Will you endorse this programme Will you vote to permit the President of the United States to be bullied by Fernando Wood and Horatio Seymour? Ne

John M. Read to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, September 14, 1862 (Cover letter)

Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 10, 1863 (Memorandum on Philip Read)

Hear us again for the wounded soldiers. They are suffering! They are dying!! Read what an earnest woman says! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets is open every day from 8 A. M., until 10 P. M., to receive your of

John M. Read to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, July 06, 1863 (Recommendation for Charles H.T. Collis)

Facts for the people. Who are the amalgamationists? Who commenced the war? Who is responsible for the war? Read the following facts? ... A short catechism on negro equality ... Johnstown Tribune. [1863?].

Soldier's Read! Letter from Gen. McClellan.

Is the war a failure? The Chicago convention declared that the war against the rebellion had proved a failure ... Americans! Read these declarations of your generals in the field, and then decide whether the Chicago convention was right or wrong

Sheridan's ride. By Thomas Buchanan Read. Entered according to the act of Congress, in the year 1864, by J. Magee, 316 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia

John M. Read to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, September 19, 1864 (Pennsylvania politics)

Sheridan's ride. By Thomas Buchanan Read. Entered according to the act of Congress, by J. Magee, ... Phila. 1864

Address of President Lincoln at Gettysburg, November 19, 1863. Read at the Arlington National Cemetery, by Hon. Halbert E. Paine.

To the Honorable Senate and House of representatives in Congress assembled. The memorial of the undersigned, in behalf of the officers and crew of the iron-clad steamer Monitor, respectfully represents ... John L. Worden, Read Admiral United Sta

Town warrant. Middlesex, ss. To either of the Constables of the Town of Reading, Greeting: [To notify the inhabitants of election the first day of August, 1883] ... Given under our hands, this twentieth day of July, A, D. 1883. Selectmen of Read

Here is the document. Workingmen, this goes to the question of your daily bread. Facts do not lie. Campaign of 1884. Vote for Blaine & Logan. which means protection and fair wages. Read what the Republican platform of 1884 says. The tariff ... n

Map of Lakenwild, Washington County, Maine : owned by Nathan S. Read : 1886 /

Capt. B.G. Read

Margaret Read.

Maj. Gen. G.W. Read, Gen. Pershing, Brig. Gen. G.S. Simons

Lt. Com. A.C. Read

Gen. G.W. Read

Read, General George

Read it clear through while you played with the dog

[General George Windle Read]

Read, Genl G.W.

Letter from Walter L. Read to Alexander Graham Bell, December 14, 1908

Mrs. Oliver Read, Miss Vera Cravath, Mrs. C.D. Lathrop, & Mrs. P. Cravath

Margaret Read

Two young carrying-in boys in Alexandria (Va.) Glass Factory. Frank Clark (on left) 702 N. Patrick St., could neither read nor write, having been to school only a few weeks in his life. Two older brothers work in glass factory, and his father is a candy maker. Frank is working on night shift this week. Ashby Corbin (on right), 413 N. St. Asaph St. Has had only four terms of schooling. See also photos and labels 2260 to 2271. Location: Alexandria, Virginia.

On MAINE, H.M. Noyes, M.M. Chapman, E.J. Duggan, F. B. Read, J.S. Morgan, E.S. Farr, L.J. Englis

The camp library is yours - Read to win the war / F.

Read these facts about your American Red Cross Its purpose, to care for our soldiers and sailors [...], to shorten the war [...], to lay foundations for an enduring peace [...].

Read this, join now the 244th Overseas Battalion

Commander Albert C. Read, NC 4

Left: Jus. Jacob Rogers, Mass.; Center: Commander Reed [i.e., Read], N.C. 4; Right: Willfred W. Lufkin, Mass.

[Secty. Daniels and Commander Albert C. Read]

These naval officers compose the Naval board that convened June 2 for the purpose of selecting 7 new Admirals, 22 Captains and 42 Commanders. Board is headed by Adm. E.W. Eberle, left to rt. around the table: Read Admirals Wm. R. Shoemaker, H.P. Jones, M.S. Johnston, Admirals E.R. Coontz, Ed. W. Eberle, Pres. of the Board, S.S. Robison and Rear Admirals C.S. Williams, J. Strauss and C.S. Hughes

Newcastle, Delaware, George Read II house (about 1790 [sic]), grape arbor / Johnston-Hewitt, N.Y.

Oklahoman, worked three years as farm laborer, starts next year on his own place. Quit school after third day. Can neither read nor write. Is "best farm laborer" this farmer ever had. Near Ontario, Malheur County, Oregon

Books are weapons Read about... "The negro in national defense," "Africa and the war," [and] "Negro history and culture" at the Schomburg Collection of the New York Public Library / / J.P.

An American flying squadron in India. Leisure hours. Some play solitaire, some write and some read. Seated in front are, left to right: Lieutenant J.C. Crossett of Springdale, Washington, recently decorated by the Chinese government for dropping rice; and Captain John T. Johansson of San Jose, California. In background are, left to right: Lieutenant H.W. Gessner of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Lieutenant Marion J. Rich of Trenton, New Jersey

Many sewing machines require regular oiling. If yours is one of these, treat it accordingly. Read your instruction book or call the repair man if the machine develops any serious trouble, and you'll preserve its efficiency for the duration

New Castle, Delaware. George Read house, side terrace

New Castle, Delaware. George Read house, lantern

Dr. Eaton V.W. Read

New Castle, Delaware. George Read house, gate

New Castle, Delaware. George Read house, entrance, detail II

New Castle, Delaware. George Read house, entrance, detail I

Bunkhouse Plan, Reed (Read) Ranch

Barn Plan, Reed (Read) Ranch

Graves of Sarah and Samuel Read

Barn Plan, Reed (Read) Ranch

Portrait of Rusty McCorkell (Read) Ranch

Meal, Reed (Read) Ranch

Peggy McCorkell Fixes Breakfast, Reed (Read) Ranch

Main Residence, Reed (Read) Ranch

McCorkell Family at Breakfast, Reed (Read) Ranch

Jodi Marie and Rusty McKorkell, Reed (Read) Ranch

Bunkhouse, Reed (Read) Ranch

Landscape, Reed (Read) Ranch

Inside the George Read II house in New Castle, Delaware

Inside the George Read II house in New Castle, Delaware

Inside the George Read II house in New Castle, Delaware

Bedroom, Reed (Read) Ranch

Living Room, Reed (Read) Ranch

Chuck Wheelock Being Interviewed by Rusty Marshall, Reed (Read) Ranch

Library on the Go and Read Rover, part of the mobile library serivice for the Public Library System in Baltimore County, Maryland